ROBLOX Studio for MAC–The BETA is Live!


We’re almost finished porting ROBLOX Studio to the Mac! ROBLOX has had Mac player support now for several months, but up until now, Mac users haven’t been able to leverage ROBLOX Studio, our professional place and model building tool, to create high quality ROBLOX games. This is about to change…

Right now.

Here’s the scoop: our port is 99.99% done. Players have been testing it on for the past two weeks and we think it’s solid. All the major functionality is present (including some new features that don’t even exist in ROBLOX Studio for Windows yet!) The official release of ROBLOX Studio for Mac is probably still a week or two away, but we’re releasing an early public BETA version today. You can download it right here.

Help Us Improve Mac Studio

If you find a bug, or something that you don’t think is working correctly in the new Mac Studio, please post about it in the Mac Test forum. ROBLOX engineers will be monitoring this forum closely over the next several weeks.

– Telamon

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254 thoughts on “ROBLOX Studio for MAC–The BETA is Live!

    1. Sunghwan

      Yes, works fine, but same issue with 2.0, and does it really have to acresn my folders each time I first launch it? That can take a while when you have a lot of old email. 2.0 did not do this.

  1. lovelyranna99

    Roblox studio is awsome!!!
    And i thought at 2011 that roblox studio will never come back!
    Now i can use roblox studio all the time cus it did come back:)

  2. greenjoe1111111

    Its awesome :D well I just predicting as I installing it right now. Also I have just had my Mac for christmas in Europe. I have also been waiting for weeks as well! :D :D :D :D :D :D:D:D :D :D

  3. MoloProject

    Nice… Good… Cool… This Should be Broadcast on all Mac user’s (ROBLOX PLAYERS) accounts..

  4. westyxxx

    Oh yeah! Cainjones12 got me into ROBLOX, but as I had a Mac, he was making EPIC games and well… I wasn’t. BUT NAO I CAN!

  5. aaqib104

    1.I am not a good builder
    2.i need better versions
    3.I CAN FINALLY EASILY BUILT AN ARENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks, now WE can all start making profession in architecture. -ZEEJAYYTHEHEDGEHOGXX of UF.

  7. Logan6y

    Roblox studio for mac seems cind of AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I can do better on my games :D!!!!

  8. DJpeepsROCKS1

    Well, I’d like it in personal servers to build, because if I try to extend or change size it falls off baseplate D:

    1. ultracombatzombie

      Well When You Download Roblox On Your Mac.
      You’ll See A Flash-drive Icon On Your Desktop.
      Then Follow These Steps…
      Click on The Roblox Icon. Then when it opens
      There Should be Two Choices…
      1. Play Roblox
      2. Roblox Studio
      ( ROBLOX > ROBLOX Studio. )

  9. CrazyBubblehead2002

    Nice, this thing is the the new type of studio. I was waiting for a new one that was improved.

  10. soldier113

    Oh I’m so glad this is finally happening, I’ve had this MAC for 5 months, and miss my old computer. I was waiting for this a long time. Thanks for doing this.

  11. HappyRohan576

    This is awesome, my Mac is way faster than my Windows, and I love to use the Mac, so his for me is E-P-I-C. ~HappyRohan576~

  12. GreyLynx

    Amazing update! Thanks ROBLOX admins! Now my friend who uses a mac can make an astonishing place that I can visit and comment on. :3

  13. Tzsara

    This looks awesome. I don’t have a mac, but a lot of my friends do. I guess I’ll have to teach them how to build now lol.

  14. TheEpicGum

    I dont have MAC but I guess this is awesome for all the people who have MAC and want ROBLOX studio! This is one of the reasons why I joined ROBLOX, it updates every time for other people who like have MAC! BLOX ON, ROBLOX! -Gum

  15. kleinerhund

    Although I dont have a mac, I think its good, so Users with a Mac can have so much fan at building like me and you, and him, and her, and all other users

  16. SmallerMoonster


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