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Expanded Browser Compatibility

Browser IconsWe are pleased to announce compatibility with all leading browsers.  ROBLOX games can now be launched from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari on both PC’s and Macintosh (Internet Explorer is not available on Macintosh).  All you have to do is press Play on any ROBLOX game from any one of these browsers.

42 thoughts on “Expanded Browser Compatibility

  1. nicolai50

    I have a new computer and I’m trying to play Roblox on it – it won’t load and play. My troubleshooter says there are compatibility issues and I can’t figure out how to fix them (I’ve tried via troubleshooter). Any idea how I can fix that?

  2. Personman

    When will be able to use OpenGL like in google maps to play roblox games inside a browser and embed them on blogs and stuff? That would allow someone to buy some new gear while brickbattling on another tab.

    1. AwesomeAndy98

      I agree with Personman. Although you can’t be in a game AND be Fighting AND buy new gear – I don’t think it would work…

  3. Muxter

    wow roblox david bazuki Telamon and all staff this is epic! good job and i am playin even more too find out new updates blogs and contests or even new hats :3, :D rock on

    1. SkywalkerDude

      Just one question: If ROBLOX works on Opera now, does that mean that games will eventually be accesible on the Nintendo Wii?

      FYI = The “Internet Channel” on the Wii uses an internet browser “Powered By Opera”.

      It would be soooo cool to be able to play ROBLOX on PC/MAC, iPad, AND the Wii. It’s a pretty varied platform menu.

      1. TheEpicGum

        I’d play ROBLOX on Wii. That’d be epic. It’d be awesome if not only you can check your account but if you can actually play games. Although, when you chat, it would be a bit hard though.

      2. Spikespeed125

        Just get the wireless powermaster keyboard. You could probably plug in any old USB keyboard in the back. But powermaster keyboards are specially designed for the WII. (Although it doesn’t work when wii speak’s mic is plugged in)

      1. Shade10247

        True. Less than 1% of ROBLOX uses Linux, so it probably won’t happen. Stick to WINE for now.

  4. iHtc

    EPIC! I like Safari for Windows by Apple because Apple is cool and I’m saving up for a MACBook Pro 15in!

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