Character Explorations

We have been exploring new body, head and face components for ROBLOX characters.  All of the mockups in this post are conceptual.  We invite your feedback on everything here.  When giving feedback, please refer to the sketch and image ID, as in “I like Male Bodies-A, #2”.

We have been experiment with a range of looks – spanning from a blocky mini-fig to a more human shape.  We have been playing a bit to see if we can capture the look and feel of iconic characters that you may recognize from movies and TV.

For the male characters, we are also looking into possibly including facial hair, as well as more descriptive facial expressions.

For the male faces, we have explored several options that are more descriptive and include facial hair and emotion.  Notice how the different smile and eyebrows change the entire personality.

These faces show previous ROBLOX heads in Column A with colors, alongside new faces and head shapes in Column B.

For the shape of male avatar heads, we have a range of the original ROBLOX shape at figure 1 to a more lifelike head with figures a, b and c.  The top of the head becomes rounded and the jawline is more defined as you move down the scale.

Here we have a variety of sketches showing how the newest female ROBLOX character might look.  This is a scale from the original ROBLOX 1.0 avatars to a female plastic doll.

If you slide towards figures 9, a and b, the character starts looking photo-realistic.  If you slide towards figures 1 and 2, the body shape is not as feminine.

Here is an exploration of female faces. Similar to the male mockups, we wanted a range of expressions so users can choose faces that display emotions.

The female heads start from the original ROBLOX shape in figure 1 to a more life-like shape in figures a, b and c.  Notice how the jawline becomes more defined, and the top of the head is rounded.

This is a combination of heads with faces, color, hair and male faces on female heads.

All of the images in this post are mockups.  We have no set plans for if and when we may release any of these. We look forward to hearing suggestions and feedback from our players.

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2,084 thoughts on “Character Explorations

  1. Jaskies

    Roblox crew, PLEASE do not do it. There is a majority of us who deo not like it. If you procede with this people may quit, you’re losing people because of the hacking so soon ROBLOX will have maybe 100-1000 people.

  2. Marky1116

    Is this a joke? I wouldn’t use Roblox anymore if this happened! This is lame, ugly, and a TERRIBLE idea. I especially don’t like those “realistic” faces. Roblox can’t change this much, it really can’t.

  3. matthewnova

    i don’t really like it. It’s just me, mabey others like it but i don’t really think it fits “Roblox”. You could add them in with the older characters too.

  4. Jojo7499

    One thing about games that i hate is when they keep on updating when they have it perfect why do they do that i don’t know but keep roblox normal.

  5. Bramblepath2

    I personally think that they would be good as an optional thing. Some of them would work with certain looks, but as for replacing the basic body of a Robloxian, nah.

    1. Torrent3

      I really like some of these, the heads and faces look really cool. However, how will the clothes that are already made fit to some of these? They won’t just mold straight onto our bodies like nylon will they?

  6. dq321

    I dont like this idea,roblox characters will never be the same.

    Copy and paste this if you agree.

  7. Kiltont

    Reminds me alot of lego’s but they seem like great ideas. I’d like to see them all put into production. Nice job ROBLOX.

  8. An1mus

    I don’t like the idea. It seems to demote the purpose of “ROBLOX.”
    It doesn’t fit well with the Hats & Gear, and that results in chaos. We have nothing to do with “Lego” or “Mega blocks” as they aren’t our company. you shouldn’t pursue this idea. Do you understand how good the ROBLOX economy has gone with these bodies? I am fine with the Packages, but this… This is catastrophically too far.

  9. DragonLord258

    I think this idea could be revolutionary for ROBLOX. Most people disagree, but I always enjoy seeing new updates!

  10. rainbowgirl500


  11. rswat

    I think the only thing here that should go ahead is the female faces , but still sell the old ones too.

  12. epicking22

    ummmmm they look like LEGO’s and can you plzzz leave the body’s the way they are and the girl one that looks like a barby girl weard so this is how I dont like it :( thats a no not trying to be mean I just dont like it.

  13. Mike Best

    man, it was called roBLOX B-L-O-X making this more and more realistic means destroying the games meaning. it was supposed to be brick building with brick people!

  14. kai5067

    RO So called “Blox” is losing its blocks. Personally I dont like the examples above.

  15. scifiwifi

    No, nope, no way it would be catastrophic to roblox we would all explode you would be to blame and then our parents would send you the insurence bills.

      1. Bean236

        I think we need new bodies also because these regular bodys are geting old,we’ve had these same bodies for a year now?

