Character Explorations v2

ROBLOXian Kirk Last month, ROBLOX released a preview of potential body, head and face components for new ROBLOX characters.  Today, we will show you the 3D renderings of heads, bodies, arms and hands that we have been exploring.  Because we want to know what our users think, we have included a survey below the photos, where you can indicate what you like.

Here are 3D renderings of male and female bodies.  We have a few versions that sort from the original ROBLOX 1.0 body to a new female body.

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As you can see, we have a range of designs where the arms, feet and hands are more rounded out than the original 1.0 ROBLOX characters. Also, if you look at the heads, you’ll notice that there is a wider jaw, specifically, if you look at Figure C. Your feedback thus far has been important when exploring new characters, and we will continue to show you what we are working on.

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1,501 thoughts on “Character Explorations v2

  1. TimelessTheory

    Well… I simply think, those new bodies aren’t the best but they aren’t bad. Maybe have a body for sale for people that want, while others keep the 1.0’s. Then maybe more realistic items can be put for sale for people who want them, such as the hair displayed in the bodies other than 1.0 and the girl body. >>The 1.0 – Girl Body has hair available on ROBLOX already, while the other bodies have it more detailed to fit the update.

  2. companyofheroes

    I’d rather go with 2.0 than this! (I like 1.0 best. :3) Besides, these look a BIT like Lego.

  3. rep2234

    This should be a choice for users, not the default ROBLOX body. That would be stupid.
    I mean this would be pretty cool to experiment with but really, this is like you guys are trying to imitate the LEGO and MegaBloks companies.
    I joining in 2010 prefer the classic ROBLOX bodies over this, but again other players may prefer these bodies. I think this should be a choice for players, not the default body

  4. Encladeus

    Alright, I though that the concept for these bodies were a joke. But Now this is scaring me. EVEN IF It were optional I’d still hate to see the day that roblox would feature walking barbie dolls.

  5. thedestroyer115

    Please don’t Leave the 1.0 Bodies and Robloxian 2.0 please. I really think it looks bad.

  6. redsuper007

    epic epic just epic i love 1.0 i love 2.0 but i also like 3.0 i say have 3.0 a choice of bc and nbc its so epic

  7. cuteboy34

    The new bodies are interesting, but please don’t make it the only choice. I don’t like the hands very much though. I think it should be sold like the clothes and stuff, so it can be changed if we want to.

  8. SpaceNinja23

    Roblox, this is horrid, please, keep the little culture Roblox has found and created for itself, and keep it that way.

  9. BabyBronBron

    Keep what it is now, dont change it. Roblox would never be the same. We would all miss the 1.0. Dont change it plz.

  10. Dain243

    If you guys NEED to change it, atleast make it an option to keep 1.0. OR, make a package 1.0, that everyone gets/cheap tix.

  11. supermariobro13

    What I used to like about ROBLOX that it stood out from the other blocky games(exept for minecraft),
    ROBLOX was diffrent, and I hope it will always stay like that

  12. tim5413

    Will there be animations? Meening like jumping, the legs will bend down! That should be cool! :D

  13. MRMCC

    Oh god, this update will be almost as bad as the stamper tool. ROBLOX, how about you work on fixing exploiting first?

  14. Really Roblox

    David, why are you tryin to destroy Rolox, if you make this update, atleast give us the choice to have 1.0 or any other ones or make it a package, please just don’t make it a default, please give us those choices.

  15. Someone

    I won’t play roblox anymore if these are released. I’m serious. These will attract ODers, start lego wars, and worse. PLEASE ROBLOX, DO NOT RELEASE THESE BODIES!

  16. mo-gram

    The female bodies look the best. I just hope they female body comes in a male gender version! LOVE THE NEW BODIES!

  17. Alphadeath

    What I meant was “It would make users MAD to find out their characters were turned into legos.”
    Sorry ’bout that.

  18. Alphadeath

    I think that these bodies should be a choice of buy not a demand, such as the 2.0 body, these bodies could also be BC only, it would make a lot of users happy to find out that they were only gone for 2 days and their characters have been turned into legos.


