Domino Rally Building Contest


Hio! A new building contest is upon us!

The Contest

Contestants will compete to build the coolest “Domino Rally” style level. This type of level is characterized by having an intricate layout of dominos, such that when the first one is pushed over, something amazing and delightful occurs. Here’s an example level that I whipped up in about half and hour.


There will be three winners. Winners will each receive:

  • Builder’s Club membership, if they don’t have it already
  • 5000 RO$
  • A special trophy hat exclusive to this contest


How to Enter

  1. Make a cool domino rally style level.
  2. Create a new Roblox account. This new account must start with the letters DRBC.
  3. Publish your cool level to your DRBC account.
  4. Tell people about your cool place.


The contest will run until midnight on June 10th (Pacific Standard Time). At that point, the three DRBC accounts with the most visits will be declared the winners.

Accounts that do not start with the letters “DRBC” will not be counted.

Only domino rally style levels may be uploaded to DRBC accounts, otherwise you will be disqualified.

YouTube Video Bonus

The person who makes the best video of a Roblox Domino Rally map and uploads it to YouTube will also win BC Membership, 5000 RO$, and the special trophy hat. This is the video that has the most views at midnight, June 10th. Make sure that you tag your videos with the keywords “Roblox” and “Domino” so that we can find them.

If you are entering the video contest, the level you take a video of does not need to be your own.

If you win the regular contest and the video contest, we will let you collect both prizes, in recognition of your manifest brilliance.

Get to it!

We’ve never had a contest with better prizes, so get to it! You can work in teams if you like, but you will have to figure out amongst yourselves how to divide the loot if your team wins.

– Telamon

About John Shedletsky

ROBLOX Creative Director @Shedletsky on Twitter

52 thoughts on “Domino Rally Building Contest

  1. AlwaysDrowsy

    Hi guys alwaysdrowsy here, if you’re reading this yes I did scam. I scammed because I was greedy. DEAL WITH IT

  2. Anaminus

    Wow! I wish my Internet was working over the weekend! I missed a lot!


  3. Gamer3D

    Last chance to see my upside-down dominoes and fun domino machinery. They WILL be removed at 8:00 PM PST.

  4. Gamer3D

    It’s nice to know that the prizes are transferrable. If I win…

    The BC goes to noobertuber, but the hat and RO$ go to me (YAY!)

  5. Koopa

    Yes, i realised how wrong i was about complaining the first time. Very sorry about that… I had absolutely my one comment would launch a whole bunch of other ones. I also apoligize for being so selfcentered. Shouldnt have been complaining about someone trying to do something for us. Sorry, once again. :(

    True Toaz i dont know what is going on with your computer. So, no, i dont know how if would feel like to be in the position your in. But, after hearing about the game time and time over again, it does get old.

    Miked, great idea! I so wanna be in that.

  6. miked

    @Toaz: I have a problem with scripts on one of my computers, does it let you open the script and see it, but then crash after you close it? If this is the case then dont close the script, but go back to the place by clicking on its tab.

    @Everyone: The rules of any contest cant be changed after it has been started

    + Paintball tournament plans:

    What: Players join their friends and compete in a team, which fights other teams in matches to get the most wins. Each team plays against every other team once, and the number of wins is totalled up to see who won overall.

    When: Sometime in July, over a space of one of two weeks.

    Where: Ultimate Paintball place (on a different account to miked, only the entrants to a round can get in).

    Rules: 6 players per team, 5 can play in a match, 1 is a substitute (who can decide to watch or not turn up). Every team plays against every other team at times which suit both teams (this will take a lot of work to organise so players are recommended to join teams with people in their timezone). If there is no way two teams can play each other then I might have to change the rules so that not every team plays every team.

    A match is three 6 minute rounds. The team which wins 2 or 3 rounds is the overall winner.

    Prizes: 9000 ROBUX total
    The money for prizes has already been collected by me (ill try not to spend it on hats), and Telamon will double it, so the total overall robux that will be given away is 9000, but this number will be lowered if not enough teams join.

    1st place: 6000 ROBUX (1000 for each player)
    + Trophy model for their place.
    2nd place: 3000 ROBUX (500 for each player)

    Thats for if 8 or more teams join, the prize will be lowered if less than 32 people enter the contest. 32 people sounds like a lot actually… Im basing my predictions on the fact that around that many entered this building contest, but a lot more or a lot less people could turn up as fighting is very different.

  7. Telamon

    Stop whining. Seriously. I can’t please all the people all the time, and I know this, so I’m not trying to.

    We’re not giving out handouts here. This is a contest. If you don’t like the rules, don’t enter.

    People manipulating their stats will be banned on any account they try it on. We will check the traffic stats in the database before giving anyone anything, so don’t think you can slip one by us.

    That’s the bottom line.

  8. ToaZ

    As I read your reply Koopa, I thought “Easy for you to say, your computer is normal so you can get RO$. I know HOW to script, I just can’t!”

    But then, I realized your right. (Even though you really don’t know my situation.)

    I just want either my computer fixed or Roblox fixed. (About the whole “crashing when scripting” thing.)

    And, your right. The admins are the ones chasing their dream, not mine.

    Ya. Fix the system and I’ll stop complaining.

    I’m sorry I am a wiener. I just would like the system fixed so that I can script. I would REALLY EXTEAMLY apperciate it.
    Then, I could seriosly fight for the prize. But for now, I’m just that player with two visits.

  9. Koopa

    Eh… look what i have done. Ive started a whole mob of people complaining now…. great…

    Yes, sirloin, i would tend to agree, it is not really a “Make the best place” more like “PLEASE COME TO MY PLACE” type of thing.

