Advertisements and Age Segmentation

We have started to track the click-through rate of user advertisements on ROBLOX.  These are the ads on ROBLOX that are created by our ROBLOX entrepreneurs (not the commercial ads from companies like Cartoon Network or Nintendo).  As you can see from the chart below, younger users are more likely to click ads on ROBLOX.


We are looking into why this is so, but we have a theory.  High quality ads that link to high quality assets and places tend to get clicked by everyone.

Our younger users are also likely to click on user ads that may be created using hand-drawn art, or that may refer to younger oriented assets. Some of these ads are ignored by our older players.

We will soon optimize which user ads we show to our players based on age and usage patterns. We expect this will increase the quality of everyone’s ROBLOX experience.  Older players will see more ads for military battle RPG’s, and our younger players will see more ads for cartoon obstacle courses.

Also, if you’re interested in advertising on ROBLOX, check here for more information.



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254 thoughts on “Advertisements and Age Segmentation

  1. VolcanoBro

    You can tell a little kid using BC between a older one: The younger one has a bodie on his avatar.

  2. Anonymous

    I think It’s quite a good idea because there could be some ads that 5 year olds are seeing with loads of swords and blood!
    Now would you like your son of the age of 4-8 looking at that?!
    Even though I am a younger player of 10-,
    I would like to see this tried out.

  3. Darkyoda

    Please make it so you can change your settings incase olders users actually WANT to play a childish game such as a cart ride, or an obstical. That will increase the players Roblox expeirence.

  4. Paul13379001

    I think we should keep them randomized, that way we can keep it so that players can keep on seeing interesting games, and all brand new stuff, and the ads shouldn’t be controlled, because after a while, the ads get pretty boring for the same exact thing.

    @ROBLOXBLOG- How you liking the bad comments on some of your updates?

  5. Marioh10

    I say they should make that be an option in Account Settings. Some of us want those for videos.

  6. Lulululululu

    I picked a random age when I first joined roblox. And I love War games and ect. If I would not be able to see the ads, I’ll explode. Keep how the ads are!

  7. Jamknife

    i dont see whats wrong with +18 year olds playing they know how to script and build better than younger players

  8. Wazooman1111

    My opinion is that I think this is pretty accurate. And people, stop critisizing (could have spelled it wrong, don’t use the word much) 18+. I mean come on, why is it of your concern any way? I say, let them eat cake, if you know what im saying.

    1. hoboboy119

      “Let them eat cake.”

      Said by the French Queen [Insert Name here] (I think it was French) when she was confronted that her subjects were starving.

      She was basically saying she didn’t care that they were starving.

      So… You’re saying they shouldn’t care which ads are shown? Or did I just get lost in your wording?

  9. MrPotatoHead99

    everyone’s saying oh, people that are 18 still play ROBLOX? what noobs! when you’re playing ROBLOX, arn’t you?

    1. TherodontoX

      Yup, they’re the n00bs.

      You can be whatever age you want, and still play ROBLOX. If only most people knew that…

  10. robotdog1999

    BTW, 18+ players sometimes play because they have a younger sibling and they like the idea of ROBLOX, which is (if you think about it) kind of like Facebook, except you can customize your own character, place, clothing, etc.

    1. PhonyWrong

      ROBLOX is not actually like facebook… ROBLOX is really creative place for everyone.

  11. No

    The 18+ bar is quite a bit inaccurate. A lot of people will often create their account and pick a random age well above their own to save time looking for their year.

  12. Levidoo6

    No, that would be unfair for the littler users. Also what If some people wanted to see good ads not just hand drawn! I don’t like the handdrawn ones as much as the ones where you put more work into them, this would just be unfair for the younger users.

  13. EchoReaper

    If you want to please everyone, just keep the ads the way they are, but the ad has to relate to what is being advertised.

  14. Koolgamer360

    I really dont click on adds that are like litteraly handmade :l I mean its not really that like…OMG I SO WANNA PLAY THIS GAME! No its not like that at all :l I perfer going outside a while then see those types of ads

  15. plainawesome1249

    Yeah, we should be able to choose what type of ads we do, and don’t want to see.

  16. Anonymous

    i don’t click on ads,
    I find them really annoying.

    Also, i can see why younger kids click on ads, because most are immature while the older kids have a real life than wasting there time playing games.

    1. iResentment

      Your one-track mindset (which I find typical among older users) is keeping you from recognizing your own stupidity.

  17. Fatpop

    Ugh, no.. I’m 10.. But I don’t want cartoonish ads on my screen. There should be an option. Whever or not or something. I want all kinds of ads..

  18. Raven The Great

    I don’t click on any ad because they hardly sell the game for me. (what I mean to say is, they don’t really convince me)

    Moral lesson: Older people are alot less gullible. Because they were gullible when they were young.

  19. spartan01427

    ?I belive that older plays, 13+ are more of Role Players. They don’t want to play obbys or anything like that! They just want to RP. Or older kids are just most likely to talk to their friends. As for me, the only thing I like doing is RPing.

      1. Punisher5665

        That’s the small percentage of the 13+. Do not judge a whole society on what few people from it do.

      2. Dogon

        Nope. I make Roleplay games, and i’m an older player. That’s just your opinion. We should take a survey to determine what kind of ads show up.

    1. Axewarrior

      Most 13+ are actually into gun fighting and sword fighting. I usually see 8 – 11 year olds RPing.

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