A Day at the Nueva School

Builderman and I spent today hanging out at the Nueva School’s science fair, where we had a room set aside to do Roblox user testing. We had about 60 kids total play around in a clone of the Community Building room over the course of 4 hours. The three biggest problems users encounted?

1. Characters getting stuck on things.

2. Camera/Character control is hard to learn.

3. Lots of lost connections when using flakey wireless (can we do better?)

I also came up with a theory of what might be causing the insidious join bug – if you are browsing an out-of-date copy of the User Games page and you try to join a game that no longer exists, Bad Things might happen (like the blue sky bug). This issues have been moved to the top of the Fix It list. Thanks to everyone who helped us to uncover them!

– Telamon

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27 thoughts on “A Day at the Nueva School

  1. Nuclrmnky

    Was this for a physics lesson? i can see how setting the friction to 0 can show how important friction is, without it we would just go on forever!

  2. Regort

    Camera/Character control is hard to learn.

    This is by far, the biggest hindirance to your game.

  3. Gamer3D

    Hmm… I’ll create a “Tutorial” character (exactly that name), and the tutorial can be worked on for a while. Password: tutorial (So other people can edit it too)

    I’ll work on it until it’s done. It will contain tutorials on all common Brickbattle weapons, and a tutorial on movement.

    It may be expanded to include a tips/tricks tutorial.

  4. Telamon

    We ran online, but we set up 3 accounts that were friends with each other and played in friends-only copies of the Haunted Mansion, Community Construction Room, and Miked’s Minigames.

  5. Mr Doom Bringer

    Hah, that’s cool. I’m glad that you guys get out and engage the community. This is a great reason why Roblox is a great game to play.

    So did you have them all run on a LAN, or off the main server? And as for everything being hard to learn, a tutorial level might be a god idea. Lemme see…

  6. Rocks25

    gamer3d thats the best ideah! please make it! i already know how to play but i like those kinda tutorials!please make it! i can help if you want just send me a pm

  7. Gamer3D

    I could probably make a tutorial map. If it is left open for all players to edit, then it could be improved by any who wanted to improve it. However, people could also vandalize the map.

    My plan for a tutorial (players start with no weapons or tools):

    Message: “Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move your character.”

    (After they move around a bit): “Press and hold the right mouse button, then move the mouse to move the camera.”

    (After 8 seconds): “Try walking down the hall.”

    (At end of hall is ladder.)
    (On reaching ladder): “To climb a ladder, move your character toward it.”

    (When they reach the top of the ladder, they recieve the “GameTool” weapon, and are in a room with a raised door (just above jump height), and a pile of loose bricks): “Select the GameTool. (press ‘1’, or click on the hand icon)”

    (On first selection of GameTool): “To use the GameTool, click on a brick, and drag it with the mouse. The R and T keys rotate the brick. Build a staircase in front of the door.”

    (In the next room, there are 4 targets, but no visible door. Players recieve the Rocket weapon)
    (On entering the room): “Select the Rocket (press ‘2’, or click on its icon).”

    (On first selection of Rocket): “To fire the rocket, left click on the intended target. Destroy every target in this room.”

    (When all targets (locked, to prevent destruction using GameTool) are destroyed, the player is teleported to the next room.)

    The tutorial then proceeds to show how to use every basic BrickBattle weapon.

  8. Koopa

    Ya, i think a tutorial map would be good… You could have them walk through a place, have them do certian stuff, like use a weapon, climb a ladder, etc. There always seems to be people in maps that dont have a clue on what they are doing… and i think a tutorial would greatly help. This game is not that hard to pick up and start playing, but for some i guess it is. The “getting stuck” problem is also very annoying…. something really needs to be done about this….

  9. Gamer3D

    1: Yeah, that’s a pain in the neck. They always get stuck in the “Going Up” pose, unable to move.
    2: Not too hard to learn, a tutorial map might help though (make a character with a place that anyone can edit, and place a link to it on the links bar)
    3: YES!!! You’re going to improve the network code!!! This has probably been the biggest problem with Roblox that I have ever encountered. PLEASE make the network code more efficient (sending fewer bytes for each object (and only sending necessary information, such as postion, and other things that have changed)).

    4: (This one is my own problem, and is rather minor) Roblox Studio CANNOT visit my map in solo mode when in fullscreen. It is a bit of a pain to have to go to a map like Crossroads just to take off fullscreen.

  10. FoxPolice

    1. Characters getting stuck on things.
    A: Make arms friction 0

    2. Camera/Character control is hard to learn.
    A: Well, there is no real anwser to this from me.
    I like the way it is. You could add another way to control Camera/Character and also keep the WASD and Mouse controls.

    3. Lots of lost connections when using flakey wireless (can we do better?)
    A: Wireless connections are usly flakey. I don’t know how to help there besides just say: Any one who uses Wireless should get a better Wireless connection.

    I hope that helped.


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