  16. Tronage(Not real name)

    They should just make morphs nbc ….and besides they dont understand the word blox.Heres the meaning.

    Blox-Blocks-Rectangular or square shaped peices put together.

  17. milmiscaras3454

    whole point. is ro”BLOX”. NOT roNOT BLOX ok so i say no……………joke imsay yes

  18. KFC

    i got no problem with this bodies. I Just need telamon back for hes order of 2pcs fried chicken

  19. 999deathbot

    Sorry But No. I like The Way ROBLOX Is Now. Please Do Not Change It, Then It May Get Banned. I think This Would Turn ROBLOX Into A Lego Game Instead Od ROBLOX. Do Any Robloxian’s Want This In The Comments?
    No. They Would Like To Keep ROBLOX The Way It Is Now.
    So Please Do Not Make This Update. If You Do LEGO Company Might Complian! Then Your Comapny Might Be Shut Down Forever. Just Like My Old Account On ROBLOX… MacNak. So Please Do Not Do This. Everyone Wants ROBLOX To Stay The Same Way Like I Said Before, LEGO Company Could Rage So Badly That ROBLOX Might Get Shut Down. So Please Make The Site Onlin Again For All ROBLOX User’s To PLay It Again. Thank You Very Much.

  20. Gordonlai

    Stop updating ROBLOX with all these new shapes and bodies, we love the way it is before. If ROBLOX makes so much different heads, bodies, faces, shapes, and packages, then they totally forgot that they are ROBLOX, not LEGO.

  21. Anonymous

    I think all the concepts are great. I prefer realism sometimes. And yes there is BLOX in Roblox but sometimes it’s better to go to next level and try new things. I don’t think the female bodies are inappropriate. Now that’s my opinion and I am glad to read about project like this :) Way to go ROBLOX!

  22. The Almighty 07er

    I actually like the Faces and head shapes. Not too crazy about the bodies though.

    1. megagiy2


  23. vibeboy1

    i think you should not use any roblox is supposed to be a blocky world not surrounded by legos
    roblox is famous because it appels with design and idea if you add this young kids may not like the design and go to lego universe or your worst enemy minecraft

    1. It's not bad, it's not good, it's in the middle.

      Minecraft is not ROBLOX’s worst enemy, it use to be, now, it’s… sorta an enemy, OK?

  24. retartedwiz

    HATE IT! Keep up with this idea, please do. Good bye ROBLOX. Because if you do this LEGO will sue you for everything.

  25. allie

    I actully play roblox,but I like the style noe if they get more realistic more people might think it is weird,and stuff please dont upgrade it any more!

  26. Patch

    I like the old bodies, the block, and the head, my favorite head on roblox is the fat head.


    I Believe the whole point of ROBLOX, is to be a Blocks Building Game. Emphasis on “BLOX”. I like the New heads, but with all of these new Shapes, For Example, The 2.0 Body, Dont you think your Wandering from the point of the Game?

  28. Seth423

    Listen, this is just an envestment for ROBLOX, they want to make more money for people to buy bc… So they can get the “BC ONLY” modifications.
    But like I said before they want to make money even if it ruins the ROBLOX name.But of course people will always play it. So it will not ruin the buisness but let hopes down.

  29. halomasterchief2442

    Look the barbie doll at the end is innapropite and you’ll lose alot of people and encourage more \ODERs

  30. ROBLOXplayer

    I like the old faces better, but some of the faces here are actually good. I would like to see a bigger variety of bodies on roblox, so these bodies are a good idea.

  31. sdereks14

    behold…..the different ROBLOX also the legos in female ISNT GIRL also some are innapropite DONTT THEY KNOW THEY ARE BRAKING THEIR OWN LAW?no odering and no innproite stuff now changed to odering always alowed and innpropite stuff are allowed this is gonna scared kid off to quit roblox…

  32. princessloki

    I think you shouldn’t these. I am just another robloxian saying no. But some of the female bodies are innapropriate. I think Roblox is going to be too much like lego. But this isn’t lego its roblox.

  33. Balto646

    im just gonne be another of the one who says. NOOOO
    i love how roblox players look, i actualy dont like packages that much, but the cartoon like thing is what makes this place cool. I mean i love the smile face but the new one looks horrible. roblox looks better cartoon like.

      1. Modjordan(Maker of TbT)

        Agreed. I perfer the old ROBLOX. back in 07 it was nice. It was cool the first time we saw bodies. But all this [BC Only] Content is getting on my nerves. The objective of ROBLOX is building with LEGOish characters and thats how we like it. – Modjordan

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