ROBLOX Brings You…

Being a real clothes horse myself, I recognize the hitherto unmentionable tragedy that is the ROBLOXian fashion scene. It’s dismal. I say to you now ROBLOXia, no more! ROBLOX brings you shiny new shirts and pants!

But that’s not all! Look at this long list of improvements we’ve made to ROBLOX in the past two weeks…

New Stuff

  • Full-body shirts and pants
  • New character creation page
  • Favorites for places, models, clothing
  • New lighting model & specular highlights on meshes
  • Enhanced moderation system
  • New Place page allows commentary
  • ROBLOX news feed on front page
  • More robust installer

Shirts and Pants. Pants Pants Pants.

Anyone can purchase new shirts and pants in the ROBLOX Catalog. However, creating and selling these exciting new products is an exclusive Builders Club privilege (way back we promised that there would be more great Builders Club features and we’re delivering!) We think our more artistic users are going to be able to score a lot of scratch by selling these things.

There’s a more complete guide in the Wiki that shows how to make pants and shirts. The following is a crash course…

First go to your character customization page. You’ll notice that you now have a wardrobe that shows all of your clothes by type. Click the type of item you would like to create (Shirts or Pants). Then click "Create".


Alright. Now you’ll see a screen that looks like this:


First you need to download the shirt template to your computer. This is a picture that you draw on to create you own shirt. I personally use a very old version of Paint Shop Pro to create my shirts. You can use whichever image editing program you like. Paint.NET is a decent free one.

Once you’ve painted your shirt, click the "Browse" button to select your shirt file and click "Create Shirt". The shirt will show up in your wardrobe. Congrats! You’ve made your first new shirt!

More on that Shirt Template thing…

You’ll notice that the Shirt Template file you download looks crazy and has lots of pretty colors. Fear not — You are about to become a 3D graphics artist!

The basic idea here is that the shirt template is "folded" up and wrapped around your character, like origami. If you were to print out the template below, you could cut out all the colored rectangles, tape them together, and create a real-life 3D shirt. That’s what ROBLOX does for you – once you upload your shirt template image.


If you’re still confused, check out the more detailed explanation of the shirt template in the Wiki. Once you’ve tried making a couple, you’ll probably get the hang of it.

Old Shirts

Old shirts are now called "T-Shirts". You can still wear them. You can even wear a T-Shirt and a Shirt at the same time! At the moment T-Shirts are draw on top of regular shirts – this doesn’t make sense and will probably change in a future release.


Another sweet feature we snuck in this release is Favorites. A Favorite is a way to bookmark places (and things) that you like so that you can easily find them in the future.


Never again hunt for that awesome level you played once a year ago but which now everyone has forgotten. No more trying to remember who made it or what it was called. Just favorite stuff you like as you find it. They will appear in the Favorites section of your profile page.


You can also delete favorites so that your list of bookmarks doesn’t get cluttered. Pretty cool. We are hoping that this feature will help promote levels that everyone knows are fun, but that don’t get played anymore because they can’t get to the top of the Most Popular Now page. We also think its fun to browse our friend’s pages and see what their favorite ROBLOX games are. So fav+ a few things and show off your good taste!


In conclusion, ROBLOX has just gotten 37% more awesome. Enjoy!

– Telamon

About John Shedletsky

ROBLOX Creative Director @Shedletsky on Twitter

109 thoughts on “ROBLOX Brings You…

  1. RANDOM999X5

    Good, now the only thing missing … Being able to make hats of our own … It isn’t that hard to make 3D stuff…

  2. zammerok

    Specil message for reesemcblox and the entire Roblox team, I wabted to personely thank the
    Roblox team for working so hard to bring us thes awsome updates and I wanted to thank you for the
    password scammer artical it realy made me think and i used to leave my account logged on day and night, now i have changed my password to something much more complicated and verifeid my Email thanks Roblox Team!!!!.

  3. Freik

    WHEEEE!!!!!still an awsome update…now my figure looks like a super soljer with the pants and sleeves on the shirts :D!!!WHOOT!!!PWNAGE

  4. ebfjzfiibg the Noob Exterminator

    There are Too many People Impersonating Admins.

    Comment 94 Says Builderman is Shutting Down Roblox.

    (“Hello everyone. I have very, VERY grave news…


    Yes, it’s true, I will post more information later.


    Comment 80 Says that Telamons Quitting Roblox.

    Tons of others making admins look bad.

    But, the Updates golden!

    Only way ROBLOX Can be Better is to get Rid of the Noobs, Impersonating ones, Deleting, Language, and Tons more.

    75% of Roblox is Noobs.

  5. Jawbone53

    I love this update! Can someone tell me what place that was in the beginning of the video?

  6. astrosimi


    Let the non Builders-club people at least make them.

    First we can’t sell them now we can’t even make them. I hate this.

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  8. artha14

    ok this is just so we wanna be builders club more!
    man builderman you have sunk to a new low.

  9. starblock7

    oh and i think we need a face buyer so you can change your face to different things that will be so cool!And i love the new update ive alreday found a greta look!

  10. AlphaBlock

    wrap-around shirts no doubt the worst update ever!
    how would it feel if i made a game and said: “sorry you need to pay $99999 to unlock items 3-9999999”

  11. Caleboose

    Uhhhh…real cool, now I have too wait A LONG TIME FOR IT TOO UPDATE THE NEW VERSION!!! :( :O :P

  12. Leoexe12

    Dang it…im from poland and i cant get builder club…So i have a wish to Builderman and Co.
    Can you enable shirt upload for Non-Builder Clubers? This is gonna be cool but
    No Sell
    And…I know, you doesn`t read it but…Well…
    This Update is cool but we need to make lags lower and lower….

    That`s all!

    Leoexe12 – Just me

  13. Stenu45

    WE NEED HANDS SHOES HAIR TEAM TALK Etc WE NEED MORE STUFF LIKE A place that every one lives EVERYONE like a rpg stroes citys cars plane airport etc

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