Character Explorations v2

ROBLOXian Kirk Last month, ROBLOX released a preview of potential body, head and face components for new ROBLOX characters.  Today, we will show you the 3D renderings of heads, bodies, arms and hands that we have been exploring.  Because we want to know what our users think, we have included a survey below the photos, where you can indicate what you like.

Here are 3D renderings of male and female bodies.  We have a few versions that sort from the original ROBLOX 1.0 body to a new female body.

[polldaddy poll=6172175]

[polldaddy poll=6172179]

As you can see, we have a range of designs where the arms, feet and hands are more rounded out than the original 1.0 ROBLOX characters. Also, if you look at the heads, you’ll notice that there is a wider jaw, specifically, if you look at Figure C. Your feedback thus far has been important when exploring new characters, and we will continue to show you what we are working on.

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1,501 thoughts on “Character Explorations v2

  1. Random Guy

    I thought this was ROBLOX not RO-lego. If this happens then you surely will lose a ton of users so please keep the default body it’s whats best.

  2. ThisIsIce

    I like them. And I’ve realised in ROBLOX. ALMOST EVERYONE is afraid of changes. But I do agree they should be optional.

  3. Ulty

    I do not want this on ROBLOX. The fact that ROBLOX Characters are ‘blocky’ makes the game original. There already have been a lot of protests against the new bodies. We want to stay ROBLOX. Not become some Lego ripoff.

  4. FrostBiteBerserk

    The things that should be changed here is the torso and the hands because the torso and the hands are looking like Lego.

  5. iamontda

    I just think that that hands should be rounded inside or something if they’re making new characters, and also to loose the chest area in A B and C. It looks a bit unnatural… like they have a chest plate or something to protect the guys .-.

  6. Cosmicguy

    It’s official. the LEGO corporation and Mojang Limited have teamed up to brainwash the ROBLOX developers, and force them to make ROBLOX in the image of their games!

  7. Jack705(4 time veteran of Roblox)

    I think these are a good idea but I really hope 1.0 isn’t deleted. These should only be optional.

  8. shabadi

    umm worse. the other one is better not this one. the first one with the face and stuff. thats what i like.

  9. chaosknight326

    I hope that these bodies will be free so everyone will be happy 2 have a cool body

  10. Trinibot10

    Please please if you are doing this let us keep our packages that we owned before and keep the 1.0 body as default!

  11. substitute541

    I suggest : No Alterations for the bodies. This update = More ODers. Think about the community too, not just earning virtual money by selling these…

  12. Obsoleteterminator

    At everyone whos having a hissy fit below me. You guys/girls are assuming that they are gonna get rid of 1.0 or make these new bodies non-optional. No where in this artical or the previous said they were going to get rid of the 1.0 body. Also, when 2.0 was realeased they didnt change everybody to the 2.0 body and they probablly wont do it this time. Plus, these are for people who want to use them and/or tired of the 1.0 and the 2.0 bodies, and not only are you overeacting ranting and CAPITALIZING WORDS in No parTICUlar order is going to make them do something. You just need to post a comment nicely stating your opinion and why. Feel free to hate mail me at the name above.

  13. 4fatdonkeys

    1.0 is the best keep it.the others are ok but 1.0is the best.i say keep it the way it is.:)

  14. Wow really?

    This is complete bull. We don’t want these bodies. This is not ROBLOX anymore. If you go through with this idiotic idea, you’ll lose millions of paying customers, and have a million more become online daters. DITCH THIS IDEA.

  15. coconutcookie391

    I hope its better than the Robloxian 2.0, if not. Ill just stick with the new body

  16. Specter44

    I think You should be able to Change your faces and Hair without having to buy them .(leave gear,cloths and hats for the shop)Maybe even be able to change face shape and customize your face, eyebrows, eyes, ears etc. kind of like the Xbox. They Look amazing! you should definitely do IT!!!!

  17. Someone...?

    Ok, this is to all you who are saying ROBLOX will suck if the new bodys are released: YOU PEOPLE ARE ARGUING OVER A GAME! For goodness sakes, people…SERIOUSLY! It’s a game, WHO GIVES A CARE OVER A BODY THAT LOOKS LIKE “CRAP”?? Yeah, NO ONE! So GET OVER IT!!!

