Get to the Choppa!

We’ve released some great stuff this week.

Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot Headgear – Get to the choppa with this headgear on – it makes you look cool!

Turtle Shell – – It’s spiky, so it’s dangerous – but also oddly cute….

Take A Chance
– Some people have lucky hats – this could be yours.

Mr. Tentacles – An epic hat if ever there were one. Is Mr. Tentacles trying to eat your brain or whisper in your Robloxian ear the tale of his great escape from an octopus’s garden? You decide.

Ten Gallon Hat
– The largest cowboy hat in all of Robloxia …for now.

Talk about the new hats here.


The Silent House Does Not Exist


Shadowy Ninja Star of the Silent House

I’ve just finished what might be my favorite piece of gear yet. A ninja throwing star that sticks into whatever you hit! A bona fide steal at 400 ROBUX!

Strategy Tips

  • The Silent House is a clan of shadowy ninja assassins. You have to think like a ninja to make the most of this weapon. Jump people. Surprise them. Don’t leave witnesses. Thunk, thunk, thunk!
  • It’s difficult, but possible, to climb a shear wall by throwing stars into the wall, and then jumping from star to star.
  • You can lob throwing stars at a high angle to get better range, at the expense of accuracy.
  • If your enemy is escaping in a vehicle, hit the wheels with throwing stars to slow him down!
  • Shadow Ninjas are better at using these particular throwing stars than anyone else. They have special training that allows them to throw more stars, faster.
  • Light Ninjas are the natural enemy of this weapon and take double damage from it.

It’s rumored that the Light Ninjas are getting their own special weapon to combat this new menace…

– Telamon

We’re kicking off Memorial Day Weekend with some sweet new items!

We’ve released a lot of stuff in the past two days. Here’s an update in case you haven’t had a chance to check out the catalog yet –


WWII Army Helmet – We’re releasing this hat for Memorial Day Weekend. They’ll be other special hats throughout the weekend, including a limited edition one – so stay sharp!

Dr. Atomic’s Mesmerizing Quantodrome – This hat really is mesmerizing – especially if your Robloxian stands in one place and you make the camera circle around it. Seriously …try it.

Fez – Everybody needs a fez at some point in their life. Best to have one on hand in case you need it.

Propeller Beanie – Perfect for when you feel like doing something mischievous – 1940’s style.

Gear –

Pirate Cutlass – This sword be perfect fer slicing any scurvy dog that dare to cross yer path! Also effective fer makin people walk th’ plank!

Faces –

Robloxians are feeling a lot more expressive these days!

Here are some of our new faces –

Bird of Prey – Remind your prey how dangerous you are by wearing this face with Mr. Quackers on your head.

Crazy Abstract Artist – When is this face appropriate? Here’s a better question… when isn’t it?

Slobbery Villain – “No one mourns the wicked.” Especially true if they’re slobbery.

I Wuv You – Who said ROBUX can’t buy you love? Oh the Bloxels…

Redonkulous – Perfect for when Glee isn’t silly enough and Silly Fun isn’t smiley enough!

You can talk about our new items here.


ROBLOX is exploring the new world!

Everyone knows you can’t stake your claim on the New World without the right tools. You’ll need:

Conquistador Helmet – This hat was worn by the Spanish Conquistadors when they were exploring the new world. It kept their heads safe from unexpected attacks by the natives and falling apples.

Brown Ushanka – What’s the weather like in the new world? Robloxians have no hair of their own to keep them warm so this is a valid question. With this hat, you’ll be set either way.

Of course, a couple of facial expressions are also necessary for exploration:

Dizzy – This face is very appropriate when you’re going in circles looking for the Fountain of Youth.

Meow? – Watch out- this cat has claws! And very sharp teeth…

Now I’m off to explore Robloxia! Be on the lookout for more new things to be released this weekend. You can talk about all the cool new items here.


New Items

We’ve released some cool items in the past two days, and we wanted to make sure you got a chance to see them.

War Rocks
– Let he who has the War Rocks cast the first stone….and the second.

Knight’s Sword – “A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst, than in the beginning of danger.” This sword won’t give you bravery in the midst of danger – but it will cause major damage to your enemies in the midst of battle – or the beginning.

The Viridium Skull
– The latest in our collection of skulls. Wait that didn’t sound right…

Aussie Slouch
– G’day mate! I like to wear this one when I’m throwing around my boomerang.

Silence – They say silence is golden – but we don’t think so. We’re offering silence for the low price of R$35

Pumpkin Face – Not likely to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, but still cool.

The Big Dog – Someone has to lead the pack. It may as well be you.