New Algorithms for the Games Page

Last week we turned on a new algorithm for the Games Page in an effort to keep the ROBLOX experience customized to the various interests of our players.  We previously used the “Popular” sort function as the default way to organize games.  However, we wanted to build a system that puts the best games on ROBLOX on the front page based on our users’ interests and preferences.  We have now developed a way to sort by “Relevance”, and we will use this default going forward.

The algorithm for sorting by “Relevance” is something we plan to improve upon regularly.  Currently it’s fairly simple, but the system is designed to allow us to add in anything we think is relevant to players.  This could range from the genre of games users enjoy playing to the types of people users like to play with.

These are a few examples of the games that will be shown on the Games Page to a user who is starting out on ROBLOX: Welcome to ROBLOX Building, The infection and Paintball!
Here is a second example of a few games that might be suggested to a user after we’ve collected some data: The Complex V.4, Base war: The Land, and DriveBlox Unlimited.  By sorting games based on existing user data, we are hoping that players will see the games that are most relevant to them.  All information that is collected will be kept confidential based on our Privacy Policy.We incorporated the following components:
  • Game Service – Responsible for player matchmaking and keeping track of the state of all games on ROBLOX
  • Game Aggregator – Queries the state of games from the Game Service and creates a searchable wide table containing de-normalized data for games, user segments, computed relevance scores, and any other searchable metadata
  • Game Search Service – Processes search requests against the table produced by the Game Aggregator

We can change the algorithm by updating how the Game Aggregator computes relevance scores, and because the Games Aggregator is scalable, we will continue to customize player’s experience as we gather more data.  With these components in place, we have the capability to alter the algorithm as necessary.  Also, it is important to mention that the “Popular” search will still be available for users.  This is part of our ongoing effort to offer customized experiences to ROBLOX players on an individual basis, and we intend to utilize this information to increase player discovery on ROBLOX.

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220 thoughts on “New Algorithms for the Games Page

  1. ShagFace

    Everytime some friends come over, I have to delete ROBLOX from my favorites bar, and act like it’s not there, it’s uch too embarrasing to show anyone this.

  2. assassincreedlover86

    Roblox is doing fine i have watched clips from previous years i dont see why people are so attached to 09 its better in 11-12 than it ever has been in my perspective although you could do with replacing the ban with some sorta profanity blocker or something to make sure the user cant swear at all

  3. zermok

    Roblox is way better now

    Join date on my first account cuddlyspiderman september 26 2009 :P

    1. DylanRider

      ikr. BETTER as in graphics building and such.
      Not with the hacks/exploits lately..

    2. BrandonFireflower

      Better? People put work into their things a long time ago. I don’t know many people anyone who actually care about their game(s).

  4. The Anonymous User

    Why is paintball up there? Thats a copies game Roblox, you need to actually work on the other side of roblox, the corrupt side and take down the people who hacks, copy, and spam like Jaredvaldez4 and his alts.
    Roblox, iv’e seen you turn from game that looks like legos, from a game that is really good, that you can make any thing (virtual of course), but you need to fix these problems instead of making more hats, gear, or whatevers on the catolog to make this game an international, best sandbox-making game.

  5. pix567

    Also, in the “New” Roblox there is better technology, more things to use, better things to use. So I am asking this: What would you rather have: New Technology,or old technology?

    1. ChrisOmat

      That would sure make us happy, But the problem is…
      Meshes = Lagg and takes alot of database space.
      Sound = Simply break someones headphones, Earplugs or even ears when they just visit a game. (Ultra high sounds)

  6. Bearo123

    If you put an ad on TV containing that picture, you would be sued for false representation. Good job on the picture, though, it still looks good. Would be better if it was real…

  7. Pecola1FromScratch

    What about making it so that you can block games coming up made by certain users, for instance, every once in a while a game comes up by Jaredaldevez or someone else who just copies games, I want to block all games from those guys, so I will only see ORIGINAL games. :) Otherwise im helping with one ticket more that a copy-cat gets, and on accident.

  8. PenguinBen13053

    I’ve Seen Roblox Change For The Past Few Years And I Think You Have Had Great Progress!

  9. trikingomega150

    errrr idk wut dis does x3 im just learning to script…. can any of you pm me and tell me how to save something as a model? im too lazy too look it up on youtube:P

  10. LightningVortex(lightvvv)

    This is just pure false advertisment….I like what your doing roblox but the pics and stuff is just fake and wrong.

  11. deadlyTj1711

    I agree it will help guest’s and new members and will help ME! I never know what game to play! And this is what I think of the update: :-)!