  18. AhsimFish

    i dont like it u guys shouldnt have made the other bodies either i like the oldfashioned body u guys are upgrading too fast i dont like it just keep it old ok plz…

  19. AruoraWolf10

    I think they should go for the bodies, but I saw that some of them needed Builders Club for it. I don’t think that should be. If somebody couldn’t have BC, they would feel bad since they have less options for games and items.

    1. Redycine

      People have there opinion. Some people have been playing this game for a while and enjoy non lego rip off character models. The bodies aren’t that bad, but people have their own opinions. Roblox is about freedom, isnt it? Heck, their own ad say, “Be anything, build anything.”

  20. Daveris

    Everyone hated the last idea. How can you follow up on it, devs?
    Perhaps you should listen to the fanbase.

    Anyway, if you devs pull this regardless, I and many others will leave. There is almost no other way to better alienate large portions of the base.

  21. JoJo2251225

    Guys, don’t do this to us. Please, if you are to do it, make it optional. I hate the body meshes as they are. As a paying BC member, I ask you to make is optional. But don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are tons of newer players who will love these, but as you’ve see from feedback older players don’t like these changes.

  22. GeckoGuy456

    To all the misguided haters of Packages out there, I have this to say. Or rather, the great Isaac Asimov had this to say: “It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be.” Deal with Robloxian 2.0 and move on. Don’t like it? Leave. The Staff has done an extraordinary job. Keep it up.

    1. Redycine

      The difference between these and 2.0 is that 2.0 wasnt shoved down our throat. We’re trying to make it so that if these are added, that they won’t be forced. I kinda like them and might use it. But you can’t delete every original thing about Roblox.

  23. GeckoGuy456

    There is absolutely NO LEGITIMATE reason to hate the 2.0 bodies. I think the Staff has done a remarkable job with Packages over the past few years. Prior to the release in mid-2010, I was working on finding alternatives to the hideous 1.0 body using various meshes. So I was delighted with the release of Robloxian 2.0. Haters are deluded and have no sense of art appreciation. KEEP IT UP STAFF!

  24. LukeDreamz

    We Want The 1.0 To Stay All the other body’s Are Bad
    We Just Want the Good Thing That Is A History Of Roblox The 1.0 Was here Since 2005 And 2012 That’s
    All We Ask We just like our old body

  25. Mark

    The New Bodies aren’t Good. The Bodies that you Buy in Roblox is fine. But more Bodies is just Coping Lego Can you see by the hands?

  26. Pearlpalkia1

    I know what ROBLOX is trying to do, but please make these optional, I don’t like my character turning into a female lego roboxian.

  27. Gomr

    As a builder (no, not the new stamper tool a classic Cframer) this update looks like more of another (Strange how many we are having these days) nightmare rather then another update.

  28. Trinibot10

    Can we keep our old packages but still get the new ones.
    And can we also keep our old faces but still get the new ones?

  29. Trinibot10

    Can we choose if we would like these new bodies or the original ones?
    That would be a good idea.

  30. Trinibot10

    And seeing that we are changing the faces as well,can older users who already owned faces keep their faces?
    And any current members on roblox will be given a face called “happy” in their inventory.
    Newer accounts cannot get old faces but older accounts can keep their old faces.

  31. Trinibot10

    Can we keep our older bodies in our Inventory but then take them offsale and put these up so newer people can get them but people who are old to roblox can keep the old bodies but still buy new ones.

  32. fyte4

    I wish this didn’t happen. If you like 1.0 only, you are 1337% like me. Delete the lego ones, they’re garbage I tell you, garbage, garbage garbage garbage. 1.0 FOR THE WIN!

  33. Kid Down The Street

    I mean, I would love to use these on NPCs for extra effects, but on PCs, not that much.

  34. Kaos

    Please keep the 1.0 body, any changes in the default body will cause roblox to lose 80% of it’s members.

  35. Messisonia Builders Executive Overseer

    Roblox always makes these things optional! It will be a choise I bet

  36. Trickyarmyman

    The new body’s ok but I agree with the 3rd guy. Keep vervion 1.0 as default and make the new bodys be free in pacages otherwise…

    I’m done.
    This is getting out of hand. What happend to the old ROBLOX?
    ROBLOX is getting to advance. The Games and Morphs are more advanced ever before. ROBLOX dosen’t seem to be ROBLOX anymore. The new bodys great but don’t get out of hand!!

  37. Trickyarmyman

    Are these going to cost Robux?
    Will they be expesive?
    Will you be able to customise your own body?
    (Choose what body, head, arms, ect. [optional]

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