Be Our Guest; Buy Our ROBUX

We’ve got two big features to announce in this release: guest mode and the ability to purchase ROBUX!

Guest Mode

Some people want to try out ROBLOX to see if it’s any good before they take the time to make an account. A lot of game websites force you to create an account before you can even play their games to see if they are worth your time.


We think anyone who gets in-game and plays ROBLOX for 10 minutes is probably going to want to create a full account (especially since it is free), in order to get the benefits of membership, such as having your own place, collecting the daily login bonus, and being able to customize the look of their ROBLOXian.


Guest mode players appear in-game with the name "Guest ####". They’re just like normal users, except they can only use Super Safe chat and their stats don’t get logged from game to game. We don’t log stats because Guest users don’t have a "My ROBLOX" page to display them on…


We’ve heard stories of people buying Builders Club on four accounts, just so they can get more ROBUX. We’re making things easier now for those people by allowing players to purchase ROBUX directly from the ROBLOX Central Bank.


You do not need to be in Builders Club to buy ROBUX. However, Builders Club members get advantages when buying ROBUX: they have the option of buying smaller amounts, and they get a better rate.

Buying Builders Club is still a great way to get ROBUX, through the 15 R$ daily allowance that BC members receive (along with other benefits). But now people who want their cash right away have another choice.


8 out of 10 economists we surveyed expect that the ROBUK will rise strongly against the dollar in the near term, making it an excellent inflation hedge in these troubled financial times!

– Telamon

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118 thoughts on “Be Our Guest; Buy Our ROBUX

  1. Glarthir

    Well I’m gonna have fun with this. Lol what if we by robux every second! But I don’t like that if kids are poor they don’t get robux but anyway I also don’t like it because people can get the JJXJ5 Top Hat very easily or pretty much any of the hats! Just think about hat.

  2. bloxors142

    YAY! Now you can buy ROBUX with money and try out places without an account! =D Finnaly, some kind of update that’s very helpful!

  3. Gamekid334

    Well, this won’t go too well. Now that anyone can get robux, robux-only hats and shirts aren’t as safe anymore..

  4. Ooblick

    FINNALY! A good way to get ROBUX.
    And quest accounts, for my friends to try stuff on :D
    …Hey, do guest account visits still give you cash?

  5. ...

    104. My parents won’t let me use money online so i can’t join builder’s club. YAY 99TH COMMENT!!!
    LOL it’s the 104th


    Stick My Male utensil in yo mamma! :)

  7. SoulDragon

    Wait, now everyone will just buy Robux (except me, because It’s impossible to convince my parents to type in their credit card number), and rare hats will no longer be rare…

  8. SoulDragon

    now you guys have to do is make a standard trading method so I don’t get scammed again… And I think I need to complain to my scammer again…

  9. Remii9512

    I don’t think thats fair. Pay money for pixels? Lower the price! I see your guys’ point in having those expensive to not have everyone getting R$ for nothing! But, I don’t think my mom’ll want to pay lots for a hat or somethin.

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