Tips & Tricks: How to Get More Place Visits

As a builder, nothing is more satisfying to me than to see that a place of mine has been visited hundreds of times in the past day. Building a cool place takes a lot of time and effort, but the knowledge that hundreds of people are enjoying something I’ve made makes it worth it for me. Not to mention that getting place visits is the fastest, best, and only way to accumulate a vast fortune of Robux. Just ask Stealth Pilot, who has more than 30,000 of them.

I can’t help make you the next Stealth Pilot, but I can offer a couple of tips and tricks to people looking to maximize visits to their place. I’ve listed the most important tricks first.

Take Your Best Shot

When you are looking at the Games page, how do you decide which game to play? I look at two things: the number of people playing, and how fun it looks from the picture. You can’t control the number of people playing, but you can do something about the picture. When you save your level in Roblox Studio, Roblox remembers where the camera was when you saved. It uses this camera position to render the thumbnail for your place. Some people take advantage of this trick to create really dramatic shots of their levels.

Which place would you rather visit?

Place 1:

Place 2:

MaxPlayers To the Max

Games with more people in them are more fun. Unless you have a game with a ton of moving parts or explosions, there is no reason not to raise your MaxPlayer limit to the max (currently the max is 20). By default the MaxPlayer limit is set to 8, which is low for most types of games. To change this, open your map in Roblox Studio, find the Players object in the Explorer Pane, and set its MaxPlayers property to 20. Save and publish your map.

Write a Good Description

Sometimes when I’m not sure if I want to play a map, I’ll check out the designer’s description of their place. Judging from the descriptions only, which of these places would you rather play?

Place 1:

Sail the seas in my newest map! Take command of your team’s ship, and set sail to islands in search of doubloons, or make sure the enemy is at bay! Get more doubloons, and buy more maximum health and weapons!


Place 2:

hi my name is little timmy and his is my place it has dogs and cats and houses come and party with my and me friends dont ask for admin kk plz visit i need the money

Keep it Fresh

No map is going to be perfect the first time you publish it, and even the best maps get old after a while. Your players will appreciate it if you fix problems or make improvements to your map over time. Small changes can make a big difference. A week ago I made 5-minutes worth of changes to Builderman’s Roblox World HQ, basically just changing some colors and switching up the weapons. A mirror universe version of Roblox HQ was born. It has recieved 1300+ visits since then.

Put Your Best Place First

If you have multiple places, your profile page looks best if you publish your most awesome-looking place to your first slot and if you make that place your default (so it appears at the top).

– – –

These are just some things to think about. Most of these changes take very little time to do, compared to the time required to build a nice place.

– Telamon

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36 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: How to Get More Place Visits

  1. Zaafar

    Lol I did this before I came here and I’m getting about 20 visits a DAY! lol yay? Its not all too much but it works for me. I just go there with my friend and slowly more people come. I had over 14 people on at once yesterday. Good tips!

  2. dbenson

    yawn these dont work… i created cool pics for the first look at the game AND it didnt work…i did it for my maze wars…if u want to come bring friends or it isnt fun.

  3. lightupman

    hey i amde a zombie lvl with the picture of zombies on it this is my account username for roblox lightupman plz pm me if the pictures r good for my palce thx

  4. XXhioXX

    you shoul also visit my plases they r cool and they roc so like also visit um kittitons place with its called i forget the name =/. All pplz susicide thats cool

  5. Timrio

    First theres Timmy and the killbts. Now little timmy. Y dose everything start with mi name?
    LOL. Des. on place 2. It makes mi laugh to death.

  6. jacbob

    yep i agree with are92, but i could use a new game trailer the old one starts to get boring over a while


  7. Are92

    it is the same with Roblox we love new stuff so we play more, we like the trailer so we join the game ,and maybe it is something in the ifo about roblox too :D

  8. Snowwolf

    I say place 2 picture with place 1 paragraph. Who would think that a picture as place 2 would show it was a place to sail? And people these days do want money, lol. XD Joking.

  9. Bionic Pirate

    I’d visit place 2 cuz its got a broken slide! lol not really but anyways nice tips

  10. ARE14 - Studio ARE

    good tips!!
    and I try to follow them already…

    VISIT MY NEW PLACE IN A WILE!! *under construction*

  11. Jedi Knight Krazy

    Another tip:
    If there is a 0-player map on the first page, visit your own map. This will bump it up to the first page.

  12. NintendoBoy

    yea i try to get a good picture of my place so people will come in and i changed the limit so more people can be on one server

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