As diverse as it gets!

Looking at the diversion population of Robloxia, we decided that is time to make some hybrid gear that appeals to a wide variety of Robloxians. From silly stilt stunts, to role-playing as part of a mythical sect of Knights, we got em all. Check ’em out!




Bamboo Stilts Use these stilts that are made of the strongest bamboo, to walk above the ground and show off your athletic skills to your friends!






Guitar Sword When the sweet tunes of a rocking guitar combine with the damage of a high quality sword, they become this awesome looking Guitar Sword! Play some sweet tunes while you pwn your opponents with it.






Flaming Hedgehog Cannon Hedgehogs are awesome. What could be better? How about a flaming hedgehog cannon?!?! But beware of anyone who is wielding this strange weapon, as it is extremely powerful. The hedgehogs are smart enough to jump between their targets and do some hefty damage. But watch out, they also blow up when they have bounced enough!






Emerald Knights Of the Seventh Sanctum: Sword and Shield With their unholy strength and undead power, the Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum hold their mighty blades to strike their enemies vital spots at blinding speeds. These mirror blades gives them speed and agility to overcome even the strongest opponents.




From dawn to dusk they watch over Robloxia. They care not, for what is right and what is wrong, but for stability. Will the calamity of the war force the seventh sanctum Knight’s to resurface?

Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus

The Terrain Game

Hail ROBLOXians! Today has been an exciting week at ROBLOX HQ. The new terrain feature is 98% done; we did our first public test of terrain on yesterday.

What is terrain? I could tell you, but maybe you’d rather hear from the developers themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce Simon Kozlov (aka Gemlocker) and Ben Deckinga (bjdeck), direct from the ROBLOX RALLY:

Key points about ROBLOX terrain:

  • Live on (not up 100% of the time)
  • Vast voxel-based grid of boxes and wedges
  • Integrated with the ROBLOX physics engine
  • Destructible
  • It is fully scriptable in Lua (but API will change before release)
  • Editable with ROBLOX and user-made Studio plugins
  • First version out in September
  • Additional terrain types out soon after

We’ve got some other huge user features coming down the pike for September release as well, but we’ll talk about those another time…

– Telamon

Unstoppable Might of the Horde

Using the Ninja warriors to distract the Knights, the Korbloxians have gained the upper hand in battle. With their sudden moves and secret strategies, the Korbloxians have struck into the heart one of the mightiest powers of Robloxia. Rumors are that the Korbloxians are bringing some special weapons to end this battle with the wizards. Lets examine them, one at a time!



Korblox WarTrap

Korblox Battlefield Trap The Korbloxian Battlefield Trap is held by every Korbloxian, as it helps them greatly during ground battles. Korbloxians lay numerous traps on their frontlines to make sure none escape without damage.





Evil Eye

Korblox Evil Eye This powerful artifact is available to none but the elite Korbloxians and allows them to plant eyes at various locations in the world that they can tap into later. Not only do they provide valuable information through vision, but also come with the added bonus of blowing up the object it is tied to!






DeathSpeaker’s Spellbook It is said that the first DeathSpeakers were wizards that had been corrupted by the power of magic. Their spells, involved manipulating their surroundings to reek of destruction and to stop enemies in their tracks. Three of those deadly spells can be learned from this book.






Korblox Krossbow Quicky and deadly, this trusty crossbow made from the woods of wasteland, are held by only a few of the elite Korbloxians. With its ability to shoot at high speeds and every so often, unleash a barrage of unholy fireballs at its wielder’s command, this Krossbow will turn the tide further.





Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus

The dark age rises!

With the arrival of Knights delayed due to unforeseen ambush by some deadly ninja’s, the fall of the Wizard tower and their mighty town was inevitable. The use of ancient artifacts corrupted some of the younger minds and they have been subdued by the very weapons that they intended to use. Corrupted magic flows through their veins and allows them to use cursed magic to make some deadly items. Lets take a look at what they are capable of!




Statue Staff Of Stony Justice

Originally intended to be used as a weapon of nature, corruption flows through this staff making it disrespect all lifeforms, returning them to stone. Even living beings aren’t spared from petrification. Beware.






Azurewrath’s Return

The trusty old enchanted dagger that is given to every young mage, due to their own corruption is bound by blood to the same. No matter where its thrown it always finds its owner, through blood, leaving destruction in it’s wake.






Cursed Fire Flame Thrower

This wooden instrument originally invented to hold pockets of light, during times of need for a wizard, uses that very light stored to transform into cursed fire that lights its enemies on fire.






Deadly Thorn Potion

This harmless potion of pure liquid, now affects its drinker, giving the drinker deadly thorns that cannot be matched at melee range.





