My Place - With Video

Promote Your Game with Video

My Place - With Video

Tim Brown’s Hack Week project has been finished and released, giving ROBLOX users a powerful tool to engage players.

Back in January, we introduced you to a feature that would let you add a rich media gallery, including videos and images, to your ROBLOX place. We’re happy to announce the feature is now available.

The big news is you can add 30-second YouTube videos to your game page for 1,000 ROBUX. We’re starting at this price because we want to encourage quality and ensure we have enough manpower to quickly moderate your submissions for appropriate, relevant video and audio. We recommend you not only follow YouTube’s guidelines – you don’t want your video removed by their moderators – but also focus on in-game ROBLOX footage. Make sure to read all the details here, then check out Sword Fights on the Heights IV for a great example of this feature in action.

Image uploads cost 20 ROBUX each and they are moderated, as well.

How to Add Custom Video and Images

Add Video to Your PlaceOnce you’ve recorded your 30 seconds of footage using ROBLOX’s built-in capture tool and made any edits you’d like, upload it to YouTube. Then, go to Places under My ROBLOX and click the “Configure” link. This will take you to a screen that lets you “Add New Gallery Item” and enter the YouTube URL of your video. Your video will be pending until it passes our check.

This is also where you upload images, and click and drag gallery items to change their order.

We’ll be monitoring the volume of video submissions as we move forward to make sure we have enough moderation resources. If at any point your video doesn’t display, or uploading is not available, rest assured the downtime is temporary.

Enjoy using this new feature to better showcase your content and engage potential players.

About Tim Brown

Web Team Lead at ROBLOX. @timothybrownsf

326 thoughts on “Promote Your Game with Video

  1. Zakarq

    I was wondering,do we need BC to add a picture/Video?Because I have enough for them but I don’t have BC:P

    1. xXx747

      The price is to prevent bad videos getting one. If it was free, some troll might come along and upload something against the guidelines, and alot more people would upload and there are more players than mods. I doubt a troll would buy 1000 ROBUX or stay on long enough collecting tickets to trade for ROBUX. Its to help keep video quality good and not bad.

  2. germanleopard

    i think u should be able to pay 50 more robux to add another 30 seconds to the video.

  3. Lua18

    What about the NBC? Don’t They have anything special? Any Feature for NBC come on ROBLOX you only give BC the new features and stuff.

      1. Roblox@Help

        Yea for obc it’s noting even wen you get 111 robux evryday

        i get 111 for my bc bonus :3

        im obc so yea

        and i dont donat.

  4. Monkey

    Can you remove pictures or videos after uploading them? Other than that question the rest is pretty clear. I like this feature very much :)

  5. mastercheif243

    Omg guys help me
    I payed 20R$ for NOTHING
    it’s not approved!
    Help me guys My name is Mastercheif243
    The name of the place is (“After Life (Original)!

  6. JoelC2

    Guys I’d suggest you take ALOT of time on a thumnail while you wait for the prices to go down.

  7. sirsmashalot

    I think this will be a really good feature, especially if you have something good in your game that you can’t show with just one picture.

  8. jobro13

    Due the fact its 1000 robux, (as i read it will be changed), if your video is being NOT approved, do you need to pay again or not?

  9. doomseeder

    Calm down.

    I didn’t ever think ROBLOX users can’t read…
    If you can’t read, let me explain it…




    Got it?

  10. AlvAlv6II

    One Thousand R$ for thirty seconds of video…what were you thinking, Shedletsky?! Was it a typo in your code, or an astounding misapplication of judgement? If you mean for it to be that crazy insane amount for a thirty second trailer, 99.99% of Roblox users will not stand for it. If you revise your thinking, go back into your computer codes and change the price to something more…sane.

    And if and when yo do update it, make sure you don’t make anything else faulty, OK? You’re really losing support for your website.

  11. HotJazzCP

    Okay, we’ve got picture, we got some form of video, now all we really need is the ability to upload sound.

    If you would like to vote for this idea on ROBLOX User Voice, message me, and I’ll message you back the link. – Sorry, I’m not posting it on here, I don’t spam.

  12. The Anonymous User

    ok, 1,000 R$ for a 30 second vid. I mean 30 sec? I understand moderating it and all, but at least drop it to like 100 or 50. Like give NBC’ers a break. You always make everything for BC and don’t care about NBC. And also
    “YouTube’s guidelines – you don’t want your video removed by their moderators” i gota say, i haven’t seen any videos taken away.

  13. Michael Eddy

    To all of you that are saying: 1000 ROBUX?!?!?111/?!! Did you not just read what they said?

  14. SkidGreenWarrior

    Make the price 500-900, Nothing more 1000 is just stupid, even if I can afford it.

  15. Hockeyfan991

    Guys it’s not that much if you have a famous game it could be that thing that puts your game over your competion

  16. HamroGeek

    This is great for group places and will make it easier for clans to recruit without having to refer potential members to YouTube. BTW, stop complaining about the price or that NBC players will have a hard time coming up with the money. You do know they have to pay people to watch your videos and approve them right? Personally, I’m excited about it.

  17. MrX4353

    Short of someone like Litozinnamon, Telamon, or ROBLOX, I don’t think anyone has got the cash to spend on a video ad. That’s just insane.

  18. MehCooky

    Don’t even get started on “at least NBCers can do this”. I’ll slap you silly.

