New Faces at ROBLOX

This dynamic duo has been working behind the scenes to keep things humming along at ROBLOX. Welcome them on our forums!



tweedsuit has been here a while but working in secret to make the magic happen. She’s working on Marketing, Business, Recruiting, and everything in between.

tweedsuitShe says, “Brighteyes is the best officemate ever!”

tweedsuit enjoys reading 20th century French literature, sci-fi/fantasy and comic books. She also likes watching Nouvelle Vague films, shopping, and pretending to exercise.

Her favorite games are Final Fantasy series (she’s currently playing FFXIII), Mortal Kombat, Diablo II, The Sims, Ace Attorney series, Dr. Mario, and board games.

tweedsuit is from the “Yay Area” in California. She went to the University of California at Berkeley, and she says, “Go Bears!”


vaiobotvaiobot has also been here a while and working in secret to make the magic happen. Here is a mini-interview with him…

What you are working on at ROBLOX?

I help Roblox with billing problems. Also, I’m helping to make the office more fun!

Who else at ROBLOX you are teamed up with?


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I like video games, swimming and drawing. For games I like Roblox, The Sims and puzzle games. I’m from San Francisco. I went to UC Berkeley with tweedsuit.

Do you have a message from you to the users?

Don’t use credit card’s w/o permission or I’ll getchuuuu!  :P

Collectible Items Survey

11fbd4f628262b6f386da14d1024d5b8The ROBLOX team is interested in continually getting input from our players in order to help make ROBLOX the best game it can possibly be. Today, we’ve prepared a survey that will help us better understand how our players interact with collectible and limited items. The first question of the survey allows you, the players, an opportunity to vote on which of three famous hats should be made collectible next! Voice your opinion!

– Telamon

Dancing with N00bs

Happy memorial day weekend everyone! To celebrate the holiday, we here at ROBLOX have lots of new stuff for you guys!

Dance Potion – Never a very good dancer? With this potion you’ll be cutting rug in no time!

n00b Tube – The highly rumored and coveted n00b tube is here! Now! Click on a fellow Robloxian and the n00b will annoy them to no end. Click anywhere else, the n00b wanders aimlessly.

Nova Wand – Shoot sparks in all directions with Nova Wand, great when you are outnumbered! Ultra effective while wearing the Thunder God Headdress!

Talks about the gear in our forums.

We also will be having some new skateboards released over the weekend, so keep your eye out for those. As always, keep sending me gear requests, you guys fuel my creativity!


New Faces at ROBLOX

We’re building up towards a stellar Summer here at ROBLOX! Here are some new folks we’ve converted into Robloxians! Welcome them on our forums!



Jahrblox is working on the website. Here’s what he has to say about himself…

Jahrblox Right now I’m gathering ideas for cool new features in ROBLOX, and thinking about how to make all the features easy to use.  Another part of my job is to make the graphics look cool.

Builderman and Telamon are always full of great ideas!  Talking with them always gets me excited about what we’ll work on next.  Sometimes I also team up with RobloTim and RobloSam.

I like learning about the latest gadgets and video games, and reading tech blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo. I love the original LucasArts games, like Loom and the first Secret of Monkey Island.  I also like playing cards and board games. I went to college at the University of Notre Dame. I studied Mechanical Engineering and Graphic Design.

To ROBLOX Users: You guys have so many cool ideas for games! I always like checking out the latest and coolest new games on ROBLOX.



Timobius is working on the ROBLOX physics engine, the geometry of ROBLOX parts, and the Building Tools. So basically the ROBLOX Studio and game itself.

He works mostly with Madrak, Langoliers and Erik.Cassel.

For hobbies he likes to play the drums and fly RC Airplanes!

You Sunk my BattleWagon!

Hello everyone and happy Friday! You are probably expecting me to talk about gear in this post and……….. you’re right! A few new things have come along, with one piece of gear that I’m especially proud of:

BattleWagons – Ever play BattleShip? Yeah its like that, except with wagons. And cowboys. And awesome.

Balloons – Up, up and away! These balloons are filled with epic helium, so they take you flying! But be wary to venture too close to the sun, as your balloon may pop! Available in a Limited U red edition, as well as a standard green edition.

Talk about the new gear in the forums.


Action Figures Everywhere!

We’ve got a lot of cool new bodies out. One of my favorite yet is the Action Figure Body! I’d love to see what you guys can do mixing and matching some of these parts with our other new body types. We’ve also got some other amazing things for you today. Check them out:

Action Figure – He’s ready to leap into action at a moments notice.

Steely Danger Zone – They don’t call it the danger zone for nothin’!

Tugboat Captain – The hat is almost as tall as your boat! Not really, but it sure is tall.

Smith McCool Cool is his middle name. No really! His name is Smith Cool McCool! His parents were weird.

Talk about all of our new stuff in the forums.