ROBLOX Takes on Phishing Sites

Phishing has been a problem since the inception of the internet, and in 1995 the term was first coined in a README doc for a popular hacking tool targeting AOL users. Recently, ROBLOX has seen an increase in phishing sites, and we wanted to communicate how we approach these sites. Phishing is a common method of online identity theft, and in our continued effort to make ROBLOX as safe as possible, we will be taking serious measures to ensure the security of our players. ROBLOX will press charges and utilize law enforcement to take down any phishing sites that threaten our site’s security.

What is Phishing?

Phishing attempts to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, or credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity either through email communication or a website. We should also note that phishing is not a ROBLOX-specific issue, but rather it affects major websites on the internet, including sites such as eBay, Amazon, and others. Communications pretending to be from popular social websites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators lure unsuspecting users into providing valuable personal information. Because of this, ROBLOX continually upgrades our security systems, and we police the site to guard against these intrusions. However, everyone should always be aware of providing sensitive information unless you can verify the source.

Does Phishing Violate Federal Criminal Laws?

Because phishing sites utilize false and fraudulent statements to deceive people into disclosing valuable personal data, phishing schemes may violate a variety of federal criminal statutes. In many phishing schemes, the participants may be committing identity theft (18 U.S.C. § 1028(a)(7)), wire fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1343), credit-card (or “access-device”) fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1029), bank fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1344), computer fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1030(a)(4)), and the newly enacted criminal offenses in the CAN-SPAM Act (18 U.S.C. § 1037). Phishing may also breach various state statutes on fraud and identity theft.

ROBLOX’s Response to Phishing Schemes

Since security and a great user experience are essential at ROBLOX, we work directly with criminal agencies to pursue and enforce a safe environment. The FBI has a mechanism to report potential phishing schemes, and ROBLOX utilizes this as part of our response. Our players may never hear about these enforcement actions, but be assured that ROBLOX management takes these threats seriously and takes action.

To help our users become more aware of what phishing sites look like, here is an example:

Compare the URL in this screenshot to that of, and you can easily see that something is incorrect here.  The bottom line is: any time you enter personal data into a page on the internet, double check the identity of the site you are using.

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365 thoughts on “ROBLOX Takes on Phishing Sites

  1. AMaleDeafCat

    I saw one of those websites and i was gonna test it so i made a new account and i used it, then i couldn’t get on that account after.

  2. substitute541

    Thank god someone did this. But you guys must also patch every holes the hackers (More Specifically… Expro and Globe Of Geek) bypass… It’s getting annoying. I saw 3 hackers in my life in roblox. 2 of them were zeroreploid and ultradude12345. Both of them hacked points (it’s more than just cheat engine.. Look it up on peoples, you will see that ultradude hacked several accounts.) Zeroreploid also can hack accounts.

  3. YelloAllo

    People actually fall for this.
    This site clearly states you can’t get free robux without currency trade or payment.

  4. magicalbeakz

    It is sad to hear about all of this hacking and identity theath on roblox, i have experienced this before this is what happened, i was on a game and someone told me “hey i can get you free robux” and i ignored the user but a noob fell into it, the hacker had told me his dad was a roblox admin so i asked for his account name i then cheked for the admin badge and there was none, i instiantlly knew what was going on i quickly warned all the users on that server and reported him, i dont know what ended up happening, just thought i would let you know

    Magicalbeakz (Magic Builders CEO)

  5. pokemon17145

    this one guy said i know how to give you tbc lifetime but i gave him a noob account that i make to trick people

    1. Kv321

      Ive been waitng for a while for something like this. My friend got hacked and got a virus on his computer from that website.

  6. Littlelion309

    I remember about a year or 2 ago, i fell for one of these sites, Boom. right then 2 of my best hats were deleted. And my password was changed. Yet my bro saved my account :D

  7. Crazyshadowlink24

    i have an idea on how to protect places from expro hacks. If theres any change in the scripts thats not intended by the creator immeaditly shuts down the server.

  8. 2008nickcody

    Most sites are fake but I have encountered 2 sites that worked. ROBLOX stops the hack fast though.

    1. 2008nickcody

      By the way. I have never given out my information. I just looked at them on Youtube and almost everyone in the comments said “It Worked”.