    If you read the article you will see why it’s at 1000 robux and that it’s just a starting price.

  19. Jared

    ROBLOX, that 1000 robux for a 30-second video is insane. The pictures I don’t mind too much, but for a 1000 robux I could spend more than 10,000 tix on an ad. Consider a slightly lower price like 500?

  20. Gripie123

    Now you’ve got it! Updates that revolve around the aspect of creation are better than the rather pointless ones like new character meshes.

  21. Flamedude1000

    The pictures -> Screenshots come out blurry only one does not, please change this I didn’t waste over $100R just for a blurry screesnhot plus taking time to take them. Also I want the price lowered on the video or at least approve it and make it longer…To at least 3 minutes maxed…

  22. kingbencool

    The big news is you can add 30-second YouTube videos to your game page for 1,000 ROBUX. We’re starting at this price because we want to encourage quality and ensure we have enough manpower to quickly moderate your submissions for appropriate, relevant video and audio.

    Its says in the desc,So If your arguing with this price,Read this.


  23. Zakuta100

    1000r$… for 30 seconds… Dude that doesn’t even add up to a good trailer! Worst idea yet.

  24. AccurateCody

    Well, the first time I was this was maybe a month ago, and when that was in BETA on the website, I took advantage of it and got a couple images for my place picture while I could. Then I noticed they took it away because it wasn’t potentially out yet, but at least I didn’t have to spend 20 R$ for the images I already uploaded to my gallery when it was BETA!

  25. Cowkiller

    Prices are reasonable but I can’t find the place where I add my video. I’ve read the instructions several times and still havn’t found it >.>

    1. Cowkiller

      found it, Btw people I can easily afford 10 videos. I believe Roblox should keep it high since it is more like entrepreneurs.

  26. UnionROBLOX

    I don’t find this a good idea. The reason why is because people are going to do “adult” things instead of place things. It would be a great idea to get rid of it so it does not go into the wrong hands. Posted by UnionROBLOX on Roblox.

  27. Sanddog99

    The reason it’s 1000R is because they want quality control, and they don’t have enough man-power to moderate all the videos most people would be sending if it was any cheaper.

    Then again, if you actually read the article, you would know this.

    1. Mathepa

      Ya videos take longer to moderate and they dont have enough moderaters to check every video if they were free to upload like decals.

      I’ma NBCer and I agree with the price.

    2. Mathepa

      The only thing is the images should not have a price. It is just like decals and decals are free, why 20 robux for one on the place?

  28. bobyjoe9876

    I think the price is reasonable.
    After all, you don’t want someone posting a video about something irrelevant.

  29. agr0n

    Hey I noticed that you can’t enable full screen on the vids can you change that its hard to see what they are doing on the actual vid when its so small.
    Also lower the cost of the vid plz. §

  30. thedestroyer115

    I think that it’s funny that non-BC will complain all day about not getting robux when they can go do some chores or yardwork for an hour and earn enough money for BC.

    1. anonymous

      lol or older robloxians get a job i mean realy i could buy 4 obc me memberships every day i go to work :P

  31. sonicxian2

    Oh, I like this idea. It’s possible for advertise a group or project as a decal in brick, this is so very good!!! ;D

  32. Manpan12

    Is it possible to change one of the gallery pictures when you want it changed, or must we pay again and delete old?

    1. Rany100

      “We’re starting at this price because we want to encourage quality and ensure we have enough manpower to quickly moderate your submissions for appropriate, relevant video and audio,”

      It’s just Temporary

  33. Mr Liz., the dragon

    I can pay 10 dollars for a video :P .. unless it’s BC only, if so , that’s just mean.

  34. TheBlockMan55

    I have a complaint…. When I uploaded one of my photos on to my place Tornado Alley one of the best pictures on there looks like someone pixelated it and added bevels as if someone had configured the photo on Paint.NET. If you search Tornado Alley in Games it would be the 2nd one there. And you will notice one of the photos was changed and pixelated

  35. awsome986

    Ok I love the idea but the price is WAY TOO HIGH if you want to make a 30 second video on your place for 10 stinken real money then they are crazy why not just advertise your place on YouTube put a link in your game to that video and you wont waste money problem solved

  36. SargentGHDaniel

    This is great! Thank you for the updates and the fair pricing. I have already created a gallery on each of my places!

  37. Imafighter

    All the people that are saying 1000 robux is too much, mabye it is. Mabye it isn’t. They do it to prevent spam and stuff like that. And also to block innaproipriate videos from being broadcasted. So please, accept the 1000 robux deal and get over it.

    1. joseph12hppp

      well its kinda stupid because why cant u just pay 1000robux then thats it u can just post any for free. and how do u get that much robux if u wanna post like 10 pics or vids

  38. Radioaktiivinen

    I think the price is ok. Your just finished game doesnt need a video, probably not even a picture. You dont even know if its going to succeed. But if it does and gets to the front page (you dont need a video for that!), you get enough money for those videos so that you can tell people that your game is a quality game both by letting them see actual gameplay, and showing that you had enough visits to pay for those videos.

  39. firefighterman1993

    i dont think 1000 is good to upload a vidio i can aford that you sould make it free or give more robux a day and make this program for groups so you can upload group pics

  40. Gutiotyu

    1000R$ Yup, that’s fair enough.
    Just only…how the world I can find 1000R$ without BC now? ._.

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