ROBLOX cards available at F.Y.E. and EB Games

ROBLOX is pleased to announce that you can now find our cards at F.Y.E. stores in the US and EB Games stores across Canada. For more on how ROBLOX game cards work and a full list of retailers visit our game card page.

27 thoughts on “ROBLOX cards available at F.Y.E. and EB Games

  1. roloxrocks6

    hiya, roblox could you please make roblox cards available in england if they are here already?

  2. justgoaway1

    I am from Hong Kong,
    And there is NO Roblox Cards.
    Stating in Roblox Rally; “People came all over from the world especially Hong Kong.”
    So why not in Asian Countries?

  3. Anomynous

    ROBLOX should make the cards in Europe too, for example, here in Sweden. We got Gamestop, GAME and so on. Please do as I do know many swedish who would buy the cards.

  4. cmg1eroles

    Hey ROBLOX admin guys, why don’t you make ROBLOX cards available in 7/11 in the Philippines, I feel like its been a year that ROBLOX had ROBLOX cards, and I’ve never seen any in the Philippines.

  5. Spinechiller

    No idea what either F.Y.E or EB Games are, but cool. It’s nice to see the ROBLOX BC Cards spreading to other countries. Soon, it might spread to Asia, Europe, Ect.

    Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Anonymous

      Just so you know, they’re not “ROBLOX BC Cards”, they’re just “ROBLOX Cards”. They can be used for other things than buying BC too! :D

      1. T1x1

        They can be used to buy robux. 800 robux if you’re Non-BC when you buy robux, and 1000 robux if you already have BC.

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