    Wow roblox keep 1.0 roblox body if you make a new body im telling me and my friends to quit whats the whole point of having roBLOX BLOX in the name now its all about packages now i liked 2008 roblox better D:<

  20. AZant2

    No way. Keep It 1.0 Please. I love 1.0. Plus it looks like lego and the model itself looks horrible. Imagine how hard it would be for shirt makers to fit a shirt nicely on that piece of pixels.

  21. romallo

    You see the hands and the body looks too weird now please if you wanna do something for Robloxian body make it so not only BC people get to buy body’s. Also make then alot cheaper.

  22. oshane9393

    Its kinda of cool but i like roblox the way it is plus we would look like lego people so yea keep the 1.0

  23. legoguy400

    Well, Roblox need to change sometime guys. Sure the new bodys look horrible and that, but we need to change it sometime.

    1. JMan42064

      Yeah, it’s about time for ROBLOX to do some body remodeling. I mean, 1.0 is ok, but I mean, cmonn. Tools just look like their sticking out of the characters arms, expecially with guns o_o. A new body would make it look like your character is actually holding these things realistically

  24. acebatonfan

    PLEASE, DO NOT change the original body. It would be a million times better to have the “more advanced” body as a package that can be sold like the ROBLOX girl package: there if a person wants to use it.

  25. Propellerguy

    Stick with what you have got roblox! These new bodies are hideous! I prefer packages and the blocky body. These new bodies and things will spoil Roblox!!!! Also, quit it with the faces. I hate the faces.

  26. Darthv5d3r

    I agree with all. This is a copy of Lego. I don’t want this, ROBLOX and neither does anyone else.

  27. Corndogg

    Stay 1.0, Personally I dislike how roblox is getting more “Legoey” or “Minecrafty”, I miss the old building tools and would really love to have them back. Its hard to make good places with the new bricks. You can’t create or imagine new things with a set of bricks that you can’t change, sure you can customize and resize, but its still the same.

  28. Taylor

    I think the 1.0 bodies are way better. They are like how ROBLOX use to be and we don’t want to change that. Besides, it looks like you are copying LEGO.

  29. Wantingmalleo7

    i want roblox to stay like with the normal bodys not like this its like getting worse so vote for 1.0 to keep roblox normal

  30. Tuffrockyballboa

    Stick with 1.0 body, Really?the new ones look weird.Instead, add more stuff to stamper(ex.terrain slants )

    1. Lavadude7

      i like the roblox bodys how they are now because you can costimise em the way you you want

  31. AntiFiter

    No, just no. Don’t copy lego. Don’t ruin roblox. If you update this, you’ll make countless amounts of players quit. NO ONE WANTS THESE UPDATES.

  32. Johnthehedgehog56

    I think that the1.0 body should stay,those conversions look horrible.I dont knmow why you want to change roblox.Roblox has like a million users.Why want more? Roblox is the best as it is.THUMPS UP FOR VERSION 1.0 :D

  33. KTTDS

    This is really bad… ROBLOX is copying lego. I think we should just stick with 1.0 bodies. It’s ugly the new bodies…

  34. JulieThomas17

    Oh, come on, guys, it doesn’t look THAT much like Lego! Truthfully, the only thing that looks similar to Lego is probably the hands on all of them, and torsos on B and C. But I have to agree with everyone else, it should be optional whether you want the new bodies or not. I also agree with the thing about ODing. It’s illegal in ROBLOX, and you make the bodies look too much like you WANT these players to OD. And another thing– what’s the point of having NBC if we can’t enjoy the new updates like BC can? There’s the fact that only BC is allowed to have anything BESIDES the blocky 1.0. So I don’t see the point of having these new bodies in free-for-all unless you make these bodies BC-only and then the old bodies are free-for-all. That would make a lot more sense. But then again, it seems almost no one likes this update, soooo… if enough people dislike this and leave ROBLOX, then it would make sense to have the old bodies BC and the new ones free-for-all. It will depend on the crowd you’re pulling in– or the bigger crowd you’re pushing out.

  35. Aoto34

    I know this has been said before, but aren’t you drifting from the original ploy of roblox? I mean this will only raise tension between Roblox and Block-Land or Lego but improving your body design, Roblox. The 1.0 bodies are simple, professional, and practicle. If people what to change this, let them use morphs, I do like the possibility of facial hair though.

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