New Forum Moderators

ForumModerator-75x75The ROBLOX community continues to grow, and fast! To keep up with the speed of change we’ve added some more Forum Moderators to the team. These players will be scouring the forums and making sure everything is according to the Community Guidelines.


  • Koopa
  • Sirloin
  • HolyMac
  • Jacobxxduel
  • Rombom

Updates to the ROBLOX Staff will be reflected on this page of the wiki.

Some people have asked how these 5 were chosen when there are so many qualified among the community. Well, it’s simple really. We picked people we felt would be responsible and do a good job. They’re not the only ones who came to mind but we have more willing volunteers than positions open.


11 thoughts on “New Forum Moderators

  1. matthew11174

    hmm….hey i met holymac a month or two ago when we had hotels! congratz dude! ur having alot of luck

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