Character Explorations v2

ROBLOXian Kirk Last month, ROBLOX released a preview of potential body, head and face components for new ROBLOX characters.  Today, we will show you the 3D renderings of heads, bodies, arms and hands that we have been exploring.  Because we want to know what our users think, we have included a survey below the photos, where you can indicate what you like.

Here are 3D renderings of male and female bodies.  We have a few versions that sort from the original ROBLOX 1.0 body to a new female body.

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As you can see, we have a range of designs where the arms, feet and hands are more rounded out than the original 1.0 ROBLOX characters. Also, if you look at the heads, you’ll notice that there is a wider jaw, specifically, if you look at Figure C. Your feedback thus far has been important when exploring new characters, and we will continue to show you what we are working on.

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1,501 thoughts on “Character Explorations v2

  1. cyberlegodog123

    they had better be joking abotu this. if you ad this permanantly, make the 1.0 body a package. and vice versa

  2. PwnerZakk

    These things are HORRIBLE, but same old ROBLOX going to decide whatever they want without checking what we wan.

  3. shockblast

    I’m an 08’er, so as long as these don’t replace the 1.0 body, it’s fine with me.

  4. Anonymous

    I realy dont like my block body everyone makes fun of me i really need an new body so please pick me

  5. yugi2u2

    The bodies are ok i guess i like 2.0 best and if they add these they should make them BC only leave 1.0 to the non-BC people plus the arms and hands just look akward if it was up to me and I had to pick a new arm and hand i would choose 2.0 hands down i guess what im trying to say is a dont really like the 3.0 bodies. theyre just really akward….

  6. ipodmaster500

    the faces are really weird.i like the bodies like they are now.the one that could come out are too detailed

  7. RazzorXR7

    come on Roblox!!! plz dont make us use that bodies!!! i’m happy with my blocky body. and as very people have said, it’s Ro”BLOX”. if you go on in this project i’ll be one more quitting roblox as others… :(

  8. Regidor98

    Please don’t ROBLOX! You’ll lose alot of people, this looks down right ugly.

  9. Jiga

    no, I don’t like.

    I did not like when they released the body meshes either.

    you’re making ROBLOX into ROLGO

  10. ZaphodIgnited

    I personally think you should just stick to the 1.0 body, or if you’re desperate on updating the standard ROBLOXian body then a 1.0 body with 2.0 arms, or arms C or G.

    1. horridian6

      I don’t like the new bodies at all. This inst lego. If I haf 2 go back to 1.0 I will but if that goes away I’m out…

  11. Average189pen

    In my opinion, they could have just grabbed a 2.0 body, advanced the arms and legs just a bit, and actually made hte hands on it look more real, ehh, and more facial hair like faces, makes me look boss. Haha


    It would be fine with me. but give us them for free and let us keep the old bodys 2 cause im more in likeing old roBLOX. see what i did there? its roBlOXX not roDIMENSIONS as another person said. give us both odys for free and let us try them out if they look nice and if not DESTROY the new ones >:D >:D >:D >:D

  13. 88854

    i think the new bodies look good at firt i thought that looked to new but thinking about them again
    yea i like them

  14. RobloxGuy6403

    The bodies here look a bit like lego, but it would improve the ugly arms and legs of the BC bodies… Also it would be nice to release a few bodies to NBCs.

  15. Malcolt3

    My favorite was the 1.0. 1.0 is Roblox, it looks like Roblox. The others just aren’t Roblox, if you get my meaning. I don’t want to go around seeing random people that look more like Sims than they do Robloxians. Other than the 1.0 body and arm C (I think that was the one that is mostly blocky) I do not like any of those bodies or arms.

    What about the bodies in the catalog today? Those are already out, and to be honest I think they do seem Robloxish (new word there :D). Most of the packages already released are Robloxish, you can tell they are made of blocks. I just think that the above bodies (aside from 1.0) just aren’t Roblox, they’re too “realistic” and not blocky enough. They just aren’t.

  16. Coolsk8terboy8

    This is a Very cool Even though i miss

    roblox from 2009-2010 because i been on here for 3 years now,And the old graphics on roblox reminded me of when there were no spammers or Od’ers and copiers like jaredvaldez -.-

  17. Aurarus

    Come on ROBLOX.

    You can’t have blocky places with “realistic” characters in them.

    We’re perfectly happy with the character models we have at the moment. NO ONE is asking for change.

    1. ry2an

      Speak for yourself, I think these bodies are alright, but seriously if some people want them, put them on a limited offer or something.

