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ROBLOX Users Can Now “Age Up”

Age Change ScreenshotYou asked and we delivered: ROBLOX users can now set their date of birth on the ROBLOX website. This is an important feature because it allows users to take advantage of social features when they turn 13, while still keeping us in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

If you haven’t already set your date of birth on your ROBLOX account, we encourage you to do so now. Here’s how it works.

Set Age/Date of Birth

Date of Birth Interface Screenshot

To set your date of birth, simply log into your ROBLOX account and use the interface, shown above, on the Account page. There are some special requirements, however, when you set your age under 13 or “age up” to 13+.

Change Age (Under 13)

Parent's Verification Interface

ROBLOX users who are under 13 must have their parent(s) change their date of birth. This requires that a parent’s email address be filed on their account so the parent can verify the change. Privacy Mode will be enabled on the account until disabled by a parent.

Users who have not provided their parent’s email address can enter it, along with their account password, when prompted on the Account page.

“Age Up” to 13+

Existing ROBLOX users who have turned 13 since joining ROBLOX can ask their parents to “age up” their accounts and enable the Free Text Experience, which allows users to chat, send private messages, participate in the forums and post comments. They can then select their chat, party, follow and private message preferences on the Account page.

Users who have not provided their parent’s email address can enter it, along with their account password, when prompted on the Account page.

ROBLOX takes the safety of our users seriously and is in compliance with COPPA. More information regarding ROBLOX’s Privacy Mode can be found here.

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196 thoughts on “ROBLOX Users Can Now “Age Up”

  1. Nobody

    ROBLOX Can you make the age lower? Why do you have to not give freedom to younger one? I mean we can’t even change the name of our places!

  2. crazycrypt

    I’m 14 years old. For some reason when I joined Roblox I set my age too that, so it never updated.. now i’m stuck being below 13 years old. You’d think I could get a parent account and change it, but I can’t! Some how, a parent account that I don’t know of is onto it already. I’m.. doomed!

    Account: crazycrypt

  3. Lucas Richard (Insame123)

    I have that feature.
    I’ll just aged up.

    I was like:
    Wow, nice feature to age up when
    they was have the feature just i aged up.

    That’s all.


    I dislike the fact that Under-13s can’t Free-chat. Part of the ROBLOX experience is being social. Free-chat amongst themselves?

    1. AliceaSarah

      There is a way for the parent to allow the child to chat if he/she is under 13, so it’s not really a fact, like you said. I agree: part of the ROBLOX experience is being social. Free-chat ALLOWS the characters to be social, just not in a very descriptive language, and it helps prevent them from hearing things that shouldn’t be heard at their age. I agree with the whole free-chat thing, but I think it should be 11 and under, not 13. 11 is the age where most people are in 5th grade or middle school, so I’m assuming by then they’ll be mature enough for the standards that dumb ROBLOX sets by age.

  5. sirmentio

    now think of it like this guys, its a “good luck” gift to free chat when you turn into a teenager :D

  6. sirmentio

    what would be awesome would be if you were 13 and under, your character would be a bit small, and if your 13+, you would be taller, and if you were 16+, you would goto the final size :]

      1. AliceaSarah

        Well, then people would get a more accurate guess on your age, so I don’t really agree with this so much.

  7. wow25

    I Pmed some one about his, i was so exited about turning thirteen and chatting, but it didn’t happen.
    And i cant be the only one who had the same thing happen.

  8. Matthew4488

    Honestly, I don’t want to do this. It will only take away my features the I like (I.e. Free Chat). Even though I’m only 11, I find no point. Anybody agree?

  9. starr123

    I kinda don’t get the point cause I have no problems with my account. But thanks for always making ROBLOX better to play :D

  10. Joeysgame1234

    I’m 11 and I’m verified to chat.Will that take away my email given apoval to chat until I’m verified yet again?

  11. AliceaSarah

    I completely agree. Unless our gender helps ROBLOX create a better product, then it shouldn’t be required.

