iPad Tech Demo

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This is a first look at the ROBLOX code stack running on an iPad. Product specs are in development and there is no announced ship date. The tap-to-move interface shown in the demo is a place holder for future thumb controls. Textures and skyboxes are disabled.

We are building off the same code as our PC and Mac clients. Rendering speed is surprisingly good. Features, bug-fixes and enhancements for the PC/Macintosh ROBLOX will show up on the iPad. Over 95% of our code base is common among all platforms, including networking, rendering, physics, sound, core, threading and lua execution.  The demo is running in full client-server mode with networking.  We can join ROBLOX servers with the iPad demo over WiFi.

The first version of an iPad product would not include ROBLOX Studio.  We have not tried building ROBLOX on an Android tablet yet.  Android does offer a cool NDK to run native C++ code, so we are optimistic a similar tech demo is possible.

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170 thoughts on “iPad Tech Demo

  1. hardyboy542

    I heard it was coming out on a video game system sow what I have to say…PUT THIS GAME ON XBOX 360

  2. willbot863

    need this for ipod touch & iphone 4 and ipad – then I can use ROBLOX where-ever I am – PLEASE if nothing else IPOD Touch from Will (10)

  3. ultimatecreatorA1

    Very very nice indeed. This would completely revolutionise the whole of Roblox, and I would definitely get the app. But please make it for iPod Touch, I would be so sad if I couldn’t get it.

  4. philippe

    They should put chat for the ipad and have choices of typeing or saying it like you do with siri.

  5. philippe

    Awesome chant wait and it would be even better with the new iPad’s retint display and I could compare it to the ipad 1. Wonder if it will cost money and if it does I wohe it is only 99 cents.

  6. ROBLOXThred

    Epic! I have a iPad and if this comes out I would be able to go on ROBLOX even more. But can this support shadows?

  7. randomguy99

    Think you should jump by swiping up and move by swiping side to side. Zoom out should be swiping with two fingers outward and zoom in should be swiping two fingers inward. Select tools by tapping them. You can also move by tilting the iPad. Talking would be touching the bottom screen area with the regular iPad typing interface.

    Aside from the suggestions, I do agree, the framerate is suprisingly high. Does it take up a lot of memory or use a lot of power? Looks good so far. Keep it up!

  8. Weirdtester26

    It is a nice idea, but you have one major catch: Minecraft Pocket Edition.
    With their release of 0.2.1 Alpha, This update added yet another control: Split Touch.
    Adding to their already- usable ‘joystick’ movement command, this limits the unique movement commands ROBLOX can do.
    The side-touch command or the PullBox command seem to be the only ways ROBLOX can stay out of the way from joystick copy trouble.
    Maybe ROBLOX could show us their next update: Textures.
    Before someone else decides to take those too.
    Limits, Limits.

  9. Candymaniac

    Hmm, maybe ROBLOX could make special gestures such as jump having you to swipe your hand from bottom to top of the screen, since that would be so cool.

    Maybe, ROBLOX could update the GUIs so that, there is a touchscreen support for us game developers.

    ROBLOX should add touchscreen-friendly games as a new game genre!

    And, ROBLOX should completely make it for android. I know that they might, but I want it nao! I have a galaxy note and it would be REALLY cool to hang out with my friends everywhere over wi-fi!

    1. EmperorPlasma

      I would thin jump would be tapping your avatar. or like them pocket edition for mine craft, make an auto jump.

  10. Jakemarioguy2

    I cannot wait till this comes out I hope it will come at soon llike at the end of this month

    1. YaYaBinks3

      Super agreed. They are pretty much built for gaming, so what do you expect?

      (But the lack of screen size is annoying.)

    1. Bsonic629

      Remember, this is only in demo version. Once its in its real version, I bet it will be WAY better.

  11. DoubleSooted

    A lot of us use a Bluetooth keyboard for gaming on the iPad. I hope this app will interface and accept keyboard inputs-that way users can make use of the arrow keys and other keyboard inputs.

  12. iHtc

    Great idea. But you could have like gestures like the Apple Magic Trackpad/Magic Mouse does for the iPad – some gestures are being transferred to the iPad as updated to iOS5.

  13. Stupid head

    Will the game affect the iPhone 4S batteries? Because there I heard battery rumors. Besides I don’t have an iPad.

  14. IPad

    This is great, but i wonder how to get it, From the App store or do you have to do something else random?

  15. frntAgent1232

    Needs some improvements like being able to jump, use tools, and other things. I also think it could be for other apple products like th iPhone. But bravo!! That is some great work!!!

