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In order to prioritize our development pipeline, we posted a blog two weeks ago opening the discussion to our users about their top three requests for ROBLOX.  While we are still carefully reading each reply, we wanted to point out a few exceptional responses, along with our developer feedback, so you can see what we are working on. Below we have selected several great comments from our players. John Shedletsky, ROBLOX’s Creative and Content Lead, provides his response in italics.

Charl3s7: It would be awesome to have a light object that attaches to a brick, and then the brick would emit light.

John: If I were to put together a list of “most-asked for ROBLOX features”, dynamic lighting would definitely be in the top three. ROBLOX’s Lead Graphics Developer, Simon Kozlov, has spent a fair amount of time researching this feature. We think we’re converging on a good strategy for adding this functionality. However, at the moment we’re focusing our graphics development effort on allowing all ROBLOX places to have 10x as many parts as they do now.

leolion113: Allow for users to find what rank someone is from an ingame script (E.g. IsInGroup (1337, “Soldier”)).

John: Expanding scripter access to our social APIs from Lua is a very high “bang for the buck” feature. This is something that is simple to implement, but gives place creators a ton of power. As groups become more central to the ROBLOX experience, features like this will become ever more important.

Anynomous: Ability to test your clothes before you buy them, without having to see someone else wears it.

John: ROBLOX Engineer, Ben Tkacheff, is currently working on extensions to the ROBLOX Lua API that will make it much easier to alter characters’ appearances in-game. This will pave the way for a “try before you buy” feature and it will also allow power users to script this for their own game.

toon2: I strongly encourage you at Roblox to take what Simon Kozlov did with his Hack week demo and implement it into the game in some form. Many commenters commented that they were astonished by how much better Roblox looked with his lighting, and were inspired to do new things with it. Secondly, when I saw the video thumbnail on Shedleskey’s SFOTHIV, I hoped that you would soon put it on the site for players to use. Finally, a lot of people had uploaded meshes through ROBLOX Studio into their games. Sure, they made ROBLOX seem less brick-related, but they were inventive. I personally don’t care for it too much, but I’ve noticed it to be a common interest, along with custom animations.

John: Users want better lighting. This has been one of the top three most requested features. Video thumbnails are actually available for players to use right now!

The ROBLOX staff is divided on the issue of whether or not to allow players to upload meshes. Moderation difficulties aside, some of us feel that custom meshes could undermine the ROBLOX aesthetic of “what you see is what you get”.  For instance, large meshes won’t collide as you expect them to. On the other hand, when confronted with this type of choice, we almost always land on the side of giving more power and creative freedom to our game developers, so it’s hard to tell what the future holds here.

Isoclism Developers:  If you click on Record Video, X makes your Body invisible to the camera, Z is to slightly pan the camera to the left, and C is to slightly pan the camera to the right.

John: Better control over the camera for creating cut-scenes is actually something ROBLOX Engineer, Tyler Mullen, has done some work on. I think the biggest feature here is to allow the ROBLOX video recorder to record “under” the game UI, so you can get an unobstructed picture in your videos.

Isoclism Developers: More features in the forums: a. Editing Posts after publishing them
b. Allow for Image Signatures with moderation

John: Upgrading the existing forums is on the Web Team roadmap for 2012.

Isoclism Developers: Add more GUI Fonts. We only have 3 right now.

John: Yes. We agree – more power to content creators.

Isoclism Developers: Allow for removal of some of the Core Gui’s.

John: Yes. Almost all of them should be removable.

Isoclism Developers: Add more Social Layer API’s for Roblox’s Lua Scripting program. Like maybe players can send messages in-game.

John: More social APIs – we agree about that too. I would be concerned with the potential for mass-spam that “send message” functionality would unlock; however I’m sure there are ways to mitigate this, like a quota system, for example.

Due to the mass number of responses, we will continue to post user comments over the next few weeks with our developer feedback.  We do take your comments seriously, and our goal is to incorporate your opinions into ROBLOX.


About John Shedletsky

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256 thoughts on “User Feedback v1

  1. Perfectaaron

    I think it would be good if the capture video ingame was on Macs because then I could upload a video to my place and if I ever see any hacking on a game, I would have proof.

  2. pwninghawk

    OMG there just skipping the trade system on purpose really roblox come on we dont want that stuff we want TRADE SYSTEM.

  3. NerdIsTheWord

    Roblox’s first person feature would look better if the object you were holding could move up and down like a shooter game. And maybe we could see our arms, too.

  4. tneddo1

    I think that ROBLOX should make the house like it was in 2010 to a regular baseplate and a regular house like it use to be instead of being made out of the stamper tool

  5. 1Ra

    Render Distance, Automaticly or manually there needs to be a way to render lower amounts of brick to reduce lag.