      1. ghg429xl

        when on youtube it says that it’s just the owner of the video with differnt user names posting

  9. Venenoso

    Thanks for warning the risks of phishing hackers, ROBLOX, in the words of the GI Joe segments as termed below:
    “Now I’d Know!”
    “And knowing is half the battle!”

  10. koolkid64

    I agree. Whenever I download stuff for a different game, all these ads pop up that are like “shoot 3 ducks for an ipad 2 ololololol den we get to phish you” or ads on another game site that are like “YOU JUST WON A 1,000 DOLLAR WALMART GIFT CARD” and all those ads in smartphone apps that are like “you have (1) new ringtone. You should never EVER fall for these phishing schemes. I always close them out or ignore them. You do the same, or end up like poor people who have had their identity or creid card numbers phished by cruel, law-breaking criminals. Summary: DON’T CLICK STRANGE ADS!

    1. Scooby8snacks

      I agree.
      Here is another thing : NEVER FALL FOR THE ” Do you want Lifetime OBC and a million ROBUX?”
      Well, once a I got a Party Invite and a guy did that to me, SCAMMER!!!

    2. KarateAndy

      I agree with kool. If you go to a website and it says “You are the 1,00th (state) visitor winner! Click the button to claim your prize! This is not a pish even though it says so in the URL” ignore those will ya

  11. tib0172

    yeah well if people would actually stop and think about it they would realize it’s fake but they’re just like “Hey free robux sweet!” of course it’s a whole different story when the kid is too young to know any better…

  12. firedragon2989

    I wonder how many people are still going to post spams on things… Well atleast the word has spread :D

  13. Bugor

    I think this is great. Once, I almost fell for a phishing site. Once it got to “Pleas put in your username and password!” I realized it was fake. So I put in some insults and swear words for my username, and put “Youreallyaredesperate” for my password. Works every time people!

  14. Brad1018

    Yes, it’s sad how many people fall for it… but I don’t get it, why do they want the accounts? To advertise the site more in comments?

  15. navysealsnake

    Guys you,can tell it’s not from ROBLOX becuase if it was it would be a system notification

  16. HyPeR8787

    There has been way to many of these sites, we all know there fake, dont fall for the stupid people who makes the sites, GET A LIFE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THOSE KINDS OF SITES!!!!

  17. zarockelite

    why do people fall for those sites it takes only a second to check if the site is real or not and if you are not sure just stay away or google after the official site

  18. mmmarlin

    Some people don’t go on the blog. Can you spread it in a red announcement? I mean, you know. People don’t stop. Can you do something about the spamming/scamming? Oh, also. Trade system?

  19. rechord

    Finaly something to stop Phishing.
    Ive lost about 3 account beliving that stuff actualy works :( I used to have an old account name richard that got hacked just like that.

  20. PhantomGlade

    There were many comments on the Catalog in the Featured section about this site called freerobuxnow.k or something like that. I don’t really remember. It said it gives free R$ but we all know it’s a stupid scam.

  21. joshcopterccshx

    Roblox you should really do something about all of the spam comments it is really annoying

    1. BOOMheadshot246

      I agrre, But spammers are just people who don’t know what they’re doing. And I mean it in the nice way. They seriously don’t know what will happen, They just think that they’ll get “robux” or “Lifetime Builder’s Club”. We can’t blame the players, We gotta blame and punish the Phishers.

  22. WaffleFinder

    I saw the sight, but I didn’t believe anything about it. Roblox is doing awesome work.

    1. immensejoyouscaster

      i saw it too and two days after i did it (yeah i fell for it) i still did not have the robux and then another two days i could not get into my account and my person was completely different. i was hacked. D: but i got my account back :D eat that hackers >:3

      1. ultra

        i remember i got scammed on one of those lost 300 robux as soon as i noticd i changed my pass

  23. MrAwesomeFace123

    Hmmm, well, I have been phished by Harris2Cool before, so I know about this stuff. Thanks for posting this Roblox, the word is now out! :D

  24. jack79274

    Lol, I can tell when it’s a scam because the ROBLOX company wouldn’t just give away free Robux!

    1. Alex

      I agree, this is better than updates, do this instead!
      People are getting hacked by hackers!
      Finally something to PROTECT people.

  25. JarodOfOrbiter

    I just typed in some insults in the boxes.
    Even on that EXACT site shown.
    I hope the hate me for those insults.
    It was worth it.

