Roblox Costume Party!

Hey there trick-or-treaters it’s time for the Roblox Halloween Costume Party! This event is about something you can build or put together in the real world – your Halloween costume!

Costume ExampleStarting today you can send in a photograph of your costume. The subject should be Costume Party.
The email should include:

  1. Your Roblox username.
  2. A description of what the costume is supposed to be.
  3. How you made it or put it together.
  4. An image file.

Your costume should be Roblox related. What does that mean? Well, it can be a model, a place, a famous person, a hat. It doesn’t have to be you in the picture. It could be your family or a friend.

Be sure to get your parent’s permission. Any photos shown here will have your face covered by a giant dot or maybe you’ll be wearing a mask!

How to send photos…

You may need to get help with this part from your parent or a friend who knows. The basic steps are to take a photograph with a digital camera, and then send it as an attachment in email. Here is an explanation of how to do it in Windows XP.

Door Prizes!

Everyone who sends in a picture of a Roblox costume gets a Party Hat. It’s definitely not a pumpkin head. Which hat you get depends on how cool your costume is.

** UPDATE **

All photos will be judged by Telamon for how Roblox related they are. The ones he chooses will get the Special Halloween Party Hat. Costumes that are sort-of Roblox related will get a smaller prize. Ones that are not Roblox related at all or are stolen off the Internet will not get any prize. 

The last submissions will be taken at noon (PST) on Nov 1, 2007. All prizes will be announced and handed out on Nov. 4, 2007.

Q: What if I don’t celebrate Halloween?

A: You can participate anyway if you want to make a Roblox related costume. It doesn’t have to be spooky or scary at all. Ask your parents if it’s OK.

First to the party!

jtm110972's costume
jtm110972‘s costume is a yellow 1×1 Roblock brick, the basic unit of Robloxian building.

Second to the party!


PF2‘s costume is a Robloxian. He made the head from a circular box and painted the gloves yellow.

-Reese McBlox

58 thoughts on “Roblox Costume Party!

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  2. quinn

    I think it would be cool if people could make their own hats by drawing its shape and decal.So people can be very happy.

  3. vinceyoung66

    i just entered i won 2….i am vinceyoung66 as pirate of robloxia…but i won the bluesteel bathelm yay!!

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  7. Clonegamma62

    argghhh! my coif of glory messed up (scissors won’t cut metal), and on top of that, i cut my face on the metal :(. so i’ma gonna make another hat. dunno what though.

  8. Kashtin

    My cats so fat i used an RC bobcat, tried to lift him up, but instead, the forklift dropped to the ground, the whole bobcat went haywire, my cat got up and just got away.and w00t 25th comment awesome

  9. PRG

    i hope the prize hat for this will be for sale to the public for an (oviously high) ammount of tickets or robux =P

    oh and btw, by “family or a friend” does pets count? everybody likes seeing cute cosumes on animals XD no realy, i actually want to know T_T

  10. Are92

    can you guys stop seying 1st comentar it`s realy anoining and not what news is for

    anyway good luck you guys in that contest

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