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Tech Demo: Video Thumbnails

Video and Image Gallery on Game PageTim Brown’s Hack Week project would give ROBLOX developers a powerful tool for engaging players. 

ROBLOX is about user-created content, and our users have created a lot of content — so much that you’d be hard-pressed to experience all of it in a lifetime. ROBLOX players need to be able to get to the good stuff, fast.

Video thumbnails are 30-second YouTube clips that ROBLOX creators can integrate into their game’s page on They serve two key purposes: Let creators better showcase their content using video clips, and let players preview content with a minimal time investment. Video thumbnails encourage play and make’s game pages richer — like those of some other digital distribution platforms (e.g., Steam or Direct2Drive/GameFly).

Gallery Upload Interface

Users would simply record a video using ROBLOX’s built-in capture tool, upload it straight to YouTube and provide the YouTube URL. Video thumbnails would need to be moderated (and moderation takes manpower), so video thumbnails would require a small chunk of ROBUX to post.

Video thumbnails would open the door to more video integration on Stay tuned because this potential feature barely scratches the surface of what’s possible with video.

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Web Team Lead at ROBLOX. @timothybrownsf

171 thoughts on “Tech Demo: Video Thumbnails

  1. Prehistoricman

    That screenshot from Roblox is back in the old days! It was with the old style menu, old style tools and old style hints. Oh the good old days :D New days are good though. I almost left Roblox because of growing problems but now you guys are really making this awesome!

  2. Jbug55

    Umm…. People are using it. How do you use it…?
    It looks like it is out if Player are already Using it.

  3. rattyash

    It will also help me show my base to others
    While in edit mode So i can get an over view

  4. shadownova62

    I can’t wait until it’s released! I could really use this to make my places more attracting.

  5. tootyman3

    I can use this for one of my horror games, in which your in a black room, and suddenly a spectre comes and goes.

  6. ROBLOX Name: RCTgo

    I definitely agree with this. For this is a great way for me to show a brief look-over of my creations in the group RAA. I would really enjoy having this update on ROBLOX.

  7. ArtOfSing

    Well, I think it’s great but it should make more sense if it could be a vid that you take while playing it so you don’t need to put it on youtube and all that stuff.

  8. Candymaniac

    Amazing Idea, then we could showcase sneak peaks of the game! This could be more effective in luring the players in, lol.

  9. Yourfavoriteuser

    Good idea though.

    But I have a concern; what if somebody can edit the video into something that is totally false than the actual place or something that is not Roblox?

  10. OboeDude1999

    But isn’t anyone worried that someone might post a false advertisement? Even if someone commented this, the creator could just shut off comments!

  11. OpalCheez

    This idea and the others will set the robloxians to work, and I love to see when great places are built.

  12. Notunknown

    It looks OK but it may not be something I will want to use. I would like edited videos, where parts can be deleted/changed around and otherwise modified (text added, fading, screen effects, etc)

  13. 1dev2

    Sorry I don’t think it posted but yeah Pieperson50 I’m asking cloner3684 for a video for my game for 100,000 R$ he’s the best at his effects, gotta love that guy!

  14. TheGamer101

    I think it’s a great idea! I think it will set other people’s places (and my own :P) to the next level! I cannot wait until people can get a sneak-peek on my new game: Ages of Roblox.

  15. TheEpicGum

    Well, Hack Week is making me wanna play ROBLOX more and more! Rating: 10/10 stars. THUMBS UP, ROBLOX!

  16. SackOpotatoes

    Good idea, too much time usage. Think about it, 200+ people are editing their places even as this was typed, and when they are all finished, they’ll all send video requests, this would cause cha0s.

  17. Dog456pop248

    Do we have to capture it with the ROBLOX video capture? Becuase it doesn’t have an ajuastable resolution.

  18. kirby4759

    This is a great idea!!!!!! Can’t wait until it’s there!!! It gives The visitor a Sneak Peak!! :D

  19. toon2

    Everything in Hack Week could really help me with RoWorld. This helps me by allowing me to show players what is in RoWorld by allowing them to explore without going to RoWorld itself. In response to all of the comments against this idea, I think that there should be either A) A large Robux payment of R$100-200 for a video to be uploaded and/or B) BC only. That’d make moderation much easier.

    1. Jacobarnold

      They Have not made an update for everybody in a while, this feature, just like decals, T-shirt uploading, and fourm posting, should be for everyone. Besides it would really boost a player’s ability to to play higher quality places!

  20. Pieperson50

    The thing is, ROBLOX will be filtering the videos you put on on your game page for example: If you don’t have a video related to your game you will be filtered and possibly banned from ROBLOX. My best friend and I “cloner3684” have been working on making the idea of being the first to create a creative video with animations and special effects! might be on one of my games so keep checking my games out so when they do release this feature to the website I will be uploading them.


  21. Dashingplayers808

    Awesome idea, Can’t wait for it to come out. The only thing is, What if we don’t have UTube Accounts?

  22. Sparttan

    With this new opportunity I’ll no longer need to find the “perfect” caption for each place. :D

  23. Does it have to be a YouTube URL?

    Does the URLs have to be YouTube? Or can we share it directly from ROBLOX?

  24. Darkjedi252

    This will be a great update. It will be able to have a main idea of the place without joining it. The only discouraging thing is that you need to pay robux for it, but again, they’re a sort of a new feature and BC Members should be able to test them first.

  25. cullenliam333

    If you don’t have to do a direct upload, then it would be great for making intros for non-scripters like me.

    But y’know, intros with like a story?

  26. atomic200sheep

    Genuinely fantastic idea! I’m hoping adding pictures and video’s to your general character profile is the next thing; then advertising; then the forums! I’m getting a little carried away…

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