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Weekly ROBLOX Roundup: April 14, 2012

Weekly ROBLOX Roundup logoEvery week, we’re busy telling the stories behind our platform, our technology, and our place in the gaming and technology industries. For those of you who catch up with ROBLOX over the weekend, Picking Up the Pieces collects the best stuff to hit our various avenues of publication in the last week.

Video and Image Galleries

We just released a feature that lets ROBLOX users promote their games and places with rich media galleries. It’s the latest in a string of improvements we’re making to our website to help content creators better engage players. Read all about it here. We’ve already seen a number of slick video trailers and we’re anticipating many more. Get some tips and ideas at Video Making 101.

This Week in ROBLOX Tech

In-ter-po-lateTo start the week, we talked interpolation and how it’s smoothing the motion of physics objects in network ROBLOX games. It’s a technical article, but engineer Yunpeng Zhu provides videos that speak volumes about the actual impact of our new interpolation code. Erik Cassel explained ROBLOX’s deep testing infrastructure, while Keith Lucas and Matt Dusek went in-depth on how ROBLOX is set up to scale to millions of players.

But Wait, There’s More

If all this somehow leaves you yearning for more, check out the recent ROBLOX feature on MMORPG.com.


ROBLOX, Facebook and Twitter logos

We recently posed this question: What would you rather see in ROBLOX: Hundreds of players per game or virtually unlimited building space and part counts?

We found that about 60 percent of respondents want more building space and higher part counts – also known as bigger, better places. Roughly 17 percent of respondents are looking for more players per game. The few tricksters out there answered “both.” (Cheaters.)

This is useful information for us, and we appreciate the feedback. To contribute your feedback and stay in the news loop, “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Until next time, happy building and gaming.

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131 thoughts on “Weekly ROBLOX Roundup: April 14, 2012

  1. Iammaddiiee

    To be honest, ROBLOX team, your site is rather laggy for my laptop. I run Garry’s Mod fine, Spore is great too. Sometimes ROBLOX will freeze though, and ends up glitching out (in exempli; ROBLOX will have a pop-up error saying that a script on the page is causing my computer to slow down, et cetera, I click “Yes” to stop it and it pops up until I click X.) I think you should fix the problems people have first, before you put in something new. Could you please consider this? Thanks – Iammaddiiee.

  2. trisreaper

    That will cost more web space, resulting in longer ads, and thus less users! Why would you do that Roblox, i would rather goto a huge game, rather than a server full of people in my opinion.

  3. kozumi

    i agree with everyone, 100 people in a small place like these is horrible, the chat will be chaos, and the lag horrible. build bigger places instead, roblox is about building and scripting, that’s what makes it fun.

  4. whatdoyoucare

    WEll, first of all, make the games run FASTER! Everybody is complaining and did you fix it? No. Work on it

  5. towleboy

    yeah i like the idea of them both and i want both but im not a cheater because the most ive ever done is like a small (big) money cheat but i like team work and i would like more players and more parts and building space

  6. 7daggerwing7

    Well, i don’t know what computers you guys use, but our computers always lag because of brick spam and whatnot. But 100 players in one game? On a small map? What kind of game is that? No, there should be sort of continents to build on. Then we’d have more fun. ROBLOX is gonna get boring if there is so much lag. So yeah, go ahead and improve it with bigger maps and unlimited bricks and all.

  7. turkish55

    My Ideas Fot lightning!
    Make diffrent light sources!
    -Lazers (burner,killer or collored)
    -One way light Sources (colored lights or just simple white light)
    -Light filters[when they do that game was be aveasome] (when a filter blue and put white light,
    light go ut blue)
    Infinite Colors

  8. turkish55

    First You Realy need and easy thing.. Make clorselcter for stamper coloring.
    The Real Thing is :

    ROBLOX is not only for kids! Teens play this game and they (me too) mostly play hangout games, Family games… Roblox stops the oding or bf’s gf’s but they want that! Stop Banning and Make +13 Places…
    Only +13 acconouts can join there world and whatewer do they want!

  9. Goopop1

    I support more bricks more than more players, how every, i think you need to balance this out, one to the extreme and the other low makes it terrible, with a compromise, things become better

  10. ultimatecreatorA1

    I think that you have given us an easy question here ROBLOX. For those of you who are struggling to decide, here’s the answer:
    First, you need more parts and building space, because this is the only way to accomodate hundreds of players. Then, once everyone can build massive places, you can have your 100 players per place. (I personally don’t think this is a good idea.)
    Thanks for reading,

  11. asdp99

    for the 100 player you need more/unlimited bricks for bigger places that can support more players
    cuz 100players+small map= NAPALM LAGG

  12. Lolwut

    Really roblox? The population of roblox would go lower. because most people had old computers…

  13. KazzzMann

    Think of it, without bigger places, 100 players would just be crowding the smaller maps roblox has now. So I think it’s a given that the first step is to have mroe building space.

