Character Explorations v2

ROBLOXian Kirk Last month, ROBLOX released a preview of potential body, head and face components for new ROBLOX characters.  Today, we will show you the 3D renderings of heads, bodies, arms and hands that we have been exploring.  Because we want to know what our users think, we have included a survey below the photos, where you can indicate what you like.

Here are 3D renderings of male and female bodies.  We have a few versions that sort from the original ROBLOX 1.0 body to a new female body.

[polldaddy poll=6172175]

[polldaddy poll=6172179]

As you can see, we have a range of designs where the arms, feet and hands are more rounded out than the original 1.0 ROBLOX characters. Also, if you look at the heads, you’ll notice that there is a wider jaw, specifically, if you look at Figure C. Your feedback thus far has been important when exploring new characters, and we will continue to show you what we are working on.

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1,501 thoughts on “Character Explorations v2


    I think this new body idea looks way to much like legos but thats just my opinion. Sorry, but I don’t like it.

  2. Race2win

    WHY DO THEY NEED GRASPERS ANYWAY? THE 2.0 Bodies have graspers and these are kind of a step DOWN from 2.0 bodies!

  3. Lighting5151

    ROBLOX, please don’t do this, 1.0 body and rest of the ones you made is fine, but putting in LEGO bodies is wrong!

  4. fuzzypurplemonkey

    im a girl and i love roblox!i am completly thrilled by the female body idea. im thrilled by it because the girls should have more of a feminine tone to the roblox female bodies, because right now all girls have are very boyish bodies. my cuzin kate3349 wants realistic chest on the bodies of the +13 females so that we are more feminine but she and i agree that if that were to happen it should not be anatomically corect. so anway i love the female body design

  5. bengeorge12

    The new bodies are creapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Iam pretty sure that a lot of people won’t use them. well iam guessing this new update will be fore bc like every other cool thing !!!! D:

  6. bengeorge12

    I hope the roblox bodies are optinal.I don’t like any them but the original. Can’t you guys make just more realistic like with the bc bodies. I wish requlare payers could use those bodies

  7. DarkRoblox13

    I vote for 1.0, the other ones look too much like legos. I don’t want it do be like that, plus it looks too real life. This will be optional right?

  8. Ylzik

    If these bodies are not optional, I will just leave. I don’t want us to look more realistic. :/

  9. supervinom

    I think 75% u will have the both bodies that would cool lol or u cauld buy it with 100 tix :/

  10. DjCrash7

    As long as 1.0 is still going to be default, and these other bodies will be optional, and can be reverted back if users want 1.0 again, I’m fine with this update.

  11. Joeysgame1234

    I have an idea that : make the gunslinger 2.0 etc. Bodys free and make these the new packages for sale pm or comment on me if you agree. I’m bc and have the 2.0 gunslinger

  12. John123130289

    Love it, there a lot people are like, “WE WANT OLD ROBLOX BACK” But personally I don’t really like the blocky body it makes you look chunky. I’m OK
    with the 2010 Bodies. But I’d really like to see these. I hope you guys are planning not to make in catalog but in your account settings or when you first sign up you get the options.

    Truly John123130289

  13. Kylie

    I think they should only allow a few of them since not many people have it, but they should not look like the Robloxian 2.0.
    Though, i think the femsle body is good since so many girls wiithout a “body” are treated differently than a girl with a “body”

    1. jjphariss

      Dude i hope so like i hope its just like the packages gotta buy them lets just hope :D i may not play anymore if these are the new bodys XD cause we will look strange kinda and it will feel weird when the roblox game isnt like legos that much at all…

    2. Tidbit1

      I sure hope so.
      NOTE TO ROBLOX: Make packages. Make heads. But if you want ROBLOX to be ROBLOX, KEEP THE STANDARD. It means something to us. We don’t want dramatic change, because we like how ROBLOX is now. Stop trying to impress. We ARE impressed.

    3. Codruler

      I have been playing ROBLOX for a long time. I am a HUGE fan of the 1.0 Body. It shows the classic body that ROBLOX provides. I, and other members are tired of many changes. This is too much…we want the 1.0 bodies!

    4. TheEpucPrius

      I Still like the 1.0 Body Shape. It’s Bloxish.. isn’t that concept of Roblox to be Lego-ish?

