5.4 Million Games Created in 2011

ROBLOX users created 5.4 million games in 2011.  In addition to this, over 250 million hours of game-play were logged, and ROBLOX served over 9.6 billion page views. A couple of weeks ago, VentureBeat released an article about LittleBigPlanet’s 6 million user generated levels on the PS3, as well as their most interesting user generated games.  We were motivated to share some of the top games of 2011 on ROBLOX.

Our users continue to amaze us with the variety and quality of content they create. Here are some interesting games of 2011:

Jet Wars: Advanced Battle

  • 3.5 M game plays
  • Created in 2008, but updated by user 2 weeks ago, which demonstrates long term stickiness.
  • Game features two teams – red and blue. Each team has an aircraft carrier. Each carrier has a supply of jet fighters that you can take off in. Each carrier has batteries of anti-aircraft guns to shoot down incoming jets.
  • ROBLOX codebase does not support aircraft, but users started scripting planes a couple years ago.


Survive the Disasters

  • Game loads a random environment and selects a random disaster.
  • Players win points for surviving for a set period of time and can use points to buy survival gear.
  • Users designed creative disasters such as volcanoes, tsunamis, and even a huge soda spill.


Sword Fighting Tournament

  • 8.4 M game plays
  • The creator, TheGamer101, is our richest player – last year he made almost 9 million ROBUX. The majority of TheGamer101’s wealth comes from in-game microtransactions – he sells tiered VIP access to this game.
  • Game play features rounds of combat where players vie to score the most points.
  • This game has more than 50 badges you can win for accomplishing different feats, such as winning a 3v1 game or finding hidden Easter eggs.


DriveBlox Unlimited

  • Created in 2011 and visited 3.5 million times.
  • Users can purchase cars and race cars down ROBLOX city streets.
  • The map has a lot of detail, and the racetrack is well made with creatively designed buildings.
  • Users can also buy homes within the game too.


ROBLOXian Pool Party

  • The ROBLOXian Pool Party was created in 2009.
  • This favorite pool party spot has been visited 3.8 million times.
  • Realistic pool hang out, where users can make friends and socialize.


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126 thoughts on “5.4 Million Games Created in 2011

  1. Paul13379001

    Now, If TheGamer101 wanted to, he could take over the ad system like how everyone else tries too. LOL.

  2. drc3

    I am suprised more games aren’t up there like perilous skies with its gui systems and amazing scripts.

  3. Tbeasom26

    There was 5 out of 5.4 million games that blew our minds out of over 6 years of education and internet scripting. We learned alot from you ROBLOX.

  4. Max701

    WOWSERS!Who knew TG101 was that rich.His game is great my favorite was jet wars sword fighting tourney and tunnel cruisers/space solver the most scripted games i’ve found on roblox

  5. Chucktheganster

    Just knew Sword Fighting Tournament would be up there I myself am a huge fan of Sword Fighting Tournament

  6. tbloxxerzzt

    thats alot! :O i mean, theres alot of places but never expected it to be 5.4 million games created. way to go!

  7. Jacob478

    I really hope that redcliff night armor in the picture is going to be created in roblox for I would buy it for sure.

  8. domisalego5531

    These are some cool games (I played DrvieBlox Unlimited, ROBLOXian Pool Party, Sword Fighting Tournament, and Survive the Disasters).

  9. katswell34

    My personal favorite is Survive the disasters, I heard it was the first place to get 10,000,000 place visits!

  10. twowantwowa

    Sweet! I was hoping for more “scripting” games though. But besides that, its a pretty nice list!

  11. Mattchewy

    Roblox is doing fine in the US, but if they went multilingual, that 5.4 million could turn into 54 million… Just a thought.

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