  14. EpikYummeh

    My faith in Roblox is being slowly restored knowing that 60% of survey participants wanted more part count. Now, when I think of a larger part count, I’m not thinking of “turn the stamper tool into a terrain stamper”. I’m thinking of taking the current “Part” object and making it more efficient in every way possible.

    If this requires re-writing the rendering code, then that’s what needs to be done. I don’t think the rendering engine has had a buff since, well, ever. Let’s make it happen!

  15. Candymaniac

    Well, before they go into making 100 player games, make places bigger and allow more bricks, because that would mean less lag.

    1. EpikYummeh

      Bigger places with more parts doesn’t mean less lag. Less lag would require everybody to have faster internet connections and faster computers. That’s easier said than done.

  16. coolkid437

    Oh God, just imagine hundreds of people running around in a single server, that would be a disaster. I think it would be better for more building space, because it lets us be a lot more creative. A hundred people in 1 server, I couldn’t even stand like, 50.

  17. Paul13379001

    Lets try……. 100 players per server. Lots of people have huge towns, thousands of offices. But only 30 players. Stadiums have tons and tons have seats. But with only 30 players, thats not enough. Next stop? 1k players per server wooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!11!

    1. Lokieyo

      I agree, TO eb able to play with Lots of players in one server you would need like what… 5GB RAm with Qaud Core proccesors with like the most advanced super computer technology in the world just to not have one mili-second of lag…. But of course everything in the world has flaws…

  18. Shaydesilva

    i don’t think 100 player servers are a good idea, not only does it create extreme lag, but what about the chat log, you’ll say something and before you know it its been replaced

    1. MarioLuigiDolphinFan

      Keep in mind the Water was posted in Deep Alpha. The last time something was known to be Deep Alpha (I think it was terrain) it took around 6 months to be ready.

  19. Anonymous

    I like both ideas but the 100 players would be awesome but there needs to be less lag…. Ive gona to games with 30 people the MEGAs and they are so laggy you cant even move… Sometimes its perfectly normal.. But they both have around the same amount of parts… But 100 players would be nice and/or having a wider range of things to use in personal servers.

  20. megadeathkiller100 RBLX

    Add somthing so that u can Configure the gear you have and you Can choose “Enable” “Disable” The gear And its a bc feuture when u enable it you can have the gear in games that allow that type of gear if you disable it, it wont allow you to have the gear in any game.

  21. Anaminus

    I personally think that more space would be the way to go. Also, where the heck are the bouyancy and water Objects?

  22. ama101

    This make your games as though its a REAL game if you get what i mean its like your own game website

  23. Really?

    How about fixing Explorer and Properties so they don’t lag like mad when you try to use them on a 5000 brick place?

  24. Anonymous

    100 Players for me,this creates more of a “WAR” for war groups,it would be epic.

    Bigger games is alright,possibily for RPG’s.

  25. EnergizedBlast

    Well, I think that a expanse of building space is needed more than anything. If you were to work on that first, it would mean that more space for players in a game, instead of them being slightly clustered in a game. But it would be best, and it would help create for better effects, and it might work better for games that might want to have an infinite land or ocean.

  26. RicoX73

    I agree with the upgrade, But I want that we can set the game on the Classic, or the upgrade. I dont want other computers all laggin’ the way, they can even overheat however it dosen’t on my computer.

  27. NearlyDeath

    We really need more building space, and to be allowed more parts. This will allow users to create bigger and better games.

    More players will just cause more lag. >_>

  28. ImLaughing

    All I really want is for you guys to actually re-release the windforce and actually let people with “www” in “www.roblox.com” actually have a chance to buy it!

  29. ShadowKatdark

    Umm less hackers! Hackers have been going through games a rampant! New things and the “Free Models” tool back~ Shadowkatdark And the titanic stays in my heart as a piece of the ocean

  30. Coo400

    I say maybe both but most on more parts becuase well i go less % on more people it would be laggy like bad and the good part is though is that for war games you can actually have like a WW3 going on with guns going PEW PEW :D

  31. hobokenman

    Like some of my fellow players have said, Back in 2010 ROBLOX was safe, kid friendly website. Now every game is filled with violence and war. ROBLOX… Please change this, How does it make you feel to know you are influencing the minds of young childrenaround the globe to enjoy war and possibly turn the planet into a living nightmare with what the games have taught them.So, All im trying to say is change this.. moderaste the games. make sure thier appropriate because most of your players are 8-10 years old. Even though this message will not be posted, I thought it was worth making a point.