    5. Mattdarkhaven

      Hope so. And why roblox are you trying to change AGAIN? Pretty much no other website has the original. Are you trying to copy other sites? Just keep it the same! Please!

  14. tastyvomit321

    I am looking forward to it, but I have a suggestion. Many people don’t want a total conversion, and I agree. I like the: Neck, hands, bent arms, feet, and wider jaws. I also think, that because you will lose a massive amount of your users if this happens, that the 1.0 body should still be kept as default, and that you should be able to find a free package in the catalog, that can also be removed if the player wishes to revert back to the classic, 1.0 body.

    1. griffindude12

      Man I don’t want new bodies okay,I’d rather have it be the same as it is now,These bodies would get very boring soon.

  15. firedragon2989

    I can’t believe ROBLOX is trying to bring thsi subject out again because, last time almost everyone said it looked to much like legos and like 90% of the people said keep it normal. Personally i like it the way it is. And I thought this was “ROBLOX” not “” or other brick things.

  16. BASEWAR713

    Keep the 1.0 ROBLOX body! We don’t want these other pacakes or arms. Keep ROBLOX the way it is!

  17. Iadamantlyrefuse

    I do not think it is a good idea to get new bodies. keep the blox bodies. It’s what makes ROBLOX, ROBLOX.

  18. newfyworld

    Actually, it will ruin the reputation of the game. If this happens, people are going to leave bad comments on the game, never recommend it, quit, and there will be more ODers out there. After a year of that, ROBLOX will be known as a MMORPG in which no one wants to play, and it’s all because of the appearance.

    1. Rarity

      People who OD aren’t going to start OD’ing because of smexy body parts. Get over yourself.

  19. icerian

    What is this?! How can Roblox say that they are not a product of lego if the new bodies look like this?! Its almost exactly like legos!
    How could anyone think this is a good idea? This is horrible!
    Robloxian 2.0’s were a shock, but this? This is the lowest point I have ever seen Roblox in.

      1. AruoraWolf10

        I would agree with you, but, don’t forget, you CAN always think that the characters still are a LITTLE blocky.

  20. Happycat32210

    Hmm… I don’t really like the hands. I don’t mind that it’s similar to LEGO, they just look bad in my opinion. They could at least be replaced with a sphere to look like fists. Also, ROBLOX should make a male body that is like female, because A, B, and C will not match my current character. Other than that, I am excited about this feature!

  21. Cuckooclock

    I think there should be an under 13 body, with, for males, a smaller chest and for females, smaller hips. The over 13s should have larger hips and bigger chests. If you are over 13, you shouldn’t be allowed the under 13 body, if under 13, you can’t have the large body, because having the wrong body would be wrong.

    1. CrayzMario64

      I like 1.0 for the body and the C [since it’s closest to 1.0’s] arms.
      Because both don’t look like utter crap/plagiarizing a certain company.

  22. Atomic200Sheep

    They look good! Everybody else can wear the 1.0 bodies, but I’ll be wearing this. Roblox can’t stay sat in the past without ever evolving, and, at least to me, this is a good way to start creating a more modern game.

    1. Dalekman2299

      I absolutely agree ROBLOX can’t just stay in the past otherwise people will just move to different games which are more evovled..

  23. grantox

    If you don’t want these bodies you dont have to wear them. Nobody complained about the other bodies so don’t ruin this for everyone else just because you don’t like it. Also no OD’ing is still a rule, and the superhero body is just as bad as the girl body so go away.

  24. HKS23

    You guys, these are still blocks, but in a different shape. Do you know how many diferent shaped blocks LEGO has? And their characters aren’t boring and bulky like ROBLOXians.

    Besides, if you guys quit ROBLOX over this, it’s your loss, not ROBLOX’s.

    1. Kaos

      Hey, if more members quit roblox then roblox gains. Then it’s not the quitters loss. It’s the quitters win, I suggest you don’t support disgusting bodies like the ones roblox is coming up with.

  25. 88854

    if you are going to make theese give us a choice to use theese bodys or not more than half of the site is gone and wont come back including me if theres no choice…

  26. Kitteh6660

    I voted for 1.0 body and C.

    The C is kind of blocky with square hands.
    I like the classic 1.0 body.

