ROBLOX Rally 2011 Crowd

ROBLOX Game Conference 2012 Tickets on Sale

ROBLOX Rally 2011 Crowd

Santa Clara Convention Center

Date: Saturday July 14, 2012

Conference Pass: $40 per person
10×10 Booth: $150
10×20 Display/Hangout Booth: $300

Last year’s ROBLOX Game Conference –ROBLOX Rally 2011 – had one thousand attendees. This year’s event will be similar in format to ROBLOX Rally 2011, with more of everything that was great – more demos, more computers, more learning, more ROBLOX.

We are offering booth rental this year for use by vendors, exhibitors and ROBLOX groups. Options include 10×10 or 10×20 feet, complete with tables and chairs. You can reserve a booth via the registration form.


Vendor, Exhibitor and Group Booths

Booths will provide digital artists, group, and vendors with a great opportunity for exposure. ROBLOX groups can use booths as a central meetup location and place to recruit. Digital artists can use booths to show and market their content. Bring your own banners, posters and handouts.

Example of 10x10 Booth

Renting a booth grants early 7:00 am access to the conference center for two conference pass holders for booth setup. Conference entry is not included in the booth price. Items may be sold at the booth but they must be ROBLOX related and pre-approved by ROBLOX before the event.

The Conference will be held on Saturday July 14, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, conveniently located near dozens of hotels and next to the themed amusement park Great America. Santa Clara, California is located in Silicon Valley, 10 minutes away from the San Jose International Airport. It’s about a 50 minute drive from San Francisco, and 90 minutes from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


The agenda will include a ROBLOX game development track, along with a gameplay/tech track for players. Like last year, we will have demos of many major upcoming features. Watch for updates and posting of the agenda in the next few weeks.

165 thoughts on “ROBLOX Game Conference 2012 Tickets on Sale

  1. ears11

    Wish i was rich so i could go and even rent the 400$ booth :L well sadly iv never attended a rally or this hope to one day.

  2. Marioh10

    I wish it were cheaper sometimes, would be nice to see the area but… Unfortunately, money is tight. Still waiting for Pokepark 2 instead; sorry but I will not be coming unfortunately since I especially live in MD and not California. Back to doing… Well random stuff.

      1. Rhinguin

        I live in PA, too but if they can find a place in NYC I would probably be able to go. It’s just a two hour drive..

  3. substitute541

    Yeah Awesome :D. Too bad I don’t live in America. Maybe soon I will go to America to go to the Game Conference :D

  4. yummydoglover

    I know that ROBLOX is in America and that but cant they do some events in other countries like England, China and so on because so far they have been set up in America and its not really fair is it?

  5. Audacity

    Thank you ROBLOX, for making your conventions and rallys very close to me and although I can’t go to them, ROBLOX still inspires to make a dream ^.^

    1. Mattdarkhaven

      Well, I’m in the middle of the country so I’m not sure if my parents will take me…the very un-convenient thing is that the 14th is my moms b-day -_-‘.

  6. navysealsnake

    Well guys the roblox HQ is in California but I guess they should host rallies in different places to

  7. Peacebird99

    Good to know thats three thousand miles away from where I live. If possible, when can there be an event like this in B-Ham, AL?

  8. MJKingOfHop4Life

    Seems Great but I might go even though i live in Austin, Minnesota so there is a 50% chance i might go…

  9. Shade515

    I might go there 50% but if they add more details on this and what you will do then i’m going there!

  10. dominos25

    Quit complaining it’s not in your state! First off they wouldn’t want to use their money to go to another state since this is the only 2nd Confrence…

  11. Anonymous ROBLOXian

    I would go, but on June 1st I’m moving from Arkansas to Georgia, which would be too far away from California. I’d love to hear about the rally when it happens, though!

  12. Roblok1

    This event will be so cool. I wish I could go, but I can’t. I live way too far. I know this event will be so awesome.

  13. Bobyjoe9876

    Maybe you guys could do a ROBLOX world tour or something? ( Not world, but like North America or something.)

      1. Telamistic

        Yeah totally agree it should go into a world tour around North America! That would be a dream come true for me. =D

  14. Stevesteroo

    Can’t you guys do it on the East Coast? Airline Tickets are outragous (like $500 a ticket: Thats 50,000ROBUX!)

  15. timinator456

    I think it would be great if next year you could have something the east coast– maybe in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

  16. rockondude100

    man i wish i can go there but i live at indonesia and any chance u can sell cards and open disney store here?we dont have disney store so any chance?

  17. Are17

    Last year it was like 12 dollars a person now its 40 dollars a person what a rip off guys? Do you want people to come lol? This isn’t Disney World.

    1. David Baszucki

      Hi Are17 – we will still lose a significant amount of money on the Game Conference at $40 per ticket – the $40 includes renting convention space, AV equipment, chairs, stages – and we are also including lunch with the ticket price.

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