ROBLOX Game Conference Hotels, Commemorative Items

The ROBLOX Game Conference (RGC) is being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on Saturday, July 14, 2012. For more information on RGC visit the event information and registration page. Several hotels are now offering special RGC room rates. Also check out the schedule for commemorative items that are included with ticket purchases.



Several hotels near the Santa Clara Convention Center are now offering discounted rates ($89) for those attending RGC, including the Hyatt Regency which is attached to the Convention Center, and the Hilton, which is across the street. Visit our hotels page for participating hotels.

Ticket Schedule

Commemorative items will be included with conference admission. The commemorative item schedule applies to those who have already purchased tickets. All real items (t-shirts, water bottles) will be available at the RGC using your ticket as a voucher. All virtual items will be added to ROBLOX accounts the day of the conference.

This year we will also make last minute tickets available at the door.

You can register for RGC here.

We will be publishing a first glimpse at the RGC agenda next week.

122 thoughts on “ROBLOX Game Conference Hotels, Commemorative Items

  1. BCwatcher

    hey guys its BCwatcher a.k.a Ronny Blagg irl, and this year im coming to the confrence, i’ll meet anyone whos going there

  2. Gabe

    I wish there where roblox rallys/game comfrences all over the world! May when roblox gets bigger they could do one in every state in america!

  3. Jkerz

    Why not have it in Denver or Dallas? They are both transportation centers and great huge cities.

  4. meanskully

    They need to hold two conferences. One on the west coast and the other on the east coast.

  5. cornileas

    You have to have conferences all over
    like new york city, london, miami, chicago, and ect.
    i cant go because im on the east coast.

    You shold make it so we all could go.

  6. Klyborg

    Awww:( It’s in CA and I live in Central America!
    I hate it here! At least I still got Roblox!

    I M 2 Epic 4 U

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