Builders Club is Here!

This is the biggest update in the history of ROBLOX. As some of you old-timers are aware, we have been working on Builders Club for months. Now it is finally ready for the masses!

ROBLOX is free to play and, as thousands of players have discovered, it is very possible to have a fun on ROBLOX without paying a cent. Builders Club is a premium service for players who want to take their game to the next level.

The main advantage of joining Builders Club is that you can have up to 10 places on a single account. Builders Club also grants you the ability to place your creations (shirts only at the moment) in the Catalog and put them on sale. BC members receive 15 ROBUX daily income and also do not ever see external ads on If you decide to cancel your membership, or let it expire you will retain all 10 of your places.

For further details, check out the Builders Club page. 

Join Builders Club Now!

Why Join Builders Club?
  • Create up to 10 places on a single account
  • Earn a daily income of 15 ROBUX
  • Sell your creations to others in the ROBLOX Catalog
  • Never see any outside ads on ROBLOX.COM
  • Receive the exclusive Builders Club construction hard hat

– – –

New Headgear

Thanks to clockwork, we have updated the ROBLOX Catalog to include 15 additional hats. We’ve never released so many new hats at once – we hope you guys enjoy them.

The Future

We’d like to thank all of our oldest users who have been with us since the beginning for seeing us through to this watershed release. We’ve got more exciting developments in the pipeline which we will unveil here in the Developer’s Journal over the next couple of weeks. With your feedback we hope to make ROBLOX one of the best online games on the internet.

– The Whole Roblox Team

Builderman, Telamon, Erik, Matt, Wookong, Stoecker, and Clockwork

About John Shedletsky

ROBLOX Creative Director @Shedletsky on Twitter

41 thoughts on “Builders Club is Here!

  1. roblox names - SweetiiePiie- CutiiePiie

    hi , i really wanna be in the builders club. but mymum and dadwont let me!

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  3. NintendoBoy

    hopefully i will be able to get BC :P

    i hope my other places will be as succesfull as the place i have now :P it got over 1000 place visits this week :o

  4. Telamon

    We are hinting that someday we may let users create ads for their creations and post them on Roblox. BC users will still see these.

  5. Timrio

    Somepeople are quiting because they can’t join BC for free. Why are you doing this. The earlyer BC members got it for free because they won on a contest. Bc is only for afew more big upgrates.
    This dosn’t mean Non BC members won’t get robuxs. I’ve seen alot of ppl saying that they won’t get robux cause their not in Bc.
    Puls its just something to spice your acount abit.
    Its not a have-to do this.
    Plus everyone is saying the admins are lieing, cause they said roblox is free.
    Its free to JOIN!Just because your not in Bc dosn’t means its the end of roblox for you.

    I just wanted to ponit that out :D.


  6. mario256

    zomg he is gone gone gone gone gone gone ongneok shadowjorick is not and he not quitting.i played club penguin too but im bored of that im bluebenders lol.

  7. Mario9010

    no fair. i want builders club but my parents wont allow it. of course i am getting builders club on my other account Mario68.

  8. Vulcan

    Glory Glory Glory Roblox Glory Glory Glory Roblox lol. Very nice I love all the new hats and finally bc has came out lol(key word there is finally) Bravo admins taking another step forward. When I joinied there was hardly anything to do now well… you can see for yourself.


  9. Techdude

    :O But I already have membership on another game called club penguin… even though that was a waste of money.

  10. doctorwho1216

    I ‘ve been here a -while-, and I think roblox rocks,
    I have this ideal, to make a privite roblox, same as roblox, but it’s by invivation only, soft of like a VIP roblox
    talk it over people

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