  18. XiJennyX

    This will totally ruin any mis-articulated arm-welds in holding guns as the elbow would appear to be facing the wrong way.

  19. TheSiameseCat

    I don’t really like these bodys much, but thats my opinion. If you do make them, please make them optional.

  20. StrawberryEwok

    I have always hated packages on ROBLOX, but this is the last straw. These are so terribly realistic and horrible. I like the regular BLOX bodies in ROBLOX much better. Without BLOX, ROBLOX would just be RO. If you take away the regular bodies, I’m quitting ROBLOX, along with a lot of others.

  21. Robodude11112

    The bodies are okay. My favorite is 1.0, but if your going to change the bodies (Please don’t unless the movements are more realistic) at LEAST retain the block shape. I mean, it’s RoBLOX, not RoHuman.

  22. zayo123

    ROBLOX, please. We must keep our blocky bodies. Adding these ideas would cause too much ODing. ROBLOX was meant to be a game for young kids and tweens. Not adults.

  23. Firetiger587

    If ROBLOX makes us use these bodies I’m quitting and getting all of my real life friends to quit. I’m also going to urge anyone I see that has heard about ROBLOX to not join it.

  24. rhyj

    I like it. It all looks great. We just don’t want them to look too much like LEGO* characters. One thing to keep in mind though; these shouldn’t be BC (Builders Club) only. NBC (Non- Builders Club)should get some of these fancy bodies too.

  25. 15bigcat15

    I like most of the options givin for the choice of arms. I don’t want the body parts to be to realistic and to blox-like. Basically I want them right in the middle.
    Maybe A, with a more rounded hand.
    But all the body types are great. So you shoud use ALL of them.

    1. decompozer

      i really dont like these

      bodies because they dont really express the feeling of roblox plus the packages that we have in the catalog are really good but these bodies look like they should go on a realistic game but Roblox shouldn’t be a game with realistic characters. you know what i’m saying?

      1. decompozerdecompozer

        i agree with some of the comments on here like the one that said that these dont look like blocks and “Roblox”
        has the word “Blocks” in it and these look nothing like blocks plus lego might go besurk if they see these. and the new bodies wouldn’t fit the look of anything on Roblox.

  26. dragonplatinum

    I swear if u add these bodys i would go berserk first building now horrible bodys!whats next your caracter can float on command?

  27. Brandon

    I like these and would like to see the bodies get used, but I also want to have the old bodies, too.

  28. zenshocker

    ilove the new bods you should let people choose if they want it or not put it in the store for FFRREEEEEEEEE but i agree you should spend more time on more important stuff;)

  29. Darkrocker00

    I havent been on roblox in awhile , its changed so PLEASE DONT CHANGE IT NO MORE :(((

  30. robloxianCEO


    BLOX see the word BLOX? This isn’t blocks! It’s ugly! This is a childrens game! What the heck, Roblox.

    1. PeteyK473

      I was thinking the exact same thing,not RoPEOPLE,
      RoBLOX! characters should be made of blocks not human parts!

  31. A Typical Guy

    Gah, I swear if ROBLOX added these LEGO would go beserk and this international website war would commence.
    Don’t enforce these pl0x or we’re all done for

  32. Anonymous

    I voted but I only like them if they sell as a body AND. Keep the old ones, but not just get rid of them,

  33. Anonymous

    Don’t do this I spent lots of money on my bodys and want to keep them. And I don’t want to look like a logo man

  34. MichaelJackson900

    Please Please Add These Bodies They Are ALMOST Like LEGO And I Love LEGOS I Have Tons OF Them In My Room So I Would Love It If You Guys Add These Bodies Thanks!!!!!

    1. decompozerdecompozer

      well is Roblox really about lego? plus lego might not like this. these lego bodies dont match how roblox looks.