  16. Anomynous

    I would really like this not just for the iPad, but also for the iPod touch and the Android tablet Kindle Fire. would get ROBLOX more money and also a bigger amount of audience. :)

  17. nb16t

    roblox on 3DS will be awesome because its the DS with the better graphics,the better connection so…

  18. TheBlox

    Maybe for iPhone/iPod? It’d be cool if you could connect to roblox over 3g networks and play on your iPhone.

  19. Gamercrazygirl2468

    Minecraft is coming to xbox 360 soon…why not make an xbox or wii or DS game of roblox? It would be awesome to play more than one way

    1. TKDflipyoshi1021

      And make it so that you can save and download your work over to your computer, so you can build on the go, and save your edits to your place so that you can edit on both. So yeah, that would be pretty cool.

      1. Niceguy1001

        That would be cool but i dont think any body has done that before. Even if you roblox could do it, you would have to have an iphone or internet acess to save it to your account.

    1. Tech Guy

      Lets just let Roblox do what they need to do. One Step at at Time. They will eventually keep improving. No one can go that fast. I love roblox!!! Needs TO HAVE BETTER GAMES !!!

  20. SwimyGreen

    It seems like recently Roblox has had a more recent focus on the game itself instead of gear, the way is should be. Keep up the good work!

  21. CoraTiger

    Problems will most likely be with the length of battery an iPad has. My iPad does not stay on long when I’m playing games, so I have to charge it a lot. Also you cannot see the battery length on the screen, while playing ROBLOX. Unless you plug your iPad in like they did in this video, most likely your iPad will shutdown much quicker.

    They should try to make the app work with an iPad keyboard also. The ipad keyboard may have more abilities to work with tools, moving, etc.

    Otherwise this is an interesting topic, if they twitch some things to work more professionally.

  22. littlepeaches

    I would like to know how to jump, and if you can, touching the screen is a little more difficult though, and a keybourd on the screen would be nice…but would take up more space. BUT i do think a chat box should be added. I am AMAZED at how far Roblox has come since i joined in 2008, with the terrain feature, and now being able to play on a an Ipad! I am happy and proud, I might say, to be a part of roblox.

    Thanks lots!

    1. Anonymous

      I would pay for this. I love ROBLOX and I’m am usually on the go. I do not need to be able to take out gear or jump that much. all I want it so follow my friends really quick.

  23. Wealthybb55

    Wow,this is great,there needs to be a chat box though,People need to communicate In stuff like group meetings.I am using an iPad right now,and I don’t have a computer anymore,and I am a group leader,therefore,I think we really need a chat box in the corner of the screen or somehow,press it in the corner of the screen,and have it pop up like chat on the roblox main menu

  24. 31skinny

    It’s amazing how far ROBLOX is getting. I hope they are able to release this app soon. However, I suggest that the app is made for the iPhone, and iPod touch too.

  25. Dubug99

    I agree with all the comments below about just having the controls in the corner. And I would like it so you could swipe your finger or something to view around you.

  26. goldenarrow97

    Wow, I still can’t belive how far ROBLOX has come. I’ve been around for a long time and the forward progress is amazing!

  27. Link1000

    Instead of having to touch the sides they should set keys for up down left right and in the middle jump, it would be a lot easier and set the middle screen to your view so when you tap wherever it will look that way, just a suggestion.

  28. maxwellgames

    Can You guys have that mini joystick thing or whatwerver it called thats in most games on the ipad like Gta3 and Mincraft Poket Edion and ect?Nobody will like using the toch thing in the vidio

  29. epicepicman

    Woah, this is amazing! I don’t have a iPad, though, maybe you can make this for iTouch/iPhone too through the Roblox app? P.S. If you need some help with controls, you guys might wanna check out Minecraft Pocket Edition, it has this cool autojumping thing.

  30. Luke

    This is truly epic. I think a good idea is to add like a an option toolbar toggle with WASD reset tools and exit game. And studio build on ipad.

  31. Kah678

    This is AMAZING. Considering that the Ipad’s videocard is worse than a desktop/laptop. It would be INCREDIBLE[I REPEAT: INCREDIBLE], if it was on the android, Xbox 360, or Wii.

  32. Bulldogase14

    Awesome now I can play with friends (if you can) & stay with people if I have internet (WI-FI)! one question does it even need wi-fi?

  33. Seatlehawks17

    I don’t really like the fact that you move to touch. I think you need a tab pullout to use arrow keys and to type on screen. Otherwise. I love it! Nice job guys.

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