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My work on the Roblox character continues. As everyone saw in my last post, slick-looking mesh hair sitting on top of our blocky Roblox character created a rather freaky-looking monster. No one on the team thought it was ok to turn all Robloxians into hideous Frankenstein amalgams, so the scope of my project has been expanded. The status of the character changes is Deep Alpha – meaning we’re working on it every day, but we have no idea when they will be released. It probably won’t be Monday (in part because we are also working on several other unrevealed but very exciting features).

In the meantime, here is some more concept art.

Gamer3D sent me an awesome model of a sombrero. It will definitely find its way into the game soon. Ole!


We had some professional artists (including the incredibly talented Mike Rayhawk, who also did some of our badge icons) prototype a Roblox character for us a couple months ago. The character above is wearing the same hairpiece that looks so bad on the traditional blocky Robloxian. You can see that it looks much better here.

– Telamon

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55 thoughts on “More Character Visuals

  1. keso

    That hair seems like a good idea?
    I guess you got a whole ton of suggestions for hair… I know I sent you one in the Servey awhile back.

  2. yi239

    i love the new charecter it should be published.

    you SHOULD make robloxians look like that because it is much more detailed. it looks kind of weird though, so how about some more tweaking?

  3. hoodoo456


  4. jacobug324

    i mean it,i do have a DS i could play insted of roblox,but it needs to recharge a little while
    but serius that girly body is so awfull i wgoud rather kiss my nitendo dog lucky

    p.s.go to site i put up

  5. jacobug324

    this looks awfull!O_oman i rather kiss my dirty boots then look like that in roblox THAT IS SO BADLY!!!!

  6. LDDmodels

    omg the figure in the last picture is 3 words:


    I on’t wanna be one of those! I mean sure yeah it could be used in a mega bloks online game, but NOT ROBLOX!!!!

    hope you make hair ;)


  7. I8U2

    OMG ugly prototype figure! Who wants to work on the anti-that-monster petetion with me! And I like the blocky figures that we have now too.

  8. NintendoBoy

    Ok,I know this is like my 5th comment on here but im freaking out about that thing in the last picture!!!! [Starts to panic*] :O!!!!!!
    ok ok just caaalllllmmm down phew,ok yea
    i like the blocky people better :D

  9. Manfred (a.k.a rockgoldem)

    Its cool but , we can do boy figure’s? ………..
    right. Cause i don’t want to look like a girl . Do we have options if we want to be a figure or what ever that thing is? (go we?)

  10. NintendoBoy

    plz dont change us to that thingy in the last picture!!!

    I like the blocky people waaaaayyyy better!!!

    If you chabge us to that thing in the last picture well….a lot of people i know are going to quit (maybe even me)if you change them

  11. Snowwolf

    A couple years back I’ve played with them, it had something with the bionicles wearing masks that had different powers.

  12. Koopa

    Yes, i remember something about them… that sounded similar to like that. I dont get his logic though…

  13. are92

    koopa the toa are heros is the legends of bionicle
    and evereone in bionicle have masks,all the masks have a sps power like speed and fly and sheld.

  14. Koopa

    Ok… ummm, im still not getting your point here. How am i wrong in what you said? Unless you are saying that your a toa, and you need masks to be real toa…

  15. ToaZ

    You are not fully correct.
    I was thinking of CUSTUM hats when I typed that.
    Im a Toa, so I need a mask!



  16. PCwiener

    The blocky characters are like a trademark for ROBLOX. It makes this game stand out. Dont change it please.


  17. Rocks25

    ok im gona start a forum topic for all of us who like the blocky charachters way better!

  18. Anonymous


    I think your right. I’m rooting for the blocky characters though.

  19. Rombom

    No, if they decide to change characters, they should ALL be changed. IT would look even weirder with both types walking around!

  20. Snowwolf

    I would want to keep the blocky characters forever, so we can still have alittle something to remeber how we looked like before. You should give us a choice to have blocky, or that freaky thing.

  21. NintendoBoy

    i like the blocky character WAY more then that ugly one in the last picture
    plz keep us like blocks!