  12. AliceaSarah

    I don’t see why we need to fill out the gender application. There should be an option that says N/A or whatever. Our gender doesn’t help ROBLOX create any better products, therefore it shouldn’t need to be filled out. I don’t think that ROBLOX should know how old we are, nevertheless. This game is for all ages, so I don’t see why that’s necessary. If there’s a child of younger age, that should be completely up to the parent/guardian. I know a lot of people that succeed the maturity level that ROBLOX sets by age. The age doesn’t determine how mature the person is, so I completely disagree. The only thing that relates to personal information that should be required is the email, so if it actually is a young child, the parent/guardian will be able to decide if they’re allowed to free chat or not. If it’s a teenager who really is 13+, then it won’t hurt to put in their email and just set it so they don’t get emails from ROBLOX with every update.

    1. Katbox12

      I totally agree. It is really really (In my opinion and forgive me for using this word, not trying to offend any body especcially ROBLOX.) Stupid. I don’t see the use of it.

  13. dancingdev

    Thank you!!! This is what I was waiting for…I started in 08 and for the longest time I couldn’t free chat. Btw the age thing is good people, it keeps people who can’t type out. Its so hard to talk to younger kids…

    1. Avery Walker

      Lol, What if the younger ones have Grammar, Like me.. :) Lol, Seriously, I’m only 8, I joined in 09.. (When I was four years old), Since I program, I’m able to type fast..

  14. mrjoe9

    I was looking for one of these in ’09 and ’10. Now that it’s 2012 and I’ve had a new account for the past two and a half years they make this.

      1. Robotcat78

        I’m only 11, and I have the free chat Thingy. I agree it’s up to the parent and based in how mature your child is.

  15. k9lego

    I’m glad this came out, my sister was on a boy account, so I changed it to Girl. And what I was worried (not like allot, just wondering what i’ll do) When I turn 13 (I set it to my age because it was my account i gave to her.) so now this is out, (before i turn 13) so when i turn 13, i can fix it to her age. :) I just don’t think she is ready for it yet.

  16. helloq

    @kilk, there is something about the age of 13 on the internet that is why it is chosen, I think it has to do with COPPA.

  17. dragonbayblade24

    that is really cool and for the people that accsadently put something wrong they got the chance to fix it roblox telamon your the best keep making games i love you bro peace out

  18. robomalcolm007

    u should make a friends chat. its exactly like free chat but u can only chat with your friends and only ur friends can see ur chat. :)
    reply plz!

      1. left4deadownage

        yeah, but only under their parents approval, we don’t want 5 year olds being cyber bullied.

  19. lolb3

    I suggest that instead of these small, annoying things, you make something big. I’d like more Hotkeys for ROBLOX studio.

  20. Adamnoon

    This is great! When I joined roblox over 4 years ago, I couldn’t wait 3 months to turn 13 so I set my DOB later… Now I can set it to the real one :D

  21. bigair456

    i think everyone really should be abel to use it because some people might leave roblox to find a website that lets everyone do what they REALLY want to do LET EVERYONE USE IT

  22. Greeksgods98

    This was a really good idea, for instance, what if you joined ROBLOX when you were 11 in 2010. Then your birthday came up, this year. Wouldn’t you want the oppurtunity to chat with others, instead of being safe-chat and never able to talk to friends.

  23. cafeolay2

    Although I am 14, I don’t think it would be fair to let the 12 & under people not set their place names.

    1. Legoguy264

      I agree. Beccause my sister is only 8, she cant talk, but they should still be able to change their place names for a chance at getting famous.

  24. docselmo

    i noticed this on 25th april (a year of me being on roblox) i thought it came with the veteran badge

    1. tailsguy

      I never was able to talk until this thing was open i was 14 and it still did not let me but i am very thankful for this

    1. bigair456

      i agree because some people are really into roblox and they want to be abel to do everything

    2. jtfriend137

      Roblox is going to ignore your pleas, because they can’t do anything about it. It’s against the law, so unless you want Roblox to get shut down, please don’t ask for things like this without knowing all the details.

