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Screen Some Great Video Trailers

Play ButtonWe knew ROBLOX users were capable game designers, but it wasn’t until we launched our media gallery feature that we realized our users are solid cinematographers as well. In the days since we allowed users to begin promoting their games with video, we’ve seen more than 250 submissions, running the gamut from carefully crafted to suitably dramatic to oddly funny.

Look no further than here for some video-trailer inspiration. You might even pick up some useful tips, too.

Perilous Skies

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”Tm48ulLyk5E”/]


Kool Killer VI: The Final Inception

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”aPa8CMYQK_E”/]



[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”NBWbxL2EdXQ”/]


ROBLOX Chair Racing

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”tLaCt1_o1XU”/]


Fight 4 Life 2

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”vbOYkGegQVI”/]


Survive the End of ROBLOX

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”ytyVblAl6NQ”/]

And, for a little dry humor to put you in the mood:

Spray Paint the City

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”zXWrUUYUIB8″/]


For background on submitting videos and images for your game’s media gallery, check out this recent blog post. Or, if you’d like some additional guidance, read through the handy Video Making 101.

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69 thoughts on “Screen Some Great Video Trailers

  1. l12268306l

    Yes I really agree, Many robloxians have not seen this on the Blog section yet, However It’s a pretty cool update. Nice job guys!

  2. drex112

    No the noob era started in 2005 when Roblox was fist attacked by the Noobs of finland,ireland,germany,britain and lots more once this happened Roblox got against the noobs so they hired higher prices for OBC.TBC,BC so noobs will not get to be proffensinal noobs

  3. drex112

    Hello,ROBLOX may you lower down the price of OBC to £10-$20 plz it would help and more people will join OBC and everyone will never bother you Excepy for lags

  4. Matt1234509876

    Why have they put the vids for the most populer games, my vid for The Longest Fum Obby is way better

  5. Aero426

    The “Survive the End of Roblox” one brought back good Roblox Memories… Good Times… Good Times…

  6. partyamy112

    i think this new gallery and trailer feature is not awesome… ITS EPIKAL! and no not epic, EPIKAL! :3

  7. Tonitoni

    I am really suprised my video was not included. I spent over 10 hours on it…
    It is the video thumbnail for my first place: The Robloxian Army fort normandy. Check it out! -Tonitoni

  8. Euclid243

    Look likes ROBLOX did a good update for once, not good. GREAT! My fav games here are chair raceing, and kool killer.

  9. Euclid243

    The “Perilous Skies” one and “Kool Killer VI: The Final Inception” are the best. :)

  10. agr0n

    Survive the End of ROBLOX was the coolest trailer. The games I’m going to go to though are Freeflight, Perilous Skies, and ROBLOX Chair Racing in that order. §

  11. maxjk0

    i dont know why,but that last video made me laugh, its just somthing about the unexpected joke make me laugh

  12. PacoMuerto70

    I forgive you for not putting the video for my first place, Roblox. XD

    Excellent videos, guys!

    1. funnymouse7

      I already know its bc… just a guess but its probably bc only….
      90% its gonna be bc only or nbc are limited on the trading
      Nice vids i notice crazyman32 always manages to get in these things not that hes a really good scripter {even though he is} but its that he uses his mind like instead of this i could do this and he thinks what would people want to play? how will i make something easier to use? ETC. and thts wut i like about crazyman32 =D
      and hes also a pro at making gui’s thats wut makes his games look pro most of the time

  13. Shaylyn

    I love the having the chance to let others see videos we have made, the only down side to it is that it costs 1,000 r$, other then that, I love it.

    1. maxjk0

      i guess,but i think you should make it sound different because its the internet, people can be weird

    2. CloneTrooper1019

      Yeah. When I made my KOOL KILLER VIDEO I was concerned that they wouldn’t approve because of my voice in the video. Luckly they did. If you want to record you should have a strong voice and a good microphone

      (Mine was an IPod, So it wasn’t perfect :3)

    1. companyofheroes

      As Time Brown said, and I quote, “We’re starting at this price because we want to encourage quality and ensure we have enough manpower to quickly moderate your submissions for appropriate, relevant video and audio.”.

  14. Mattdarkhaven

    Yeah, I hope every game soon has a video link like that, then you may understand what your supposed to do! :D

  15. Megashadowkiller99

    I didn’t vote that video? I voted the other one. Aha
    Its way better
    That one was just a test

  16. MrgamesNwatch

    I like the feature. As soon as i finish a game I’ll probably make a video trailer to go with it :3

  17. Shagabash

    That Freeflight one strangely made me laugh hysterically. This must be what Roblox meant by “oddly funny.”

  18. MasterLink2000

    video making is a great way to show off your game before a player actully plays the game.

  19. Mr Liz., the dragon

    If the video price wasn’t so high I would like this. Veterans should get a discount.

      1. cafeolay2

        If you have forgotten, the Noob Era started in 2010, so many of them would be able to get it.

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