Mt. ROBLOX Diaries

Travelogue to Mt. ROBLOX!

Day 1Day 1
We have arrived! Looking up at such a majestic mountain brought tears to my eyes. Since last Tuesday we have been trying to get here, but heavy traffic near Northern Robloxian Airport has caused us to arrive late. But we can finally gaze upon this glorious landmark, knowing that it will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

It’s getting late; we should take one picture then turn in. Let me climb up there now.



Day 2
We started up the mountain early this morning. Our guide predicts it will take up to three days to climb the mountain, and just half a day to run down. After an exhausting 5 hours we reached a point where we could rest. I wondered if it is possible to reach the top, but then I remembered what Chuck Norris said, “It is possible to get to the top of Mt. Roblox!” Still too tired to realize how strangely specific this celebrity saying was, I rose to my feet and yelled, ”We can climb this mountain easily!” I didn’t realize how wrong I was.

Day 2 and a half


Day 3
We were just awoken by a flying teapot hitting the space right next to our camp. Perhaps this was more perilous then we first believed. Still, we survived, and that deserves a picture. More climbing. I’m not sure if I’m hallucinating or maybe the cliffs we are climbing are getting larger and larger.


Day 4
Two more teapots hit today, and we are getting near the snow line, but it is so hard to climb. My pickaxe is constantly being used to make the climb slightly easier. No longer do we go straight up the mountain. We are now traveling in a zigzag pattern, forcing us to jump diagonally over gaps in the mountain. One false move and this whole climb may have been for nothing. We are trudging through snow now, making our slow ascent even more tedious. We must make camp before the incoming storm hits.

Day 4 and a half

Day 5
We reached the top! After 3 and 1/2 days of climbing, I am proud to say that I am writing this from the top of Mt. Roblox. I can see everything from here, from the Crossroads Battling Arena in the east to Pixelpenguin’s Aircraft Carriers in the west. However, this day is not a completely joyous occasion.

And directly after this picture of us on top of the mountain was taken, a stray teapot injured our photographer, Masterchiefy, and he had to be airlifted to Chel’s Seattle Grace Hospital. The paramedic said he will make a full recovery, and was lucky to have been with other people when this happened. Day 5

We are going to head down now, and we will visit Masterchiefy at the hospital. We have to rush, so I’m going to end here for today.


Day 6
Chiefy is up and walking now, and we are heading home. Here is a lesson for you all to remember: use the buddy system. Without us there to call for help, I’m positive Masterchiefy would have gotten a Wipeout. Next time we will go to a battle arena. Those are much safer.

If I were to rate the time I had at Mt. Roblox, forgetting the tragic event that occurred, I would give it a 7 out of 10, because although I had a great time, the idea got boring quickly, and took a very long time to do. All and all, I may visit again, but not very often. I’ll stop writing now, before I fall asleep.

Written By Ploober33
Photographed by Masterchiefy
Additional Support by Tylord


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  1. kieran555

    cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
    cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

  2. Tylord

    For all of you wondering we’re making a new Travelogue. It will come out this week or the next. Its going to be great! And…We all take turns, so Im writing it this time AND taking pics.

  3. goodroy55

    It was pretty easy but u cant really climb to flag if u use pickaxe on the land that is on it but flag doesnt do nothin…

  4. SilverBreegull

    It was an easter event. Some people got too many of their share and now there’s none left. >_>

  5. Twila27

    Great entries. But I have something to say to Masterchiefy. NEVER SAVE A PICTURE AS A .JPG/.JPEG! It shows up ugly. T_T Try .PNG, it’s much better. This goes for all of the Roblox pictures, even in the installion guide. >_>

  6. Rocks25

    hmm………….what?! lol i dont even know why im posting here lol just thought i would join in the fun :D

  7. roan

    Hey, uhhmmmm, that Builderman Suite hotel place? It said all who visit this place will get 100 robux and all the admins will be coming . . . is that true?

  8. ploober33

    I went to masterchiefy and was like, meet me at your place now, and he said why and i said Top Secret. anyway i liked his forum posts and so him, tylord and also evildemon123 (not there at the time, made plans, we actually did this last month, but telamon didnt read the mail
    Chels still plays?

  9. ploober33

    no problem pixel
    it was between you and the roblox hqbut that was down at the time and i really love ur place
    more will come
    wanna join the travelbloxxers?
    send in an application

  10. pixelpenguin

    Hey guys, great article! I’ve always wanted to do one of these kinds of things.
    Is there going to be another one? I want more!
    Also, thank you for metioning my place!

  11. danielmcb

    Wow it’s been along time when the last travelogue back in May! very good I wondered when there was going to be another travelogue :D

  12. Chels

    oopsie i put my real first name in the “name” slot -___-
    oh wells its pretty obvious anyways =p

  13. Chelsea

    Yay my place was in the article =PPP
    Go seattle grace!
    I think they just missplaced the little thingy >>>’ that thing xD
    Thank you sooo much for putting my place in here!

  14. Intile

    Ehh…. random article? Didn’t see that coming, but oh well. Encourages me to make a video journal.

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