  6. wafles26122

    I would really like to see the :IsInGroup(ID, Rank) method come out. It would help a lot in group places.

  7. Anonymous

    Ok i want and multy-player game-maker,not just to put models, but to do so they can script.I want that so i don’t have to speand HOWERS on the phone trying to get my firends to do something.

  8. Superspeed500

    Lag is a problem on Roblox. It’s Nice thatt you are working on it :D I liked the other features too :D

  9. Toonprincess

    Well. I honestly think you need to improve the Report abuse. Recently I have reported a decal which is rude and nothing has happened.

  10. Sam3812

    Firstly I want to thank you, this is something you’ve never done before, and from the comments I myself have seen, you have definitely picked the better ones.

    Secondly I want to praise you on the work you have been doing and the work you plan to do, I used to think this game was about to fall apart, maybe you thought that too, but you’ve definitely got it back together and better yet, you look like you’re about to improve it too.

    Lastly, I want to suggest that you let us see more of the development, the hack week blog was a brilliant thing for me to read, but I’d like to see that more often.

    Thank you again


  11. Tehepicford

    I’m posting this eon my iPad 3

    Guess what I’m going to say?
    Roblox in IO Divices!

  12. Hiroim

    Bring back being able to delete Personal Messages. Inbox’s get full of spam quite offten, and it does get REALLY annoying.

  13. glosgreen2

    What we could have is the ability to fetch someone or a group’s status in-game using scripts, for example: game:GetService(“”):GetStatus()
    or game:GetService(“Players”)[‘Status’] (Just as long as it’s read-only, this way people’s statuses can’t be updated to something inappropriate.

  14. Sonickyle

    One thing I’ve been waiting for is Singeplayer Games. Adventure Maps would benefit from this, and people will not be disrupted.

  15. Bob McCool (Piemanman)

    I think they should allow 13+servers where you can cuss more freely, And veteran awards/Login streak gifts like +100 free RBX every year your a vet and +5 TIX every straight week you’re on :D

  16. TehPwnz0rOfWar

    I’ve been noticing a huge amount of requests to be able to change a groups name…
    I’ve noticed some groups going inactive because of a misspelled group name, therefore the original group owner must spend 100Bux + Ranks + Ads on a new group. This is a
    lot to some ROBLOXians.l
    I strongly recommend you think about this, because on S&I it’s been a popular subject..

    Thanks for your time, TehPwnz0rOfWar

  17. Foffler

    I first thought of the changable clothing sets some time ago, and I strongly agree with this.

    My other suggestion is for a simpler, basic LUA for new users to use, which would be based off LUA but be easier to follow.
    This could be achieved by merely running a replace, I assume? I have made programming languages before using PHP and they are fairly similar.

    I also support Dynamic Lighting, and custom meshes.

    Custom meshes would benefit from a basic flexbody that could be enabled, though… Maybe even if you could upload a flexbody? Then cars, for example, could be crushed.

    And lastly:

    Make some new objects for the insert tool at personal servers.
    – A teleport object
    – A smoke emitter
    – A fire emitter
    – A spark emitter
    and make:
    – PLAIN glass windows like the house ones, but with no textxure.
    – PLAIN doors, again like the house ones but with no textures.

    Thanks :)

    – Foffler

  18. Aurarus

    Localized lighting would be FANTASTIC! Especially for things like Ambience and Fog.

    Like, when you enter a cave, your ambience turns darker, and your fog becomes thicker…

    Or if you equip a “Lantern” tool, the fog turns lighter and expands, along with the ambience.

  19. mikedragon13

    I still think Erik Cassel’s hack week project with water and buoyancy still should happen. Due to terrain water being so much more realistic than the “blocky water” that ROBLOXians use today.

  20. TheNewFissy

    Please add some type of anti-hack software into roblox. There are too many places being stolen by hackers.

  21. Thebboy267

    I think you guys should get the bouncy water and ropes done soon and very easily accessible because that would be cool in a game like those videos they could actually add real floating water to them. Please hurry

    1. banslup1

      can free acounts make groups because people can’t buy membership im one of them so can we ?

  22. Deathshiva

    When will you guys have an oppritunity to plan and make a Single Player mode for Roblox?

    It’s something that could possibly benefit all of us and giving more atmosphere into our own games. Ever since I joined Roblox, I noticed playing with people is too much when it comes to horror games, FPS games, and even Adventure games based off of Single player ones.

    When I start making a game, I get inspired by SEVERAl wonderful adventure games, but all of them are single player. So when I try to make a multiplayer version, it requires more lag to the game. Not to mention the auto AND Manual regen that can annoy people in-game after an actional part.

    This might benefit Roblox game makers, Cutscene makers, and several other people by not FORCING us into scripting and figuring out how to make the cutscenes for multiplayer. Sure Local scripts are made for a reason, but not all scripts can be converted into local ones.

