5.4 Million Games Created in 2011

ROBLOX users created 5.4 million games in 2011.  In addition to this, over 250 million hours of game-play were logged, and ROBLOX served over 9.6 billion page views. A couple of weeks ago, VentureBeat released an article about LittleBigPlanet’s 6 million user generated levels on the PS3, as well as their most interesting user generated games.  We were motivated to share some of the top games of 2011 on ROBLOX.

Our users continue to amaze us with the variety and quality of content they create. Here are some interesting games of 2011:

Jet Wars: Advanced Battle

  • 3.5 M game plays
  • Created in 2008, but updated by user 2 weeks ago, which demonstrates long term stickiness.
  • Game features two teams – red and blue. Each team has an aircraft carrier. Each carrier has a supply of jet fighters that you can take off in. Each carrier has batteries of anti-aircraft guns to shoot down incoming jets.
  • ROBLOX codebase does not support aircraft, but users started scripting planes a couple years ago.


Survive the Disasters

  • Game loads a random environment and selects a random disaster.
  • Players win points for surviving for a set period of time and can use points to buy survival gear.
  • Users designed creative disasters such as volcanoes, tsunamis, and even a huge soda spill.


Sword Fighting Tournament

  • 8.4 M game plays
  • The creator, TheGamer101, is our richest player – last year he made almost 9 million ROBUX. The majority of TheGamer101’s wealth comes from in-game microtransactions – he sells tiered VIP access to this game.
  • Game play features rounds of combat where players vie to score the most points.
  • This game has more than 50 badges you can win for accomplishing different feats, such as winning a 3v1 game or finding hidden Easter eggs.


DriveBlox Unlimited

  • Created in 2011 and visited 3.5 million times.
  • Users can purchase cars and race cars down ROBLOX city streets.
  • The map has a lot of detail, and the racetrack is well made with creatively designed buildings.
  • Users can also buy homes within the game too.


ROBLOXian Pool Party

  • The ROBLOXian Pool Party was created in 2009.
  • This favorite pool party spot has been visited 3.8 million times.
  • Realistic pool hang out, where users can make friends and socialize.


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126 thoughts on “5.4 Million Games Created in 2011

  1. zacy21

    making roblox101 this will be roblox’s most famolus and well scripted game a year in the making going to be done in a month

  2. Juggalo1337 and DANNY99999

    wow this IS epicly EPIC i mean i have been playing roblox for SOOOOO long. ROBLOX did go through ALOT of changes…..and i mean ALOT! but overall….roblox is the best gamez EVAR!!!

  3. princessloki

    Great reviews! I mean, ROBLOX is epical, and I mean who dosn’t like jetwars, Survive the 92 disasters, The ROBLOXian pool, And The Sword fighting tournement? Oh and Stickmasterluke I think you should maybe improve on your Swordfighting skills and dodging skills :P

  4. XSpwX

    I Try Making Good Games and My Friends Who Visit Think They’re Amazing, I Rarely Use Free Models And Made the Game in 2008 But Sadly Only 200 Visits D:

    1. hoboboy119

      I would say since they’re the developers of ROBLOX, they have access to those sorts of records.

  5. Soccerlove10

    What about the game Welcome to the Town of Robloxia? It’s been the #1game on the town and city game page. Give 1dev2 some credit, not only the sword fighting games are the bes.

    1. Bsonic629

      SO TRUE!

      Give him credit! I even think its the most visited place of all time, over 10 MILLION VISITS!!!!

      1. princessloki

        I totally agree! Like, To some ROBLOXians Town and city/RP games is all they play. I say, give 1dev2 credit!!

  6. BlazerGansta12

    I would do anything for a cool redcliff morph like that also I’d like people to donate to me I used to be sort of rich but then I got jacked and someone spent my money on people’s donation shirts. Anyone want to donate? Ps: I would LOVE to be the richest person in robloxia. I think being in the Rolox newsletter would
    Mean a LOT to me

  7. bangler2003

    this is awsom i have just played all of these games my fave is survive the disarsters game coz there are so many maps

  8. FirePhysic

    WOAH!!Please make that RedCliff Knight as a package i want that RedCliff Knight Package so badly it i’ll pay that for 1,000 Robux

  9. sevrus

    Hey creator(s) if you see this or read
    this please lower the age of type chat. Please many people are really sick of having to wait months or heck even years. It would do the Roblox population some good and maby you will even have some more roblox account. Also have you ver thought about having your own tv or radio commercial or broadcast. That would get even more people on Roblox.

  10. epicman458

    This will be awesome if they chose someone’s game thats maybe not famous to help them get famous?
    Helping, sharing works guys.

  11. deathwinged12

    Oi.. Where is the BRF series? BRF 2 alone is coming up on a million visits… Not to mention all the long-term players it has. Plus, it is an 08 game.

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