  26. epicfin8

    Thank you for putting that in blog because i heard so much comments of it and have links but i dont go on it

    1. EpicToro

      About time Hackers and spammer will fall!
      Since they keep spamming such sites in good games.

  27. MrChickens

    I suggest that you remove any comments posted by the person being “phised” immediatly after he has been banned/reported for falling for this crime.

  28. Cat

    I never fall for “Shoot 5 iPads!” neither should you. You have to be a noob to click one of them, NEVER EVER CLICK AN AD, unless its a ROBLOX ad, then its completly safe. Never ever click an ad, thats how I roll :)

  29. livewire66

    PLEASE DO NOT MOCK ME, but I’ve fallen for these things about a million times, and I’m sick of it. The last few times, I got banned completely, but I’
    ve tricked the hackers before. Thanks for telling us this, roblox.

  30. Adamnoon

    This doesn’t say how they’re going to find and sites and how they’re going to punish the people who made them… There’s no way to find somebody’s IP legally without the police doing it…

  31. sonicspeed22

    I’m going to lol when people find out it’s against the law to to this type of stuff. As a matter of fact, I already am lol’ing.

  32. patrizl001

    this is bad. but hacking is worse. and half of the servers on the egg hunt were hacked. your only pumping up phishing security and not hacking security.

    1. Kashudi

      I don’t think you appreciate the importance of protecting against phishing sites.

      A hacked roblox server stays within roblox, neither you, your personal details or account are jeopardised when somebody “hacks” your server.

      If you enter your details on some random ILLEGAL website, chances are you are going to get burnt… bad. So therefore this is a much more important issue for ROBLOX to consider, however saying this I think they will definitely be starting to target user exploiting and hacking very soon.

  33. Meh

    You know, you just gave the crackers some information on your security (no matter how small it may or may not be); of which they can use against you one way or another.

  34. That GuyThat Guy Again

    But in the end, the company can’t directly do anything when it comes to other forms of cracking; like packet sniffing, and other forms of Social Engineering.

  35. adolwa

    I’m glad this is finally out in the know. I, along with many, many other people, have notified info@roblox about this situation.

  36. DanMan106

    This is going to hit spammers in thd back. Now the website above has been shown and spaming and hacking will decrease

  37. Tacoburger22

    Are websites saying ” You’ve won a free iPhone, IMac, etc.!!!” phishing sites? I think they are, because you have to enter valid info.

    1. HunterCop224

      You will never get anything for free on the Internet, I believe that it is a rule of the Internet too. (uploading a YouTube video and getting a present on ROBLOX does not count as free, you still had to work a little bit to get it)

    2. Kanealii

      Yes, they are phishing sites. Their is also a chance, if its a popup, its a Adware/spyware site.


    3. Irocksalot

      Yes, But they are trying to get your name, email, and credit card number so it is pretty bad.

    4. Kashudi

      Even if it doesn’t fall under the dictionary definition of a phishing site, DON’T CLICK IT!!!

      I can almost guarantee that the site contains a myriad of various computer infections (seeing as apparently a “virus” is only one form of it) and you do NOT want your computer infected with these.

      Also, I can say that you will NOT get a free ipad, or iphone or mac or pc or ANYTHING. Even if it’s a pencil. All they want is your address, email and phone number so they can spam it out of existence.

  38. KP

    Thank you for making me feel safer! :P Many people take this as a joke and make their own sites to get accounts. I can’t believe there are users who believe this!

    1. IceVoid

      I never trust random links, i’m 16 and like 6 years ago something like this happened to me [on an other game] since then i’ve been REALLY save.

  39. mitchdew

    I think this is going be good because im sick of all those spam things that say go to this website for free money and i also get some messages that say it

    1. IceVoid

      True, now they should bring out TS so the “Scammers” problem will be solved [for a part].

  40. awesomekevin101

    Listen, I have no doubt in agreeing. The most trusted people I know are GametestGames and StShamrock.

  41. Sadcamp, PoV.

    Very Interesting. I find it nice that ROBLOX will finnally take something big down.

  42. coplox

    What if it’s a hacker using a monkey-in-the-middle tactic? That’s another phishing tactic, and, the URL will be entirely legit. They just tap into your sent packets. Any advice for that?

    1. IceVoid

      Hold your mouse on the link [if its click-able] and in the Left corner of your web browser will appear the real site behind the link!

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