  35. ShadowNinjaWarrier

    i like what they did with the smooth eges on hand A but not the arm

    i dont rlly like anything about B

    i like the shape of the arm of C but not the hand
    id like to see the hand of A with the arm of C/G

    hands alright of D its got a reasonable gap between thumb and index finger but not the arm
    other then C and G, they all look like lego (the arms)

    E, not sure what i think of E but it is not the best choice

    F has a small hand 1 of an infant and the arm, again, too lego

    G perfect arm still blockish and yet with dimention, as aposed to the 1.O
    dimention is what seprates stiff from, well, unstiff but the hand, im not sure why but theres smomthing i dont like about it
    the angle is good
    but i dont know maybe its too big

    what ever the case id like to see

    Hand of A on the Arm of C
    Hand of D on the Arm of G but still at the Angle of hand G

  36. ShadowNinjaWarrier

    C, G

    femals looks like a contry girl, nothing rong with thaat, but what about jeans, or bodie suits, like some type of secret spy, A:
    too much like lego;
    the head shape makes him look french, nothing rong with it, but its too pasific
    not general enough

    perfect type of upgrade, still got that blockish look while at the same time adding shape to make a forarm (aproove)

  37. Me

    Seriously? Please don’t add these. If you do, there will be a stereotype. People will buy these, and then pick on people that don’t have these bodies. If you make it to where these are the only bodies you can have, veterans that don’t like these will quit, leaving roblox with just a bunch of noobs, trolls, and hackers.
    Please roblox, don’t add these bodies!

    1. SmallerMoonster

      Yes, I agree with this person, I am an experienced pro at ROBLOX, I have been playing ROBLOX for over 3 years now. This person I replied to is right, this is just going to make ROBLOX users quit ROBLOX, these new body morphs are not needed to make ROBLOX users happier. ROBLOX should just stop this, it is bad for ROBLOX.

    2. Jackolax

      I think you should add the ones with the highest votes, then make it so that people don’t have to have these hands and new bodies. But don’t make them BC only and having a high price.

  38. Beautifulhunter

    I Love It!
    It’s Just So Now, I Hope It Happens!
    But Only One Question.
    Do We Keep All Our Clothes, Hats, Packages, Gear Etc.?

  39. TheMersenary

    this is getting to close to lego do not go through with it if you want people to stay on roblox. if you like these get minecraft

  40. Odieboy2001

    Keep the current Roblox,this is a CHILDRENS game. Otherwise,Im going on toontown for the rest of my life

  41. Roxas1987

    These new bodys are completely ruining ROBLOX, but you could still put them just make it so there packages. But please, keep the 1.0 Body

    1. Cosens

      No, they’re making it better. Although everything is bricks I feel our character doesn’t have to be stiff.

    2. ShadowNinjaWarrier

      its not just a new body its new limbs, curently we only got torso arms and legs

      not much to work with

      roblox is about freedom

      they want to make it more free

      that means mnore to work with

      like more limbs
      aka HANDS

  42. Jamie1113

    Omg stop it roblox is getting out of it,s age u r making it worse stop this madness 1.0 ftw

  43. Don Mann

    I would usually be the last one to suggest a bc feature for non bc, but you should make robloxian 2.0 avaliable for everyone when 3.0 comes out for bc :P

  44. soldierbdc

    Really? I like the 1.0 bodies. They are classic and actually much cooler than the ones you came up with. They are the classic Robloxian look. Feel free to introduce as many different packages as you want, but don’t force us to change. Put them in the catalog for free or something, but don’t make those who like this body change to a different one when they don’t want to. Remember: put them in the catalog, for free or for profit….

  45. jedi246

    hmmm everythings good exept the faces I mean its too adultish i want something more youngish

      1. ben10000000

        but I think it should look
        more real because they look
        like noobs because they look like lego people.

        ps they need more
        games and
        more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    1. ShadowNinjaWarrier

      Not a bad idea:

      an Age setting

      the meshes for your charecter could shrink depending on your age settings

      i like it you should post that in the suggestions and ideas

      1. PeteyK473

        I think it should cost more for different faces like normal ROBLOX.Start with the basic :> face.

  46. Whats my name again?

    Work on fixing glitches and building rather than making our carcaters look like a wannabe lego caracter, roblox is out of ideas as of this day and will lose about every single veteren if this update goes through including myself.

  47. Pinky2002(Add me)

    These Bosies, To Me,Look Too Much Like Lego. The Faces, Necks,And Hands. I Only Like The Female Bodies.

  48. Jackrelay

    This should be optional and people should also learn more about the rules of Roblox so that they can report everyone who Od´s, because i reported allready 16 people for Oding and i allways check to make sure they are kicked of roblox for a while.

    1. PeteyK473

      I agree and they shoul be BC only so theres not too many of these walking around ODing.

  49. maxgualtierimaxgualtieri

    yeah i like it just i like roblox old bodies.and if they make it make it free so nbc players can use them we need better bodies to sheesh :P.

  50. BIllerluvr38

    Stick with 1.0 but I do like the new bodies.If you decied to add the new bodies,make it so we have a choie.

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