Keep Your Password Safe

It’s super important that your password is a secret. It’s like the keys to your house, or in this case the keys to all your special ROBLOX stuff.

What is a password scam?


A password scam is when someone tries to get your password in a sneaky way. Usually try to be your friend and offer you help or to buy you Builder’s Club or Robux. Or maybe they threaten or bully you. People can also change your password if you stay logged in at your computer when you are not there.

Recently clever scammers have been getting passwords from other sites where you may also have an account. For example if you make an account on a website off of, like forums, surveys or special offer sites, and use your same email address and password that you do here, the owner of that site will be able to get on your ROBLOX account. Don’t use the same password you use on ROBLOX anywhere else. Keep your ROBLOX password unique!

The person who gets your password may not be nice! They might…

  1. Spend your Tix and Robux
  2. Delete your hats
  3. Steal your places
  4. Get you in trouble
  5. Change your password

A password scammer is not a scary hacker. It doesn’t take any computer skills to do this crime. Most scammers look just like the other users so it’s best to be careful and not tell anyone your password or use the same password on different sites, no matter what.


How do they get away with it? They don’t. As soon as we have proof of account scamming the scammers get banned and deleted. We take this very seriously.

What can you do?

  • If you see someone asking for passwords in a game chat, report it.
  • If you get mails like the one above where someone asks for your password report them right away.
  • Log out of ROBLOX when you are not playing.
  • Don’t share your account with anyone.
  • Change your password to something complicated.
  • Use a different password on each website.

Your password should not be one of the following things… your first name, last name, username, birthday, zip code, sisters name, brothers name, or just asdfg or 123456.

It should be more like one of the following things…

Then you memorize the password. If you need to write it down, give the paper to your parent to keep safe. Never give out your password, even to someone who is offering to help or buy you Robux!

Check out part 2 of this article where we talk about playing ROBLOX at your school computer lab.


130 thoughts on “Keep Your Password Safe

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  5. Anonymous

    Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s not the staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its some little pranksters calling names like 2 year olds!

  6. luke43

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Someone just hacked in front of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ok I don’t think that website staff would cuss in front of 8 year olds!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bloxxer90isback

    i learned not to do that before i read this my friend naruto343 got his password stolen and alot of bad things happened thank god he didnt get banned cause hes my best friend

  8. legoman33

    ok……….. 1 time i gave a friend my password so he can make me some stuff….and he messed with nothing at all when i checked my place was awsome and he made me a ctf…..but…..should i still change my password?????if you ggot answer pm me

  9. luke43


  10. luke43

    Any comments you see above from 6kenny6 are from my friend.Anyways,I still think that any password scammer is a noob.I mean,I don’t even wanna know closer to the state a person lives in!!!

  11. Ylsid

    the proper term for someone who hacks into games is a cracker. The real hackers are the ones that built the internet. Dont call them hackers. call the crackers. the name also does justice in insultation, would you like to be a cracker or a hacker? hacker? thought so.

  12. shadowrocks

    wow…i can make sparkles and ponies u dont need to give ur password out to do that XD to get sparkles do this
    1: visit you place in solo/edit mode
    2: get a brick then click on it
    3: in erm..i froget i think its object up near the top there a button that says “insert object”
    4: find “sparkles” in the insert object thing and double click it
    WALA! u have sparkles

  13. maxamas1er

    this guy who posted this prob scammin all of us coz y would they need our email and website they only need our name

  14. breakaway09

    ur all rite. this will be a great thing that helps people not gt hacked.*applause for builderman or whoever made this thing*

  15. sonicxsx

    an admin from ROBLOX plz delete comment 59 it has a bad word plz deleted little kids might start saying it and theyll get banned

  16. sonicxsx

    well I problaby like it but theres a DARK side with this now If u send a message to a friend and u say ur password but u dont want him to know ur password ROBLOX wont let u send the message and if u say ur password like this (“passsword with @#%^^%) he will now know ur trying to hide it because ROBLOX wont let u say and then he will know ur password

  17. PRG

    What happens if you get a message saying: “Your password is blahlala” and it happens to be your password, then what?

  18. jackboy101

    hey guys theres something freaky i can tell. there is one robloxain hacker on youtube who figured out someones password with the password cracker! this is scary! i dont ever want it to happen to me! the roblox hacker should be reported!

  19. sparky9171

    he was probally doing it with Telamon or Matt Dusek or BM.The user he sent it to probally already knew what was going on.

  20. Hicup789

    Wait a minute! It says that REESE sent the message to someone! :S Please tell me it was a demo not you messagin a real user reese!

  21. sparky9171

    my password is google. jk not really.but if it was that would be soo stupid! *whistles*

  22. baileycamens

    Dont post stuff like that like saying “My password is realy realy realy realy realy realy realy hard.”.Its a waste of time and comment 58
    please delete that Moderators it’s very bad some kid’s might start saying it in game.


  23. WonkaKid

    People always send me messages telling me their passwords. I never try getting into the accounts, though. No way, jose. I just report them.

  24. iPlay

    Umm…this is REALLY old news… Also, who the heck is the kid in the sparkly suit? Should we avoid kids in sparkly suits? Even so, it’s kinda funny. Wait…the sender…of the PM…HE’S ALSO THE GUY WHO WROTE THIS! He’s going to get ideas of our passwords… And this guy is an ADMIN! Also, he posted a picture of somebody! Actually, I think that kid is inocent even though he looks 500% guilty… Now opening Project A.V.R.E.P.S. (Avoid ReeseMcBLox, Evil Password Stealer)

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