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ROBLOX Users Can Now “Age Up”

Age Change ScreenshotYou asked and we delivered: ROBLOX users can now set their date of birth on the ROBLOX website. This is an important feature because it allows users to take advantage of social features when they turn 13, while still keeping us in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

If you haven’t already set your date of birth on your ROBLOX account, we encourage you to do so now. Here’s how it works.

Set Age/Date of Birth

Date of Birth Interface Screenshot

To set your date of birth, simply log into your ROBLOX account and use the interface, shown above, on the Account page. There are some special requirements, however, when you set your age under 13 or “age up” to 13+.

Change Age (Under 13)

Parent's Verification Interface

ROBLOX users who are under 13 must have their parent(s) change their date of birth. This requires that a parent’s email address be filed on their account so the parent can verify the change. Privacy Mode will be enabled on the account until disabled by a parent.

Users who have not provided their parent’s email address can enter it, along with their account password, when prompted on the Account page.

“Age Up” to 13+

Existing ROBLOX users who have turned 13 since joining ROBLOX can ask their parents to “age up” their accounts and enable the Free Text Experience, which allows users to chat, send private messages, participate in the forums and post comments. They can then select their chat, party, follow and private message preferences on the Account page.

Users who have not provided their parent’s email address can enter it, along with their account password, when prompted on the Account page.

ROBLOX takes the safety of our users seriously and is in compliance with COPPA. More information regarding ROBLOX’s Privacy Mode can be found here.

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196 thoughts on “ROBLOX Users Can Now “Age Up”

  1. mimi16556

    This is ok. But could you please make a setting so WHEN WE ARE IN GAMES WE CAN CHOOSE WEATHER OR NOT WE WANT TO SEE FRIENDS, BEST FRIENDS OR EVERYONES CHAT. I only want to see what my friends are saying, not everyone in the game! Please fix this!

  2. Kevaknight

    First body meshes – and now this. I agree with one of the previous comments (I believe it was an ’08-er); ROBLOX is unique because we’re block figures that get to chat with friends. If we wanted to be realistic, we’d go play more real-life situated videogames. This will ruin ROBLOX and I along with many other users will quit. NO, JUST NO

  3. Lolz

    Doh i think i got giltched>_< i am lesser more than 13 :/(but i can still chat plus it didnt take my to do it!):D

  4. The Real Meta Knight

    im under 13 and i didnt change to under 13.

    It should be 10+, not 13+ for the AWESOME TYPE CHAT!

  5. Invader Zim

    Yeah, this is a GOOD idea.
    But there is one problem.
    Why not let people under the age of 13 talk?
    I mean, a lot of kids play this game.
    Don’t you think that is a little unfair?
    Please fix this.
    -Invader Zim

      1. Guardian

        1. Because they’re be exposed to rude language.
        2. They’ll unwitnessingly use that rude language towards others.
        3. Everyone gets annoyed.

    1. Three90

      I agree why not kids need to communtate
      this is a facebook, but for kids.
      So Please~ to All of roblox staff
      think about this

  6. bunnies1234567890

    Why does it have to be 13+ to free chat why cant it be 8+ that would be the best

    1. Colderjake1524

      Because of some peoples rude language, and besides there are just as many grown ups who dont “act their age”. Other wise known as pedophiles. lol..

  7. Wonderfulandu2001

    Good idea, especially if the under 13s (12, 11 year olds) want to chat with friend that are 13+.

  8. Copyright

    Strange. In the safe chat, It says: “I do not want to say if I am a boy are a girl…”

  9. Techhex

    I think if your 9 and older you should be able to talk. By the way most of ROBLOX Is under the age of 13 Even I am.

  10. LuluLovesFrogz

    I think it should be 11+.. Its just not fair for the 11, and 12 year olds. They should be able to talk too?

  11. Yo_mama

    Why don’t we all have free chat instead giving your parents a hard time asking questions like unlock the free chat!

  12. jordanorosco

    No more updates Roblox well Hat updates are fine but can Roblox ever fix the lag on places or they cant and the creator of the random game can?


    Im Sure ROBLOX can stop makeing this place more worse… Cause now people like for example.. If someone was 10 and played this, they woulden’t enjoy the game as much cause of the noobie safechat.. But anyways… I liked the way it was when ROBLOX had the Blue Foreground.

  14. Dexter600

    Hey I’m 13 And SomeTimes Friends At My School Ask Me How I Get The Chat.How They Get It


  15. Jman88s

    Im younger than 13 but my mom unlocked my chat or whatever with her parent account months ago so we really dont need this lol

  16. hawiiworriors2002

    but 1 problem i want to change the age of my profiles that cant talk :( so that 1 is one problem

  17. Rachaelle

    We may not need it,but if we grow up we need to change our age…anyway i dont like to explain :3

    1. jordanorosco

      Well,robloxians need to know if your a Girl or a Boy because if your a Girl and you choose Boy then your a boy,if your a Boy and choose Girl then your a Girl,so yeah you need to know your gender in real life so you can enter it on here.

  18. Ironinforcer

    I think roblox should stay the way roblox is. It’s fine how it is. Why would you want to change it again everytime you try to change something you mess something else up! Just stop with the updates. You should be trying to fix the lag on roblox.

    1. supermegablox

      When you say “everytime you try to change something you mess something else up” are you sure your not talking about Youtube?

  19. darkbomb

    “13+” has been by my username before this feature was added? How does this affect me?

  20. danielthewerewolf

    I am very glad this feature came out. First of all, it allows users to chat when they become old enough. That way in case they were under the age of 13 when they joined they could change that so they could talk later. This feature is very usful.

  21. smallsplat

    how will this affect roblox users? dont we allready put are date of birth when we join, and get our parents to take off our safe chat. This might be good idea, but i think we don’t realy need it.

    1. link6249

      Think about people who are safe chatters, this is the gates of heaven for clans with safe chatters

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