  12. D3vilSheep

    they need to make the games search easier accessible so you don’t need to visit the catalog every time I didn’t even know how the search games until a wile

  13. callumblfc

    i like the 2006-2009 roblox it was less laggier and easier to make games and u could mae your own game pic onn it i lie it better than 2011-2012 reply what you think

    1. Bearo123

      I agree, Callum, ROBLOX has changed alot since 2010, 2009, and I’m still not sure if it has changed for the better…

    2. zephurus

      No it wasn’t less laggy, people just made simpler games, but the game could handle way less bricks than it can now before it lagged. It wasn’t easier to make games because studio hasn’t been made more complicated, just more stuff you can use. And you could make a decal game pic that was a lie during most of the time period you said.

  14. IcyTea

    I hope this will sort out really great games, and not popular games that have absolutely no creativity.

  15. davidz1000

    Old roblox is better. I remember you could make Meshes and upload sound files. Now the website is pure lag. I bet more people on Roblox like 2009 Roblox better then the current one.

  16. channel7

    This looks like something that requires tedious work and I’m surprised you took the effort into a small thing.

  17. MrX4353

    I suppose the new system is good. But the directions bar [My ROBLOX, Catalog, etc…] is causing lag. A lot of lag. I’m terrified to go to profile pages now, the lag it causes to go there is off the charts!!

  18. heniboy

    guys u know what i just liked the old roblox and u guys ask what do u mean by the old roblox, well i state it right here clear as water, black and white, we liked the nicer player (u cant do much) the old games and less updates. I like old things better then new usually if u agree reply agree.

    1. Kirbymania


      I’m not usually compelled to reply to any sort of comment, but gosh, this one’s filled with ignorance and redundancy. I’ve seen the same complaint at least 1000 times, but nothing will happen, and the majority of players who think like this are blinded by nostalgia. The site is TONS better, and the updates are improving things that (apparently) no one appreciates. No one gives credit to the devs who are spending A LOT of time on the actual game and site, who then get criticized by entitled brats that want everything their way. The new layout is excellent and it appeals to users who aren’t 7yo’s that only like flashy colors.


      1. Mokoa3

        I Agree with Kirby Mania the sight is way better now than it was before and people who think not probably live old and alone and are completely addicted to this game…

      2. zephurus

        Yup. Do people honestly think they want practically every good game to break because all the updates that make them possible are removed? For one there weren’t GUIs till ’09

    2. Haloricher

      old roblox has text with comic sans!!!! my eyes will pop our of my sockets if it were back to old!btw… no lag to me….

    3. Switchblade1950

      Think about the PEOPLE! There might be a few amount of people who are disabled, but there are still a fair number that play this game! They tried to make it playable by dyslexics, the deaf, the blind, the color blind, etc. You can’t just go changing ROBLOX to suit your liking! You have to think about the people who play ROBLOX. For all you know, the Guest right next to you might be any of the disabilities I listed above, or he might be some childish 65 year old, or a little know-it-all 7 year old. You can’t just change it, and have 500,000 people say, “Change it back, we liked the new ROBLOX better than the old one!” and another 500,000 say, “I love you man! Thanks for changing back the old ROBLOX!” But remember that ROBLOX updates their website and client for the greater good.

      TLTR: ROBLOX updates for the better of you.

    1. Blues714

      They already have that. All you have to do is just make the other people buy your Items.


  19. Altfacefacecops

    The laout and page is very laggy for me, I do like the layout, but just too much lag!
    -Go go go gadget to fix everything

  20. Clubber909

    I just checked, and the sorting by relevance is identical to sorting by popularity. They literally show me the exact same thing.

  21. dogfish2

    Could u make every game look like the example picture on the top those graphics r AWESOME

  22. Domanic1934onroblox

    Dose roblox and there admins know jaredvaldez4 and some hacker name I think 1x1x1x1

    1. timz56

      Yes, the Roblox crew know about all of the users on ROBLOX. Besides, 1x1x1x1 does not exist. It was a made up story that some people created.

      ROBLOX, I think this will be a great update. Keep up the updates!

  23. Mario641602

    It looks cool and all, but what I would give to have just One day on roblox where you have a retro day. I want to Relive 2006 just one more time. Also one question, how do you get screenshots you take to show up as your picture for your game. If you know pleases reply.

  24. livewire66

    It already doesn’t work. None of this stuff is relevant to me, and it’s spamming up the game pages same as usual, just with more lag. GRRR. Most updates are good and fine, but the past few have made it take HOURS to connect to servers. ROBLOX, you have gone too far.


    it had ben nice, if when you creating a Script, it come up a little list where is tells you wath “parent” and “child” means…
    that had helped me :)


    Well, Roblox sould get like a Script Helper,
    when you create a script, it will come up a list for wath “parent” and “child” means…
    That had ben nice

  27. Gregory6767

    I love what you did but i agree with every one else if i you have a new game how will it get to the top say it is a ok/good game no one will no about it you should change it a little.