    1. Michael

      You do know it’s the players themselves making the violent and non-kids-friendly games, right?

      1. Candymaniac

        It’s the players. ROBLOX is meant to entertain them, and if players like to play war games, then ROBLOX is doing their job at entertaining them.

  32. nathanthe123

    all i understad is that there will be more players in a game and more lag i vote for that not to happen

  33. SN0X

    Can’t you do both? I mean, make the game run faster and both improvements would be possible. They both have to do with how fast the game runs, only with the people it’s latency and server issues, and parts is physics and one of the recent posts with how part’s positions closer to characters are updated first. But, improve how fast the game runs, and you could maybe increase the max players to 40-60, and physics would be faster.

  34. Redycine

    I personally think better gameplay is what we need. I want the brick weapons revamped, so they have things normal shooter games would have, like ammo and looking down sights, but keep their roblox touch.

  35. maxgualtieri

    eh well i have enough space and parts but its fine how it is really i like the original roblox it was nicer less war stuff less horror movie games and you know that stuff now roblox is turning violent its terrible.: (

    1. Anonymous

      Not really. Roblox is a place where you can do whatever you want. If you don’t like it, leave.

    2. CapColton

      Acutally, classic roblox has mostly horror game, less war. This version of ROBLOX are now mostly less horror game, more war.

    3. mrstupidworm

      I think the new building style limits the player and doesn’t let them play ROBLOX how they used to, but instead it lets them build using only what an employee behind some desk in some city assigned to some “Stamper Tool” thus limiting their creativity.

      1. RicoX73

        If you want more creativity, you will need to find out how Roblox Studio will be opened. Try searching in the Options, maybe you see a unchecked box that says: Studio mode.

      2. funnymouse7

        lol u made me laugh there dude but like seriously war games arent gory on roblox all you do is shoot someone and he falls to pieces!infact thats more funny then gory and theres no blood unless the creator added some script but even if he added blood its usally a 1x1x1 block coloured red and i dont see gore in that and horror movie games are really rare but they are creepy >.>

    1. RicoX73

      If your game lags, please make the amount of your people in a server low. You can do it when on the configure page of the place. If it still lags, delete scripts of exploded stuff that’s too much.

    1. RicoX73

      A way to increase your amount of players in a game, you can change it on the configure page of the place. You can also make your place Mega to gain more than 20 players in a server, but that feautre is only in Builders Club. Be warned: How more players: How more lag.

  36. navysealsnake

    Urrg it’s a hard vote more parts and space or more players lol can we have both !?? But if we have to choose FOR NOW I VOTE MORE PARTS AND SPACE

  37. dragonstout123

    well, i think there shouldnt be as many bloobers,glitches, or lag, i mean you people at roblox could have done up the graphics lolz

  38. Avery Walker

    LOL, I sorta say Both, But I’m going with Unlimeted Building Space. I’ve been Waiting for that, too. It will really help us in the New Feauture “Personal Server’s” Some people in those those want that. Make sure you can put a Script in for not getting Lost. Fail. I’d like the More Players, But still i’m going with the other one Because in those Personal Servers’, There’s going to be a Bit more Grief. I was in a Server today and there was already enought Grief. I’m also looking forward to the Trading System, On Roblox, awalk2003

  39. firestar25013

    I would like them to give more power to servers so we could make bigger games and not have tons of lag.

  40. souldude222

    I think we should have more space. 30 players is enough. The chat bars move so fast because everyones talking.

    1. Urforhead

      Ehh… More space, but not many people. If ya wanna get to the other side cuz someone took your spot in the building, you’d hafta walk all the way to the other side. Unless of course there’s vehicles but most likely not.

  41. Sonicya100

    I don’t want more players in servers, I only want about 6-9, because my computer lags a lot when there’s lots of people.

    1. RicoX73

      The server could lag too, because there were much scripts placed, or there are much explosions caused. Thats why the server lags, even when alone.

  42. AwesomeTony936

    i think they should make unlimited parts,so there would be no lagging,and also,there could be more space to build,they can make like kingdoms and very big,and make a soem like country to play in.it would be awesome,so I agree

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