Revamping ROBLOX Icons

We have been exploring various styles for ROBLOX document icons.  All of the mockups are conceptual, and we would like your feedback.  When giving feedback, please refer to the row and column, as in “The icon in the first row, third column is my favorite”.

The top row displays icons for model files, and the bottom row are icons for level files.  The icons are designed to be informative at a glance.

Above are mockups for new ROBLOX Studio and Player icons.  The 2D versions emphasize usability, and scale the best across a broad range of sizes, from 16×16 pixels all the way to 512×512.  The 3D versions of the icons incorporate a lot more detail and use real ROBLOX models.

All of the icons are mockups.  We have no set plan to use any of these; we have created them to get player feedback.  We look forward to hearing suggestions from our users.

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445 thoughts on “Revamping ROBLOX Icons

  1. Netbook

    First row: Third
    Second row: Third
    Third row: Fourth
    All of the lines in this comment have ‘third’ on it!

  2. RobyTobyRobot66

    1st row, 3rd icon is my favorite model. My favorite level pic is Row 2, 1st icon.

    1. RobyTobyRobot66

      Whoops, I meant 1st row, 4th icon is my favorite model! Accidentally hit the 3 key. xD

  3. Matt

    What’s the point? You guys should be working on stopping exploiters and making new materials, heck, maybe even make a single-player counterpart for a storyline! I mean, who wouldn’t want a campaign mode for ROBLOX? Getting to jump from building to building, trying to stop IDK, 1x1x1x1x1x1?

  4. AeroEvan

    For models with cars, I like row 1st 3rd one.
    For servers I like row 2 first one.
    For regular models I like row 2 4th one.
    For levels I like the 1st one.

    At least these are much better than the “Character Explorations”

  5. FlakyDiscord

    On Mac OS X, see if you could make a Quick Look plugin that allows preview of the place as the user last saved it. iirc the camera’s positions are saved in edit mode, so that should work.

    If you don’t know what Quick Look is, it’s Apple’s feature where a recognised file could be previewed without the need of an external program (for example, view a DOCX file without the need for iWork or MS Office). They are coded using the same code for Mac apps, so shouldn’t be too hard.

    Also the icons:
    Model: 4th icon
    Place: Niether of them

  6. Awesomeguy19991

    I like the 4th across on the top row,, the 3rd across on the second row, and the first one on the last row.

  7. DadoMahho

    The icons look too specific for such a general category. When I see the first row, I think cars. When I see the second row, I think cities.

    My suggestion would be, find some way to incorporate an ‘M’ or ‘P’ into the icons. The pictures don’t feel like they represent models or places.

  8. R3gebiscuit

    I think it would be better if we could put in our own pictures that we took in roblox :) Seems to suit it more and most people might not like the new icons maybe dislike all of them.I know that the skyscaper one (The mostly blueish one) is the only one I like.

    1. dogfish2

      I think in both rows the 2nd to last icon looks the best for this game i mean u don’t want it to be TO realistic

  9. KingOfTheInterWebs

    1st row 5th icon.
    2nd row 3rd icon and as fro 3rd row I’m not sure if there were more choices I’d be able to choose better but if I really have to chose now I’ll go for 3rd row second icon.

    My reasons for them are: 1st row 6th icon seems to look better than the others in my opinion I’m just wondering why they’re all cars/ 2nd row 3rd icon I don’t know what it is about it but something about it just rings ROBLOX’s old slogan ‘Build, think, create.’ as for the final one I didn’t like the others that much so I just went with the one that looks most like the current one but if there were more options for that one I may’ve chosen something else.

  10. robloxshadow1223

    1st and 2nd rows, 3rd icon. 3rd row, 4th icon. :) Long live ROBLOX because I’ll be working there mohohoho

  11. Cooldude816

    Seriously? Please still exploit games, and you don’t try fix that, you just try create new icons..

    1. 022981

      Agreed, people still exploit games, can you people try and patch that instead of making new icons and site themes?

  12. MrX4353

    I personally like the current icons the way they are. But, secound group of icons [robloxicons], the two icons closest to your left would be my picks. Those are pretty cool.

  13. Youngmarine101

    I love how the top row 4th icon going right is wildchild166 and youngmarine101s Ferrari F430 Scuderia.

  14. DarkMan245

    Personaly I didn’t want all those updates seems like everthings changing and the old roblox we all loved is drifting away with a new updated version of roblox.Im not saying i hate roblox now because of the updates i just think that they should stop and we should bring the new roblox back get back the inserts tools the copy tool the resize tool the edit cframe should all come back to roblox and the stamper tool should be lost like the other tools i mentioned,bring roblox back to its former glory.Some change is good but this…is just to much change.

  15. Freeman9119

    They’re…ok…I guess? I don’t really thin k ROBLOX needs them- I mean..uh well what ROBLOX should be focusing on are the bugs. At the moment there are a lot of bugs, due to updates many players are having sevier connection problems or worse.

  16. SuperSy

    I take that back. In the second row, numbers 2 through 4 are great. If you want something informative at first glance, go with 2 or 4. If I had to pick myself.. definitely 4, then…

  17. Spacek531

    I think all of them should be included somewhere in Appdata>Local>Roblox so that people can choose, or, if it’s possible, a GUI in the tools menu of Roblox Studio that allows you to choose the .ico that displays on all the file types and the two .exe files (studio and play)

  18. whit(GODDZILLA24)

    Cool idea! so this is what im going to see on my toolbar and my desktop? Row3 #1 and 3 please! but dont use row 1 #4 and row 2 #4!

  19. zapzing303

    Models- Make a blueprint with Roblox icon in the corner.

    Places- Same, but add bevel to icon.

  20. Tom

    Regarding RBXM/RBXL files, players should be able to create their own icons to make for improved/more creative look upon off-site sharing.

    As for the Studio Icon, I believe the third one would suit everyone best, as the first one may not look very good on lower-resolution displays or smaller screens.

  21. teamsolocrysm

    Save all the icons and u can go into settings to change it to the one u want, like google chrome has quite a few icon choices, and If people dont know how to change it, leave it default

  22. OrdinaryNicholas

    Can you please stop on upgrading or changing the looks and work on the trade system so people can be happy and scam free?

  23. nbus18

    I like both of the 4th icons. The fifth icon set is too detailed, I don’t like to look at a file and be staring at a picture. The first ones are too basic for today’s technology.

  24. MastaJames

    You guys must have not read this…
    For Models, The fourth one looks the best and would look really nice. For Places, The fourth one as well. The fifth ones don’t flow into the white, which I dislike.

  25. Tonitoni

    It would be better if the model and place icons were pictures of the actual model. Like on the site. If thatbis impossible you should put an actual car built in ROBLOX, not a google images picture. Same with places.

  26. Someone.

    I think we should be able to choose what we want, since I would like the first row, fourth icon. Well, if it shows what you made as the icon, then yeah.

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