Builderman’s Places Sneak Peeks!

The teams of builders are working hard to complete the winning places by Sunday. I think not all of them will be quite ready but the ones that are done will be put up on Builderman’s place as they are finished.

I snuck into some of the places while the builders weren’t looking and snapped some pics. All the places are coming along great! Remember that these are not finished places we are looking at. Some things may change! In a few of the pics I made it hard to see the whole thing on purpose. You will just have to be surprised.koopa

Koopa’s HQ

twila27Twila27’s Pagoda Battlestickmasterluke

Stickmasterluke’s Tree Dwellings rocks25

Rocks25’s Floating Islands







joshjosh117Joshjosh117’s King of the Hill flamer6777

Flamer6777’s Mars Base

ganswishGanswish’s Castle

briguy9876Briguy9876’s Falling Base Battle

Not shown because they’re WAY TOO SECRET – SaladDog’s Castle Warfare and Weaselman50’s Builderman Suite Hotel. I am not revealing who the builder teams are until the places are finished!

Q: Will the places be copylocked on Builderman’s account?

A: Yes. They will be locked for at least a while. Anyone publishing one of these places will be in trouble. The builders who worked on them are free to publish similar models, weapons or places and make the scripts available. At some point these places may become open.


48 thoughts on “Builderman’s Places Sneak Peeks!

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  2. weaselman50

    I go away for a day instead of my team and we don’t get preview. They must have been slacking. Hopefully our deadline is slightly longer so we can actually make sure it’s finished. And yes I am helping with my own place XD

  3. PRG

    The Briguy9876’s Falling Base Battle was the best one i have ever seen! It must of taken a few geniuses to make that place! W00t!

    Iv’e been there :P It’s sweet, but i won’t tell who is making it or what the place is called so far!

  4. roan

    The first pic is koopas, the second is obvious, the 3rd is stickmasterlukes, the 7th is the Ganswish’s.

  5. ebfjzfiibg

    Lol. I may be able to make Pixelized Models, But compared to the places, it’s compleyely NOTHING!

    Awesome shading, JUST Like the Google Sketchup, LOOK AT THE PAGODA!
    Pretty good in sketchup, UNDESCRIBABLY AMAZING IN ROBLOX!

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