    Yet, i can still see that Telamon is trying to do something fun for us. I think thats great, he even puts up with us…

    So, yes, i dont like the way these contests turn out normally. Yet, Telamon is trying to do something for us. So, what can i say.

    To toaz:
    This game is what the devs want it to be. They make the final call on it all. They are trying to make it based of of what we want. Thats about all i can say… and please stop with the BC thing. Its to the point that it is getting annoying. We do know that you dont like how it is turning out. But, to keep complaining every chance you get about it is absurd. Now, im not meaning to be mean, but i think its time you droped that one.

  10. ToaZ

    Not happy one BIT. Winning a place visits contest is like winning a popularity contest. So that means the best player most likely wont win. :(

    Common admins, put yourself in our shoes. You have unlimited places and we have only one. We have just-as-good ideas that you do, yet we can’t express them with only one place!

    RO$ are begging to get on my nerves. (I don’t know about the rest of you.)

    As I said before, “This is not a second world. It’s a computer game meant to entertain!” and the “higher/lesser” thing is no fun at all.

    Sure, it’s fun to be on top. I found that out when I won the customized character contest. But, during, say the billboard contest, I didn’t know how to take pictures of thing happening in RoBlox. (Now I do, though.)

    Although, I do like the idea of hats. But the fact that they show how “advanced” you are in the game is the only thing I don’t like about them.

    I just wish we could have collected the RO$ from the past, when I had like 2 or 3 thousand visits. But, now I can’t compete with all the people who can wright the slightest bit of scripting.

    Before, I didn’t have to worry about those people because there was none. Ever time I checked, there was at least 2 people at my “Condos for Sale!” house and at least 3 people at my “Slides” house.

    But enough sticking my head in the past. I better end this wave of words before I spam the whole page! :P

  11. Roblox Museum

    I agree too this is not fun that everoyne can make it!! I cant let the winers in the museum sory

  12. S. Loin

    I will run a personal model contest Telamon. That I will decide who wins through quality, and not on who I like and who I don’t like.

  13. S. Loin

    Koopa, I agree. That is exactly what happens. For example, you. You are one of the best scripters, builders, and modelers I know. But you’re (domino) place isn’t popular at all (I tried to visit a few times, but I can’t connect to the server). I don’t like the idea of contests being based upon place visits. Sometimes, it just isn’t fair. :(

  14. Are92

    Telamon: can you please make it so we can give Roblux to other players!!!
    make it under “send friends request” and name it “give Roblux”


  15. Telamon

    If someone would like to try running their own contest, I’ll put up a matching RO$ contribution to the prize fund.

  16. Koopa

    Yes, i also have seen place get LOADS of visits in one day. It just seems like the places are shooting up in visits for the contest. Which i guess should be expected since it is about building a place and getting the visits. Although… i would say it is more about the last one. :(

    I dont know.. i just always dont seem to enjoy these contests as much as the ones where the admins decide. :)

    Namely, cause you have people that cheat and because there are easy ways to cheat. Good thing you guys keep a eye out on that. :D

    I also dont like these as much because sometimes the “best” places dont win. It tends to be the places that can shout out “HEY EVERYONE COME TO MY PLACE” with their title, or with their forum posts that win. :(

    I can also see the reasoning behind this. I dont think it is a bad idea either. I can see that it would take loads of time to look at and discuss all of the places that have been made, and what makes it worthy of the prize, and yadda yadda. This way also lets more of the community of Roblox decide on who wins. The more they visit a persons place the better that person does.

    Alright, i should probably stop now before i sound like a real party poop and complainer. lol. :D

  17. Telamon


    I’ve seen some places get 700 visits in a day.

    It’s worth pointing out that we have already banned one person’s account for continually visiting their own level to gain RO$, and we’ll definitely check the traffic for winning places before giving out prizes.

    wfmp’s stats are pretty suspicious considering that his place is just a copy of the example…

  18. Koopa

    Egh.. the comp is gonna be over before it even starts at this rate…

    How on earth did he get 640 some visits… lol.

    Ah well…

  19. PCwiener

    here are current stats:

    wfmp 665 hmmmmmmmm?
    tree 588 hmmmmm?
    Pikachu123 455 hmmmm?
    44 286 hmmm?
    waffleboy 219
    are92 211
    PCwiener 208
    miked 105
    jacbob 87
    domino 68
    scifilabs 30
    58 17
    nyttyn 17
    stang90 16
    Cooljon824 16
    rombom 14
    draco 13
    sirloin 12
    legoking 11
    zonpolic 9
    gamer3D 9
    techdude 8
    foxpolic 7
    JangoPunk 6
    kaiyogre 6
    Quigley 5
    bloxbuilder 5
    spyro 4
    LDD2 4
    sling 4
    pilot 4
    duke22 3
    kop 3
    AndyPipkin 3
    totti 2
    kokosekko 2
    toa 2
    Ehwhat 1
    solid 1
    connorbert 1
    thehardys 1
    me 0
    jace 0
    koopa 0
    superDevin 0
    Ovektion 0

  20. Vulcan

    Its movie time I know i wont win for the make the most popular place but I think I might be able to win the movie thing. I hope.

  21. NintendoBoy

    hehe the video is uploading now on youtube!!!!
    its called “Domino Rally”
    and i put the tags as roblox and domino just like you said =D

  22. Koopa

    Woah! Sounds like fun… And with prizes like that i might have to get in on this. =)

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