Playing ROBLOX at School

There are a lot of users who play ROBLOX at school. We think it’s great! It’s supported and encouraged by many teachers and computer lab managers.

We’d like to take a moment to talk about playing ROBLOX at computer labs. Do you remember the password scammer?

The scammer returns.

What he would do at school is watch you log in and memorize your password. Or, more likely, just get on the computer after you. If you didn’t log out then your account is wide open for someone to make changes. We’re not trying to be scary. We just want to make sure no one takes your hard earned ROBLOX Stuff.

Here’s what you can do:

1. MOST IMPORTANT! Always log out when you leave the computer. Even if it’s just to go to the bathroom or take a break.

2. Don’t use your ROBLOX password for anything at school, like even for your school email or school accounts.

3. Make sure no one is watching your hands when you type in your password.

4. Don’t tell anyone your password even to get help or Builder’s Club.

See on this image how to log out of ROBLOX.logout

Keeping your account safe at school is a great way to keep having fun with ROBLOX!


About Becky "reesemcblox" Herndon

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44 thoughts on “Playing ROBLOX at School

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  4. Aleenatofu

    Cool i dont know if my school blocked this cause they blocked alot of supersafe sites i dont think they will have it un blocked but if they did it would be great

  5. GameMaster761

    Great now if only my Computer Lab teacher could let us Un-Block roblox at my Middle school >_>.

  6. RoboFreak

    Um…….i guess this helps alot……and i never log out so this Video has tought me a lesson! all though I dont play at school cause when me go to Computer Lab…..we have to play Math Blasterz and stuff like that….or do things the Teacher wants us to do.23rd COMMENT!!! W00t

    -Cant wait till Naruto Hurricane Chronicles

  7. Jakey

    whoa this helps for me (not that im in middle school or somethong like that)but i play it at home and school thanks

  8. bolcksta

    how! i should ask my teacher about this sometime, well i gatt see if i can download it, or just look at webpages! i love roblox either way! roblox your a great community and i love you guys!i aslo got scammed 5k tickets so if you guys could help me out by buying my cloth, visiting my places, or donating! they would all be greatly appreciated. oh yeah, ive never commented beofere woot!

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