Fire in the Valley Rekindled

Builderman and I hit the Stanford startup job fair on Thursday, looking to recruit a few good software developers for the Roblox team. The fire in Silicon Valley is roaring again and Computer Science majors can’t walk down the street without being offered a job. The Colossus of Mountainview hoovers them up, hiring about 50 a week. However, BM and I were undaunted. Enticing upcoming grads into joining a project as awesome as Roblox – that should be a pretty easy sell.

After spending the entire day on campus talking to students, we found a couple of potential full-time candidates. We also decided that we will probably hire a couple of summer interns to work on cool little projects for us. Everyone should be excited about getting more people to work on Roblox – every new person we find will increase the number of features and fixes we cram into each new release.

We’ve had our job listings posted on for about a month now, secretly hidden on the front page where only the most proactive job seekers might find them. People interested in jobs or internships at Roblox should email their resume to

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18 thoughts on “Fire in the Valley Rekindled

  1. MasterFman

    Builderman or telamon are you two like the only part of the roblox crew that meets in real life

  2. MasterFman

    Telamon looks cool and builderman… Can I work for roblox I mean I have been to many graphic lessons I will help.

  3. PRG

    I want to know what the other admins’ full names and pictures look like!

    I always though Telamon looked like a serious man, until I saw this pic. He looks sorta….. geeky.

    No offence John. :P

  4. miso-ichy-san

    well telamon we’re around 12 or 13 teen so u fit in great
    accept that for ur a super insane totaly insane crazyly aswome programer…
    but i really tired so this is all iam going to say…
    and ps do u guys like my new sceen name
    in japanese it means 1 saup well it probly doesn’t but i like the soud of it
    well iam too lazy to say any thing more
    man i just got over pneumonia
    and now iam out of shape… so like i was like super fast(made it to state finals in track) but when i was sick i got out of shape and i still fast but i get beat up bad is basketball( i 13 and 6:00
    and i not going to say any more becouse i tired
    and i have no ideal what i ve been talking about for the the last 5 minets and i am too tired to check my mail
    \ps check out my new place
    bye bye
    and good night
    sry about this

  5. Rocks25

    hey builderman is that you on the lefthand side of the first picture? and who is the guy on hte lefthand side of the secong picture? is that telamon?

  6. miked

    Im excited about the proposition of wearing many hats; Are these supplied or do you have to bring your own?

  7. Mr Doom Bringer

    Hah! I wondered what you two were up to.

    And is that my Maglev I see in the pics? I also see SonOfSevenless’s catapault, as well. I hope you get a few applications, I know every geek played with Lego’s when he/she was a kid, and this is an excelent computer version.

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