      1. Chocky

        Err, excuse me? There are tons of sites were kids can talk at all ages. That games has been running for 6 years now, and it hasn’t been shut down.

  25. Joseph

    It doesn’t seem any different that it was before the age up. I used to have a safechat account in 2008 so it might have changed since then.

    1. ilolallthetime

      Dude it is important because I’m tired off sounding like i just jumped off my couch into my video games!!!!! Although I don’t safe chat anymore but I used too.

    1. EpikYummeh

      Roblox has to “segregate” by age because of COPPA. Go read the COPPA text and you’ll understand.

    2. skulltail

      Well remember like 4 year olds play this and thay have no idea how to type but they can play and hows this think about the guest’s? they would be more anoying if they could talk!

  26. Sparky4554

    I agree with Doodle22606, we should get parental consent to chat. If your under 13, its kind of rude. Lots of people, like my cousin, who’s 9 and plays, say’s she REALLY wants to chat, but cant since she’s under 13. Make it parental consent, not age expectations!

    1. robocorp

      There IS parental consent when you create the account, if you go into the email they send you when you make an account, it lets you change it. I never said I was over 13, and still got chat.

    2. ilolallthetime

      what do you mean? I get it, but really parental consent! They should just allow kids to type period.Mostly because kids play Sims 3 and type. Kids play call of duty and talk in speakers! So I don’t know why they think typing is going to kill you like its some kind of crime.

      1. robocorp

        It’s like the law… You HAVE to have parental consent or be over 13 to get it. There are a LOT of crooked people out there. The ‘Privacy Mode’ keeps the kids from being exposed to inappropriate things.

  27. xXximboredxXx

    Are you sure this is fair? I think people should gradually start to unlock things as they age. At 10 they would unlock Safe Chat (chat bubble chat button), at 11 they would unlock Private Messages, at 12 they would unlock the ability to post comments and change their place names, and at 13 they would unlock normal chatting in-game and the forums.

    1. Matthew4488

      No, just no. Everybody should have these privileges even though they are under age. I agree with a lot of others it should be parental consent. This is just taking away all of your old privileges. Your parents don’t want you to chat with others until your older just make them turn on safety mode. Simple as that ROBLOX should not anything. It’s fine as it is. I will make a small patriotic (As in more freedom for users) group. When I do I’ll post my group I.D.

    1. Nelly

      I disagree. What would be in the 13+ games? Things that 13 under can’t see? Breaking the rules, which’ll just make ODing x10 the worse.

      1. AliceaSarah

        I don’t know whether to agree or disagree with this. In the 13+ games, there could be horror games that allow decals that younger children wouldn’t be very thankful to see, but the people who are 13+ wouldn’t really mind. I’ve always really wanted a super scary game, but as said earlier, age censorship.

  28. cooljessie25

    I personally think this isn’t a good idea, it’s a game why would anyone need to know our age? Just let us play, I’m not sending out the E-Mail..

  29. thefyo

    All shold freechat. If a account under 13 shold free chat BUT if they say a bad word then yeah they go back to freechat.

    1. Professor Blocky

      You’re actually right, I I think it would be better if the players parents could pick between freechat and safechat even if your under 13.

      1. jtfriend137

        You CAN do that. I myself do that. If your parents say that it’s not possible for you to do that, they could be just saying that because they don’t want you talking to other people online and don’t won’t you to think you have the ability to so that you want ask them. Or they just don’t know how.

  30. bunnybunn263

    That is quite too much information. We should be able to enter as a ‘Genderless’.

  31. Doodle22606

    You know, I don’t think it’s fair to say ONLY 13 and up can free-chat, private message, etc…. You should just have to have parental consent to do that.

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