  27. cjones4

    u dont need 2 change anything i mean really the morphs fust strech or shrink the clothes so every thing looks creepy i love 1.0

  28. dancingdev

    Let them be open to just normal public and not BC. Btw don’t listen tot eh haters these are way better. I got tired of 1.0 about 2 years ago when the first morphs came out.

  29. Airhogs141

    Ugh,im so scared if ROBLOX release those junk bodies,hope ROBLOX dont release that craps,I will actually say that ROBLOX is the worst online game ever if they release those bodies,and it will RUINED ROBLOX 100% !!!!!!!

  30. Anonymous

    like em but to much like lego roblox seems to be getting more and more modern and modern means more scripts and more scripts means more lag not such a great idea, roblox

  31. Airhogs141

    This new,ugly things will ruined ROBLOX,If this ugly craps will be on ROBLOX,then this game is not ROBLOX anymore.I only like the old bodies,not this new piece of junk,I Hate it.Those bodies is a piece of CRAP,I even dont like all of those new bodies,so guys dont vote all of those piece of junks,I hope ROBLOX dont release those junks,if ROBLOX did,ouch,I will leave ROBLOX and never play that ugly,different game evah again!(I hope everyone leave too when ROBLOX release those crap bodies).

    1. TheReplierTheReplier

      I agree, appearance shouldn’t matter. It’s the game that counts. Appearance customization only brings OD’ers.

  32. asassin75

    OK, what about the option “i prefer the 1.0 arms” in the 2nd poll?

    If you keep doing this you will have to remove the “blox” from “roblox.

    “Hey kids, come try the new “RO”, a freemium chatting website”

  33. Sean

    why roblox? it was horrible enough with the bodies BEFORE, now u gotta bring this stuff? I really hate the new bodies and you need to keep the BLOX

  34. mjemje

    Know what we think?
    Well, the last time you blogged about these to see what we think, just about everyone hated it.

    The fact that you’re continuing tells us you don’t actually care at all.

  35. mrjoe9

    I voted for 1.0 and I didn’t vote for the second one. These new bodies will ruin Roblox. Those bodies is not what Roblox is supposed to look like. Roblox admins dont add these new bodies. Have you seen how many complaints there are about them? Just dont release them and we will survive.

  36. Cjo^_^

    I would make everyone answer a question if they wanted the bodies, so then if people answered yes they could get it the next day. people who say no wont get them…..

  37. DorieGoodwin

    Well, if the hands were more natural and less Lego looking I’d totally use this. I’d probably buy the torso and legs yet use ROBLOXian 2.0 arms. Just my opinion…..

  38. Weaponmaniac

    I mean really, if you guys are gonna say you hate something, don’t. Just say you dislike it and be done. It is not nice to overload this with bad comments.

  39. jadensmithrare

    these new bodies will ruin roblox and they look like ODers could use them so if they come out im gonna be gone

  40. Weaponmaniac

    IF ROBLOX makes the lighting and water more realistic, I think these new bodies could fit right in!

  41. The Anonymous User

    1. This will cause ROBLOX to lose more players, and get ROBLOX in trouble. Why:
    1. Its almost copying LEGO (well you already did) that can get you sued
    2. ROBLOX is something about Blocks right? not 3d Bodies that look like LEGO. So keep the other LEGO looking avatar (1.0)
    3. If you do make these bodies, you’ll probally put them for BC only and make it cost about 50,000 R$ or more or less.

  42. Flames838

    Why even have a poll?
    They never listen to the users anyways since they decided to bring this back.
    They should forget this idea, and work on better updates like they did with the money page.
    THAT was a good idea.
    TRADE SYSTEM is a good idea.

    But this…

  43. STFL

    Oh come on give me a break! Most people (Myself included) just like roblox the way it is! I mean the dynamic lighting that would be awesome but come on people get your heads out of the gutter this looks like LEGO!!

    1. Sackboysmarts

      Really roblox! I prefer the block look because Ro-“BLOX” Roblox THE GAMES HAS BLOCKS IN IT! hopefully they keep 1.0 because the “real life” look… its not right roblox staff!

  44. Paul13379001

    You know, people say “Respect your elders, Because they are the wise ones.”. They dont just say that to make the old people feel like the king of the world, but its because they’re more experienced. So, ROBLOX, Listen to your veteran players. The majority says they don’t like it. Some say its OK as long as we have multiple bodies, with our basic body packages, basic block players, and these. But hardly anyone is saying “UMG SO COOL!”

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