  22. MrDoomBringer

    Heh. That last one looks like quite the freaky character. A little tweaking and it could look good.

    Now, as for character development, what do we really want to end up looking like? Do we really want to end up as Lego(c) characters? I think that it should be relatively like, but different. Arms and Legs more defined, but not to the point that we look like squatting midgets. Not necessarily with entire knee-joints and whatnot, but we should be able to look good.

  23. Rombom

    You do know they probably also have a male model aswell. They also said those were PROTOTYPES.
    But Blocky Characters are still WAAAY better.

  24. Snowwolf

    *cough cough cough!Wheeze!*

    Am I on drugs or did doctorwho said that freaky doll-women-thing-blah! is ok!?

  25. doctorwho1216

    The girl is cool for what it is, But its not what I think roblox avatars should look like

  26. NintendoBoy

    O if they make us humans on here then….well…i want them to look the same just add hats not hair!!!PLEASE DO NOT MAKE US LOOK LIKE THE THING IN THE LAST PICTURE

  27. NintendoBoy

    I hope they dont change us into the people like in the last picture. 0_o thats person looks wierd


  28. jedi

    yea! i like the idea of changing the blocky charaters. yeah, mabe if some would like you should have an option.

  29. Koopa

    WOW, Sweet sombrero! The other model of a Roblox character is also very good. :) Although, I don’t think I would want to be walking around with something like that in Roblox. Cool but not eh… ummm Robloxy. :( Back to the hair and hats now. I don’t get why some people don’t want this stuff to come into the game. From what it sounds like, this will be optional… for at least a while. Meaning you don’t have to use it if you don’t want it… So, for others out there that would like a VERY customizable Roblox game, well, this is great! :) I think that for the hair to look completely good, it will require some type of change in the character models. Same for the hats… I have a feeling that some of them will look out of place on our little blocky people. :(

    I cant wait till we get something like a Mr-Potatohead like person that completely customizable. Sounds good! :)


    Ok, here is my problem with what you said. You are saying this is your escape from the real world. Ok, I am cool with that, not a problem. What I don’t get is you want hats… hats are things humans wear, right? If hats are things humans wear and you start wearing them… well then you are becoming more human like, no? Yet you say you don’t want to be more and more human like on this game. You have very contradicting statements there from my opinion. :(

  30. Are92

    oooooooooo I have made a camera handel and a vidio camera handel but I nead colour on them

  31. Gamer3D

    Thanks, are92. The sombrero was rather easy. I made a cylinder with LOTS of extra divisions, then scaled and moved the divisions until it looked right. From then on, the only things left were texture and polygon reduction.

  32. ToaZ


    Where do I begin?
    I love what you have so far on the hats.
    But, the prototypes look; like Mega Blocks: BAD
    Also, SOME OF US are not human. (I don’t know about you guys… This is my escape from the world; not an alternate world. Here, I can be whatever I want to be.)

    We DONT need hair! Hats are fine. In fact, I like them, a nice addition. Please don’t make me a human! That’s like making a dog a fish!

    Consider it.


  33. are92

    WOW the sombrero ir realy cool hmmmmm I dont think that I can make a good headgear anyway :(

  34. Telamon

    We’re not switching for sure – we will probably create a character that blends elements of both. Part of the reason I posted concept art was to get early feedback, which is valuable. Our goal at the moment is to create a Mr. Potatohead-like character where different limb, torso, and head parts can be mixed and matched for maximum flexibility.

  35. doctorwho1216

    Hey Telamon if I were to make “manga or anime” hair, could you use if, if so how would I send it to you?
    Oh and should I use blender? or any old program?


  36. Anonymous

    I agree with Rocks25 and Gamer3D. The character of the girl does not look right for Roblox. Please do not change the characters look.


  37. Gamer3D

    The girly character does not look as good as the good ol’ Lego-block character. Telamon, please, before adding a new character model, please query the community. The blocky one looks perfect for Roblox.

  38. Rocks25

    sorry telamon but the picture of the girl whith hair is even more hideous that the regular guy whith hair please dont mkae out charachters look likt that! i like the regular blocky charachters

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