ROBLOX Rally 2011 Crowd

ROBLOX Game Conference 2012 Tickets on Sale

ROBLOX Rally 2011 Crowd

Santa Clara Convention Center

Date: Saturday July 14, 2012

Conference Pass: $40 per person
10×10 Booth: $150
10×20 Display/Hangout Booth: $300

Last year’s ROBLOX Game Conference –ROBLOX Rally 2011 – had one thousand attendees. This year’s event will be similar in format to ROBLOX Rally 2011, with more of everything that was great – more demos, more computers, more learning, more ROBLOX.

We are offering booth rental this year for use by vendors, exhibitors and ROBLOX groups. Options include 10×10 or 10×20 feet, complete with tables and chairs. You can reserve a booth via the registration form.


Vendor, Exhibitor and Group Booths

Booths will provide digital artists, group, and vendors with a great opportunity for exposure. ROBLOX groups can use booths as a central meetup location and place to recruit. Digital artists can use booths to show and market their content. Bring your own banners, posters and handouts.

Example of 10x10 Booth

Renting a booth grants early 7:00 am access to the conference center for two conference pass holders for booth setup. Conference entry is not included in the booth price. Items may be sold at the booth but they must be ROBLOX related and pre-approved by ROBLOX before the event.

The Conference will be held on Saturday July 14, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, conveniently located near dozens of hotels and next to the themed amusement park Great America. Santa Clara, California is located in Silicon Valley, 10 minutes away from the San Jose International Airport. It’s about a 50 minute drive from San Francisco, and 90 minutes from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


The agenda will include a ROBLOX game development track, along with a gameplay/tech track for players. Like last year, we will have demos of many major upcoming features. Watch for updates and posting of the agenda in the next few weeks.

165 thoughts on “ROBLOX Game Conference 2012 Tickets on Sale

  1. its_Seekor

    I like that its in California because thats where I live.But its kinda unfair for others who live in other states/countries/etc.

  2. cjcool12345

    I would like to hear more about a live stream of this event.

    I can’t really come to this but I would love to see the presentations…

  3. mastermaster1234

    This time I would really like to go so I can show an Admin one of me, and my freinds ideas for a few hats and gears. So, if anyone can possibly reply and tell me an Admin’s E-mail or some way to contact them please do so.

  4. thedeathmaster01

    I am so going there. Gonna buy my ticket real soon! I live close to Santa Clara. I didn’t get to go last year, but I am this year for sure!

    1. loganlogan360

      Never. The Roblox Corp is in the Silicon Valley. It’s much easier for them to transport their staff locally.

  5. ZombieNator360

    I was just about to go there but it’s to far from LA it would be an 8 hr drive :/

    1. Crazylazy12

      People are complaining about 8 hour drive…..I’VE HAD TO GO TO MEXICO AND IT TOOK 21 HOURS! SO WHAT ARE YOU TALKING BOUT

    2. Mariobandit15

      Yah I had to sit in a car with no ds or anything for maybe 10 hours for 2 days to go to las Vegas

  6. Peter

    Regarding ROBLOX Rallies and conferences similar to this one being located in different states or countries, I really don’t think that will happen anytime soon Currently they only have one office location, and that is in Redwood City.

  7. glosgreen2

    I want a rally in the UK. Do you think that this would be possible in the next year or two?

  8. its_Seekor

    Finally thank you roblox for doing this on a Saturday (July 14) and in July which means school is out.

  9. EvilEye3000

    This time I would really like to go so I can show an Admin one of me, and my freinds ideas for a few hats and gears. So, if anyone can possibly reply and tell me an Admin’s E-mail or some way to contact them please do so.


  10. Ryan

    Reading some of these comments, I’d have to agree. ROBLOX has to be more global. With one HQ in the world, you’re limiting players to come to the rallies. Make more HQs in the world and ROBLOX would be internatinal!

    1. 30ward1234

      Same here. Me and a couple of my buddies were thinking of trying to get 2 of us from our group to go and rent a booth, but it’s too expensive, and far away.

  11. substitute541

    Aw man I live in southeast Asia. Well atleast it’s 5 months away then I will probably go to America. I would take my video camera there :D

  12. donsisco

    I wish i could go but I’m in WI… °sniff° i promised myself i wouldn’t cry… but seriously i wanna go…

  13. KnexKing

    Really want to go, but unforunately I live in central USA and like most people say money is indeed tight. So I cannot attend, darn :|

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