ROBLOX and 20th Century Fox Partner on Three Stooges Game

ROBLOX has partnered with 20th Century Fox to create “Welcome to Stoogeville”, a new ROBLOX game featuring The Three Stooges. The Farrelly brothers’ Three Stooges movie will be coming to theatres on April 13th, but ROBLOX’s 3D game allows Stooge fans to play Larry, Moe and Curly in a virtual world today.

In “Welcome to Stoogeville”, players choose a Stooge and compete with others to earn money and to save their orphanage. The best way to earn money is, of course, pranking other stooges with fish, frying pans, brooms, buckets, turkey legs and more. But players have to prank wisely; their “Prank Bars” only last so long and then it’s back to home base.

The ROBLOX Content Team wanted to capture the essence of a small downtown for the game.   While the team used the underlying physics and game-play mechanics of ROBLOX Base Wars FPS, “Welcome to Stoogeville” features a custom map, ROBLOX renditions of the Stooges and unique items.  We also built a Stooges menu, where players have the ability to pick which Stooge to play.

Check out the game here, and catch the movie in theatres on April 13th.

86 thoughts on “ROBLOX and 20th Century Fox Partner on Three Stooges Game

  1. Anonymous

    Gawd just can’t get em didnt lem me so i should get them now because ROBLOX made the sales off. he should give some time to put em on!

  2. tonykaree13

    I got all of them in 2 hours ._. It was easy.
    I got MVP (Lobster), Wooden Mallet (Curly), Larry Hair (Larry), and Moe Hair (Moe)

    1. Marioh10

      Just 4 rounds.
      1. MVP+Curly
      2. Larry
      3. Nothing, lost this round
      4. Moe
      (Moe and Larry may be in reverse…)
      Seriously, how is it so easy.

  3. later36

    FIRST COMMENT… i hope!XD and i supppose this movie use to be a tv show and the preview looks ok :/ i might watch it in theaters…

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