    1. MarkSill

      If you make a localscript that puts bricks and scripts into the currentcamera (game.Workspace.CurrentCamera) then only that player will see the bricks. I’m conducting a test to see what happens when you put a character in there right now.

    2. glosgreen2

      Well, we have ‘Play Solo’ but that does also allow for editing and stealing the game.

      This could work well but, to make an online version, it requires starting a new server, this would mean there would be way too many servers.

    3. Anonymous

      u can make your game single player. you enter in cofiguregame, and set the players limit to 1

    1. glosgreen2

      I agree, some updates are good but when they removed the ability to open the studio by pressing ‘F2’ (I think), it meant we had to open ROBLOX studio first before pressing “Build”.

  23. finwei

    Improve security. I’ve noticed a lot of games that are copy-locked being stolen from the original creators.

  24. dylanman99

    A way to save outfits! You can save 3 outfits that your avatar was wearing, then you can just change the number you saved the outfit on to put it on again.

  25. CalebMcGuire

    I bet if Builders Club was only worth TIX or ROBUX there would be 5 times more players.

    1. jonman11

      Builders club and robux purchases is how ROBLOX maintains it’s funds. Without them, ROBLOX would be non-profit and, of course, the creators will not be able to continue hosting the site.

  26. ThatEnDude

    Finally, they’re making in-game PMs. I’ve tried suggesting one before in the forums, but people keep on saying “Oh there’s already one: Teamchat”; or “Just PM them in the website”.

  27. CalebMcGuire

    There is one thing Roblox may need to fix. Some of the players that have laggier computers don’t get as much details as the one’s that do. Considering shadows and certain lighting, people that have lag issues don’t get these special features, I also know there is a graphics tuner but if you crank it to the best most of the time it still doesn’t make any shadow effects and some what causes more lag to gameplay. Also, how come when we expand bricks on the high scalability baseplate the bricks they expand but when we generate terrain then expand bricks they flop around and fall right through the terrain or the fly far away. If any of these gliches can be fixed please do. -CalebMcGuire AKA Tigertoo

  28. someone

    you need to make a block people from sending you messages tool. so people can’t spam your inbox.

    1. Anonymous

      ROBLOX is currently making iOS. However, they did mention about some android code. Chances are, they will make android later.

  29. Maddie Barron AKA Pinkdoll

    I love roblox and its a fun game to play games that are your choice, I mean there are thousands of people that make there own houses and its just incredible and every building in that game uses digital blocks you can drag, copy, Enlarge, Flip, Spin, Any thing and I’m just amazed David came up with this and all the other Administrators of roblox. I swear you wont regret playing this game I SWEAR! ? ? ?

  30. murigun

    That’s great, that is a great way to research and find the oppinions of all the users, the creative and the clever. specially majority. Choice applauded.

  31. Grandest Whale in The Universe

    Seems legit, but implement dynamic lights before more parts because it’s way more important and would add much more creative possibilities. Perhaps you could make it work on older systems by using an approximation shading system, somewhat similar to the way screen space ambient occlusion works? Then set the number of chunks and samples to a user defined setting. :D

  32. MetaRyan

    That’s a lot of Isoclism developers. I hope that game actually releases and doesn’t turn into another modVenture.

  33. wickedXxxxlegoxxxx

    I love you guys! You always are so nice and I really love the game. I am glad that you can take all of these responses.

  34. Jason5000

    Those ideas sound fantastic, thething I am very glag about is that this is only v.1, so I hope to see more cool suggestions.

  35. sonic120582

    This means roblox will keep up good updates for a long time.
    This is good. but for people like me dynamic lighting would kill my computer. so, the people who are comlaining about lag are about to not be able to play at all.

  36. NakkurusuZaEkiduna

    You guys should make the “Trading” System too, so we can trade gears, hats, maybe packages or something.

  37. -IHaveAGoodPoint-

    I thought of another feature, while it might not be high on the list it will truly be something. Weather Elements, I would think that it would truely be something if I could walk through a map that is snowing, or the wind is blowing. Even the simple stuff like rain and thunder storms. While it will take a longer time to produce I’m sure users would enjoy the feature. You could even make it a project with separate launches, wind, rain, snow, and much more. So without further ado I leave you to discuss. Weather Elements.

  38. Builderdude

    I’m glad the developers realize that groups are becoming more central to the Roblox experience. The group feature needs much development and more features, such as a greater number of ranks available, and an “are you sure you want to leave this group?” message to prevent accidents.

  39. c0py/Fact/Diagram

    Out of all those comments you managed to not pay attention to all the post about the Trade System?

  40. BNB9NB879567678GH

    I’ve love to say something about in game chat system some people are saying bad words with the for example for e they put 3 and for s they put 5 so they can say @55

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