Builders Club is Coming…

A watershed release is due out soon. I’m not one to hype an upcoming release with a vortex of hyperbole that becomes a maelstrom which threatens to consume this entire community in such frenzied excitement that it is all that they can do to break out into spontaneous episodes of dancing the Macarena while wearing buckets with eye-hole cut-outs as hats in order to keep their heads from exploding, but ladies and gentlemen, I must tell you, this next release is going to be awesome (I mean “awesome” in the purest, most heart-breakingly beautiful sense of the word, you know “.a.w.e.s.o.m.e.”). I think it’s fair to say human civilization may never be the same.

Builders Club

We will release Builders Club to the general public sometime in the coming week or two! Builders Club is a premium subscription service designed to enhance the ROBLOX experience for enthusiastic players. Players will not be required to upgrade to Builders Club in order to enjoy the full-featured online building experience that they enjoy today. Revenue from BC subscriptions will be cycled back into product development to further improve and expand ROBLOX.

Advantages of joining Builders Club include:

  • You can create up to five places on one account.
  • You will not see any ads on for external sites.
  • You receive the exclusive Builder’s Club construction hard hat.
  • You will get a shiny BC badge on your profile page.
  • You can sell stuff (just shirts for now) to other users.
  • You get a daily allowance of 15 ROBUX (~450 R$ per month).

Membership can be purchased for a month, 6 months, or a year. Our initial rates will be:

  • $5.95 for a month
  • $29.95 for 6 months
  • $57.95 for a year

When your membership expires, you keep your five places and the exclusive hat. All other benefits disappear at that time.

ROBUX, Tickets, and the Economy

We are introducing a new type of money called “Tickets” and are moving to a dual currency economy. Items in the Catalog will be sold for Tickets, ROBUX, or both. We are increasing the daily login bonus. The login bonus and the traffic bonus will both be awarded in tickets.


  • Earn 10 per day by logging in to your Roblox account
  • Earn 1 whenever someone visits your place
  • Earn Tickets when people buy your items
  • Spend Tickets to buy items in the Catalog


  • Earn 15 per day with a Builder’s Club allowance (no login required)
  • Earn ROBUX when people buy your items
  • Spend ROBUX to buy items in the Catalog

Clockwork and Stoecker have been working on some exciting new items that will be sold for tickets only. Check these out:

The Future of Roblox

We will carefully balance new features as we roll them out to keep the free ROBLOX fun and challenging, while offering great additions for members of Builders Club. We expect many ROBLOX users to play for a long time without ever joining Builders Club. The money we collect from Builders Club dues will cycle directly back into product development, increasing the quality and scope of ROBLOX! We are excited by the prospect of growing a solid business while simultaneously offering the only “kid safe, free-to-play, physically-simulated virtual world” on the Internet.

– Builderman & Telamon

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97 thoughts on “Builders Club is Coming…

  1. mario256

    lol its the first time i comment on you know maybe there will be something wierd.anyways.this is my comment.ok.well i want to be in builder’s club for sure even if they say no lol thats real.and this is going to be kool!!!!!hehe i am really not so good cause im 8 years old -_-.and i know these things because of my cousins and my do you guys know facebook?and last thing they need money cause they work hard so thats why its real money.

  2. Salsal123

    i wanna be in BC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooo badly man but i gatta ask my mom or dad =(

  3. ~Articuno X~


  4. never gunu spend money on that

    what you have to pay you guys are messed up this a kids game i mean coemon at least have a contest or something well me i always realy want to pay stuf in real life to get extra stuff in the game but i keep thinking its a scam…

  5. FireDude3197

    I want to sell shirts too. you should see the shirts that i’ve made. Over 5! Well, i really want to do an update. Or actully make a hat. Hair… I think they shouldve done an update that included hair. THey shouldve put hair in the hat menu. I dont like being bald. LEGOs arent bald! We shouldnt be either.

  6. FireDude3197

    I really want BC. But i think my Mom wouldnt let me. Not that i have a problem with it being real money. My mom has the problem. I know i spent a lil on… But, i think she should let me have some more. Lol, i sound like a street person asking for more money. Well anyways. i I HOPE I CAN GET IT

  7. wfmp

    Real Money and that BC

    what miked said is correct so now people knows how much money for it and I will do 6 months because people only want places and hat I want to sell shirts so I’m doing it 6 months because you can get to sell shirts but people will do it a year if they want BC forever until it expires but the people who just got BC from miked fourmla…its gonna expire so they will buy BC because they must wanted it or not but it is glad that now BC will come out but maybe in their next update

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