  28. ninjamonkey54

    1 thing. The new update, not the Revelance, is making ROBLOX lag and people lose connection. Put it back to the old ROBLOX!

  29. Kubinaman2

    I love ROBLOX and I’m up for ANY update. Just think for the players on what they want. I liked the old 2011 ROBLOX “Happy Home In Robloxia”. Bring it back… Please.

  30. ROBLOX

    I understand your concern for the New up Date and we will try the Survey if it turns out good we will Leave it as it is.

  31. Penguin4610

    I’m gonna quit playing ROBLOX.
    Too many updates, plus how do I get my game famous, it’s easier just to make it popular. P.S Fix the background.

  32. DullOverlord

    This is all good, but the games on the front page are for the most part terrible, and many of the games on roblox now are all free models.

  33. mariopartystar

    There are over 905281 complaints about the ROBLOX Updates. We have them way to much…and every update we download for ROBLOX, about every 1 player leaves.
    Instead of shoving updates on to our FACES, Think about how BC/TBC/or EVEN OBC and how they are paying for this. I know I am a member of ROBLOX since 2009, and I think you have to stop the frequent updates. In my opinion at least let us have a survey and think we (the ROBLOX users) will approve that update. ROBLOX Corp, you may be saying “They dont own ROBLOX, dont listen to them.” Um… we basicly do own ROBLOX in a way. If us (KIDS) never joind ROBLOX. ROBLOX would’ve been gone in late 2006. Atleast put in 2 updates in a month, Instead of 9 in a month.

    If anyone agrees, comment “Agreed”

    Thank you for Reading

    Name: MarioPartyStar
    Member Since: April, 5, 2009

      1. left4deadownage

        yeah, agreed, users go on sitetest to test the updates then they will be surveyed to the tester only (people who didn’t test it won’t know what it is like)

  34. YuGiOhEX

    Good idea, but we already have a search by genre. If you like war games, search for games on the war genre! Some people think Roblox is getting too advanced, and sometimes, only sometimes, I agree with them!

    1. Kyle51

      I already did when they started copying Minecraft… lol. I have adblock on so they don’t get any money from me…

    1. YodaimeKing

      I think what there doing is smart > Some people may not realize it but roblox has been focusing on what the greedy players have wanted and stood away from what roblox games were really be like Its time for enough cheep obbys and what not Let them show u how roblox sorta usto be like before we got a bunch of immature and greedy people

  35. HamroGeek

    I like this game page wayyyy better because I’m seeing games I actually like instead of just what the most people are playing right now :)

    I think this will also help with spreading out the players and discovering more games. BTW, on subject of the theme change, I think we could survive with a little more padding on the top. I’m feeling claustrophobic.

  36. Lord Bruce98553

    I do not like this update. Each page I go, my computer starts to act up like it’s a high-quality game. And this is a new laptop. Very sad.

  37. 67high

    I like the idea. But I do agree with some people…it will be harder for people that have never had a popular game, that makes a new good game, to get it on the games page. Since only the famous games will be shown to users first.

  38. Momoisme

    Just stop already! No one can build properly anymore without a huge go-around, it’s VERY easy for a noob to throw a game together, and the experienced builders are put through pains to get to their games and build again. This place is going to the dogs, and only a few games with decent, mature people are actually here. Just reboot as well as you can and do a SURVEY about who liked what!

  39. Mikeman0499

    Roblox can u stop forcing updates so quickly? I went away on a trip for 4 days and when I came back I didn’t understand even ONE tool in build and still don’t. And if you would care to listen to a request of mine can you make it so that you can like select a decal rights have the option of making it your place. Because its soooooo hard to line up a decal in edit mode and not be able to see anything but the decal. Thx ????

  40. 11076

    Take these updates as they come, i like this new site theme, its nothing compared to what was listed in the Age up fourm.

  41. Paul13379001

    Ummm… Sorry to break it to you ROBLOX, but these past few updates… Lots of people just don’t like them. We’ve been told you want to create a better gaming community for the players, but what good does it do if the players don’t even like the updates? I like the surveying, and we need more of it, especially on updates for the site/game building/game play experiences.

    1. pix567

      raiden1877 I agree and I don’t agree with you. Yes, the updates are constant and lagg up ROBLOX, but if they were to stop updating all together after a while ROBLOX would be out-dated. Then nobody would want to play ROBLOX cause it would be out-dated. Instead of having constant updated have a update once every month, instead of once every day.

      1. pix567

        And, if you guys want to know how long I have been on roblox here it is:

        Member Since: June 10, 2010

      2. legoMo11

        I agree with you pix567 Roblox is doing way too many updates. I had another Roblox character called drydug and he had a different house to the ones we do now but I have recently changed it so its better.

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