Rally 2011 Speakers

ROBLOX Game Conference 2012 – save the date

Date: Saturday July 14, 2012
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center

Rally 2011 SpeakersLast year’s ROBLOX Game Conference – ROBLOX Rally 2011 – had one thousand attendees. We would like to double (or more) the number of users attending this year. We are announcing the event as early as possible so users have time to make summer travel plans. This year’s event will be similar in format to ROBLOX Rally 2011, with more of everything that was great – more demos, more computers, more learning, more ROBLOX. We are tentatively calling the event “ROBLOX Game Conference 2012” but will finalize the name when tickets go on sale soon.

The Conference will be held on Saturday July 14, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, conveniently located near dozens of hotels and next to the themed amusement park Great America. We will explore discount Great America tickets for those who wish to visit the day after the conference.

Santa Clara, California is located in Silicon Valley, 10 minutes away from the San Jose International Airport. It’s about a 50 minute drive from San Francisco, and 90 minutes from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

More information will be coming soon, including…

  • Ticket Pricing
    Ticket prices will be set to cover our expenses for the center, AV equipment, computer rentals and lunch.  We will not make a profit on the conference.
  • Agenda
    This is still being developed, but we will have a hard core ROBLOX game development track, along with a gameplay/tech track for players. Like last year, we will have demos of many major upcoming features.
  • Hotels
    Booking information and room discount rates.
  • Great America
    Discount tickets bundled with your Conference package.
  • Live Web Cast
    We’re still working on the details of a live web broadcast from the event.

Rally 2011 Crowd

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157 thoughts on “ROBLOX Game Conference 2012 – save the date

  1. Eddswprd3157

    I’d go but i already have a few ther meetings to attend mates so sorry but i’ll buy some obc later for you roblox/David

  2. Pablo / earthodin

    I can’t go either I live in New Haven. Is there any other way to see it while it is going on? I want to see it so badly!!!.

    1. Blaze3245

      I guess there might be some footage on YouTube of the 2011 rally, but I cant think there’s any way to watch it live or on TV.

  3. MarkSill

    I really want to go, last year I didn’t know until after, but I’ve been waiting for this post! Just have to wait for admission costs!

  4. Kingempoleon

    SWEET! It will be in Silicon Valley, though I think San Francisco would yield more visitors, it’s nice to experiment on where the rally should be first.

  5. tronexe98

    i have a 75% chance of possibilty going to the convention!! Hope it happens can’t wait to meet my online friends mayb gligar and a few others

  6. Spidenx

    I couldn’t make it last year, Since i live in England.. I’ll try to make it this year, But we are going to the U.S in December O:

  7. juniorpogi

    Lol no, I couldnt go last year since it was in SF, that’s like 6 hours. Now it’s there again? Bring it to the SD convention centre!

    1. mrcapncharles

      My Aunt and Uncle live in Santa Clara and when we go to California we fly from Minneapolis Airport to San Jose International Airport.

  8. maxspikes10

    I will tell my parents and ask if I come besides while I am there I might reveal what character I am ;D

    1. DarkZulu

      Actually, last year they had you put your character name on a tag over your neck. They probably will do it again.

  9. Meatyourmaker09

    Eek! Its 10 days before my birthday! And it will take about an hour for me to get there! I am so happy! :D

    1. SkateSwag

      I cant wait to go. Last year I couldn’t go unfortunately since I did not know sooner. This year is my chance!

      1. Pikachu400

        Cant go unless I get super lucky. Don’t think I’am going.Live all the way at PA. Come on ROBLOX, Can’t you do a tour over North America?

  10. cyberpikmin

    You guys should give out merchandise like t-shirts, but you should make toys of a Robloxian, like making the heads,arms and legs magnetic to do the fall apart thing when you lose all your health.Then you should make hats attach to the head or back like how you change your character’s looks.

  11. Tacoman345

    Yeah I was informed too late in 2011 but this year I’m going for sure!! And I’m lucky cause I live all the way in Alabama

  12. Joe941

    I went camping instead last year, worst descision ever! I hope to go this year. 5 hours is so worth it!!!

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