With corrupted magic flowing through the wizard tower, the essences of it are affecting the Dracovin’s resting place. Will it actually stir the soul of the strongest Wizard of all time? To know that we will have to wait and see.

Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus

ROBLOX Plugins: Power to Scripters

Last night, ROBLOX released an exciting new feature for scripters… My friends, we offer you nothing less than total control of your ROBLOX building experience!

It’s my pleasure to introduce the ROBLOX plugin architecture: it allows scripters, in Lua, to write their own building tools. These tools will appear in a series of toolbars in ROBLOX Studio, like this:


The best community-developed tools may be rolled back into future versions of ROBLOX Studio, and they can be shared between players.

How to Install a Plugin

Currently, one plugin ships standard with ROBLOX, the Time Of Day plugin produced by ROBLOX super-intern Cyrion. Here are two other plugins for you to experiment with:

Demo Plugin – This is one of the simplest plugins possible. Take a look at the source to see how to make your own.

Tree Generator – I repurposed the procedural tree generator from one of Anaminus’s places and made his code into a plugin in less than 5 minutes.

To install these plugins, follow these steps:

  1. Download the files
  2. Unzip them
  3. Open ROBLOX Studio
  4. Tools –> Open Plugin Folder
  5. Copy the treegen and demo folders into this folder
  6. These tools will be loaded next time you open a place in Studio

If you ever want to remove a plugin, just delete the plugin’s folder. In the future, we would like to make installing plugins easier. For now it’s a power-user feature.

How to Make a Plugin

Flurite and Trappingnoobs have written an article in the wiki outlining what you need to know to produce your own plugins. We will be updating this article as we continue to improve our plugin architecture.

What Can I Do With This

Most of the official ROBLOX tools are also built in Lua, so really, you can do anything you want! The basic idea is you can make a tool to do anything that’s hard to do in ROBLOX Studio right now. I thought about it for 30 seconds and I already have more ideas than will fit:

  • CFraming tools for putting parts inside each other
  • More tree-generation tools with more parameters
  • Weather tool
  • Character designer – dressing NPCs in ROBLOX Studio is very hard right now
  • NPC dialog creator – a nice interface for creating dialogs
  • Team configurator – create teams, and create rules for them (red gets weapons X, Y, Z & blue gets only Z)
  • Regenerator – click on a model to make it regen every X seconds.
  • Teleport creator – type in a destination and click.
  • Moving platform designer – draw a path for a floating platform to follow
  • AI platform for Bots – create bots and tell them what to do
  • NavMesh generator – draw paths and nodes in levels to create a NavMesh that AI bots can use A* to navigate.
  • Random treasure placer – click on a spot to create 5-25 coins and 1-3 gems there.
  • Head explosion from ideas!

I Made and Awesome Plugin!

Great! Share it with us on the Scripters forum – we’re very interested to see what kinds of tools you build for ROBLOX Studio!

– Telamon

Introducing MEGA Places

First announced at the ROBLOX RALLY, MEGA places have gone live on!image

What is a MEGA Place?

MEGA places support a lot more simultaneous players than classical ROBLOX places do. They are still highly experimental. We have done tests of MEGA places with up to 100 players, but for this first release MEGA places will support 30 players.


MEGA Place Facts

  • MEGA places currently support 30 players per instance.
  • This number will increase over time.
  • MEGA places get roughly 2-3x the compute power per game – so they can handle more moving parts, scripts, and players without lagging.
  • All players can play MEGA places
  • Creating a MEGA place is a BC Beta feature – something we are testing at the moment with our Builders Club members. This is largely because the beefier computers we use to host MEGA places have higher cost for ROBLOX Corp.


How to Make a Mega Place

It is now possible to control the number of players that your place supports from the Place Configuration page. Classic places can have between 6-20 players each. MEGA places get what ever the current MEGA place player limit is (always at least 30, but in the future it could be 50 or 100).


The Future

The ROBLOX Team, especially RoboYZ, is continuing to optimize both our server and client code to support more players in MEGA places. Here’s a sneak peek at what is coming…

Go try a MEGA place right now!

– Telamon

Fun is the key!

Unique and extra cool are but two attributes for these gear! Check ’em out.





For all those Robloxian Cowboys out there, this one is for you. One sip of this tasty sarsaparilla and you will be running faster than them horses!







You may wonder, hmm, what does one do with a trout? After all, it’s just a fish. But wait, this one is not just a fish, it spawns a fishing tank so your friend can play competitive fishing! Test your fishing skills now.






Pumpkin Crossbow

The pumpkin crossbow is a powerful offensive ranged item and a defensive melee item. Use it wisely!






Roblox Portable Game System

The Roblox Portable Game System, is a 2D gaming platform for Roblox, and it comes with an in built awesome platformer “Quest for Glory”. Do not miss it!.





Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus