User Feedback v1

In order to prioritize our development pipeline, we posted a blog two weeks ago opening the discussion to our users about their top three requests for ROBLOX.  While we are still carefully reading each reply, we wanted to point out a few exceptional responses, along with our developer feedback, so you can see what we are working on. Below we have selected several great comments from our players. John Shedletsky, ROBLOX’s Creative and Content Lead, provides his response in italics.

Charl3s7: It would be awesome to have a light object that attaches to a brick, and then the brick would emit light.

John: If I were to put together a list of “most-asked for ROBLOX features”, dynamic lighting would definitely be in the top three. ROBLOX’s Lead Graphics Developer, Simon Kozlov, has spent a fair amount of time researching this feature. We think we’re converging on a good strategy for adding this functionality. However, at the moment we’re focusing our graphics development effort on allowing all ROBLOX places to have 10x as many parts as they do now.

leolion113: Allow for users to find what rank someone is from an ingame script (E.g. IsInGroup (1337, “Soldier”)).

John: Expanding scripter access to our social APIs from Lua is a very high “bang for the buck” feature. This is something that is simple to implement, but gives place creators a ton of power. As groups become more central to the ROBLOX experience, features like this will become ever more important.

Anynomous: Ability to test your clothes before you buy them, without having to see someone else wears it.

John: ROBLOX Engineer, Ben Tkacheff, is currently working on extensions to the ROBLOX Lua API that will make it much easier to alter characters’ appearances in-game. This will pave the way for a “try before you buy” feature and it will also allow power users to script this for their own game.

toon2: I strongly encourage you at Roblox to take what Simon Kozlov did with his Hack week demo and implement it into the game in some form. Many commenters commented that they were astonished by how much better Roblox looked with his lighting, and were inspired to do new things with it. Secondly, when I saw the video thumbnail on Shedleskey’s SFOTHIV, I hoped that you would soon put it on the site for players to use. Finally, a lot of people had uploaded meshes through ROBLOX Studio into their games. Sure, they made ROBLOX seem less brick-related, but they were inventive. I personally don’t care for it too much, but I’ve noticed it to be a common interest, along with custom animations.

John: Users want better lighting. This has been one of the top three most requested features. Video thumbnails are actually available for players to use right now!

The ROBLOX staff is divided on the issue of whether or not to allow players to upload meshes. Moderation difficulties aside, some of us feel that custom meshes could undermine the ROBLOX aesthetic of “what you see is what you get”.  For instance, large meshes won’t collide as you expect them to. On the other hand, when confronted with this type of choice, we almost always land on the side of giving more power and creative freedom to our game developers, so it’s hard to tell what the future holds here.

Isoclism Developers:  If you click on Record Video, X makes your Body invisible to the camera, Z is to slightly pan the camera to the left, and C is to slightly pan the camera to the right.

John: Better control over the camera for creating cut-scenes is actually something ROBLOX Engineer, Tyler Mullen, has done some work on. I think the biggest feature here is to allow the ROBLOX video recorder to record “under” the game UI, so you can get an unobstructed picture in your videos.

Isoclism Developers: More features in the forums: a. Editing Posts after publishing them
b. Allow for Image Signatures with moderation

John: Upgrading the existing forums is on the Web Team roadmap for 2012.

Isoclism Developers: Add more GUI Fonts. We only have 3 right now.

John: Yes. We agree – more power to content creators.

Isoclism Developers: Allow for removal of some of the Core Gui’s.

John: Yes. Almost all of them should be removable.

Isoclism Developers: Add more Social Layer API’s for Roblox’s Lua Scripting program. Like maybe players can send messages in-game.

John: More social APIs – we agree about that too. I would be concerned with the potential for mass-spam that “send message” functionality would unlock; however I’m sure there are ways to mitigate this, like a quota system, for example.

Due to the mass number of responses, we will continue to post user comments over the next few weeks with our developer feedback.  We do take your comments seriously, and our goal is to incorporate your opinions into ROBLOX.


About John Shedletsky

ROBLOX Creative Director @Shedletsky on Twitter

256 thoughts on “User Feedback v1

  1. shadow1655

    I think roblox would be more epic to PM the owner of the game for VIP and not have to buy a t-shirt Cuz say if you had a shirt that you Really liked, And it gor ruined By the T-Shirt, Or another idea for the VIP is to Go to his profile with a button that says, Get VIP for games then Youll have VIP instead of having to have like a Tshirt messing up your shirt. Please make roblox for some games realalistic. Thanks roblox for making a epic game


  2. shadow1655

    It would be awesome to

    A) Be able to try clothes before you buy,(same thing as gear)
    B) be able to make some games look like real people.
    C) Nothing here. JUST ROBLOX IS EPIC!!!!

  3. Matchlighter

    I think that meshes can be done in a way that they won’t take away from the Roblox block theme while empowering users to do more. I think that the most significant reason for user meshes is to reduce the number of parts and therefore speed up the game. So, my proposal is to create a feature to create meshes out of Roblox bricks. This way, it allows Roblox to keep its bricky theme, keeps moderation to the same amount performed on models and places, and allows users to create far more complex items (especially weapons) without fear of creating lag because all the ‘parts’ in that ‘mesh’ are treated as one single physics object. Also, if the ‘mesh’ is small enough (like when used for a weapon), it can have an option to use a standard rectangular prism as a collision frame. Since the option would only function if it is small enough, You would keep the “what you see is what you get” motto as well!

  4. undeadCobra139

    What would be awesome is a multiplayer studio where players could help their friends build at their places and create teams of developers and stuff.

    1. haloisabeast

      Yes! I’ve always wanted to be able to go in a “multiplayer studio mode” with friends. It should work like private servers, where only people you let in can get in so you don’t have friends you barely know coming in and ruining your place.

  5. mmmarlin

    1. Trade system ( Stop the scams )

    2. Make roblox load faster on places with tons of bricks.

    3. Make rbx.LUA run on all the LUA features.

  6. triston220

    Both dynamic lighting and better group APIs are something I would really like to see available.

    You can’t just Fix lag guys. How smoothly your game plays is heavily dependant on many different factors.

    As the the GUI exploit, perhaps prevent any other than the needed GUIs to be put into a CoreGui instance?

  7. Beastyboy321

    Well it would be cool when a someone in a group does shout, and the shout will pop up on your screen if your in that group. Which will make more members in your group go to your events and will be easier for your members do they wont have to keep looking or refreshing the group page.

  8. marxfan2

    There should a be an option in “Configure this Place” for a Rag-Doll Death Script.So you can switch whether you want a Fall-Apart Death or a Realistic one.

  9. klaq2

    Here are some of my favorite suggestions by others:
    -Dynamic lighting
    -Extended group scripting abilities (ability to listen for ranks and act on that data etc.)
    -“Outfits” (saving hat & clothing configurations for your character)
    -Extended GUI flexibility (core GUI editing, fonts, etc.)
    -Custom sounds
    -Group log of admin activity
    -Studio building with multiple players
    -Rating places
    -Make it more difficult to hack and exploit Roblox. I’m tired of those selfish losers! What do they accomplish in making people hate them?!

    And now little (group-based) suggestions of my own:
    -Group stats, for example the sum of KO’s of all the members, etc.

    -In-game group recruiting. Just like friending but if they accept they join the group instead. If it is a private group, then only those who have the power to accept group join requests can recruit. To accompany this there can be a Members Recruited stat if that’s what ranks are based on.

    -Fellow group members have a symbol next to their names in-game, like the smiley-face for friends, but shows the logo of the group you share. If you share more than one group, then the favorite group of the two is shown. To accompany, maybe secondary, tertiary, etc. groups in addition to Primary.

    -Warning of the presence of members of enemy groups, and which group they are in. *(Someone else actually suggested enemy threat levels, but now I’m putting it to use.) If they are in multiple enemy groups it shows the logo of the one your group gave the highest threat. A ‘High Ranks’ or ‘Special Forces’ section for example. And to accompany, people have the option to make it so you can’t see they’re in an enemy group.

    I always make REALLY LONG posts. Forgive me, and thank you.

  10. klaq2

    I’ve always had difficulties with my character ‘toppling’ or even being propelled off of the playing area after walking into (usually dynamic) objects. I want my character to feel like a person. I want my character to be knocked over by a high-speed vehicular collision, not stand like a brick wall. And on the other side, not launch at the slightest provocation.

  11. JFKILLS34

    With the same idea with the clothes, try one with models, whereas one would go into a sample map and have nothing but terrain and the model in from on them/on them, e.g. a teleport tool or a general store. Make one, if possible,able to insert more than one desired model chosen by the user freely into the flat terrain. Also make the game private, i.e. inaccessible to others.

  12. livekid24

    What would be nice for roblox to fix is a health bar
    glitch. i cant see the health bar on top of peoples head.this has been a problem with other people to well few. here is the specs :windows xp hp compaq

  13. Toxicwolfe

    I honestly believe that ROBLOX should expand its audience from Tweens-late teens to Tweens-Young Adults allowing more matureness in the forums more Well made and original games and mature talking players (haf of va players tlk leik ths)

  14. Keeskeet

    I think there should be a player to player trade system sort of like the party but you can trade items you have for items you want. Not just limited. Also this should include a clack panel so that the item you click is accepted into trade. Another benifit of this is that there should be a trade fee maybe of… 10R$ or less. Also the party features like being able to actively chat would still work accept for the fact that there can be more than one player.

  15. SecretAgentWolf

    1)Make it so you can manage groups in-game.

    2)Put in group-only doors into the stamper tool.

    3)Finish the water feature!

    4)Finish the rope feature!

    5)Make VIP doors in the Stamper Tool (VIP Doors = Doors that can only be opened if you have a specific T-Shirt, clothing set, ect…)

    I am Major SAW of MB, and I support these ideas. :-)

  16. Kevinyock

    Here is the thing i want to see please.

    1.Remove the Moon
    -Some of us Sci Fi who use different skybox really want to remove the moon as it is annoyed that the moon does not fit some of the sci fi attraction(such as a Star system)

    2.Add the weight Option for different bricks
    I seen the Preview of water and how metal sink, and wood float but I begin to notice that only certain type of wood sink while the rest float.This kinda fit the Creativity of us making Very light but super strong metal.

  17. AccurateCody

    I believe that user-created meshs would be nice to, if you were to allow it, it would be less lagged in game, and players could manipulate the meshs by adding invisible bricks. So, if you have a problem with the mesh being to big, you could always add something new to prevent it being to big, and even categorize it so the player doesn’t have full power?

  18. OrdinaryNicholas

    Please the trading system should be made and for nbc too. I know a bunch of people want it plus there is games for the try before you buy. Lighting is a good idea. But the thing that should really be worked on is the trading system

    1. William

      No, no trading system, when you think of it..That’s bad.
      The reason it is is this : NBC’s could just trade items with a BC/TBC/OBC member, then they could have all the items they didn’t earn by buying BC/TBC/OBC… It’s unfair for the members of builder’s club ( Or higher. ) … I feel like they shouldn’t have it..

      1. Jojo2342

        Really, Im BC, Ive been bc for just about 2.5 years now, and the Trade system should most DEFINATLY be for nbc too, so what Nbc could get items, are you really the kind of person that would be so sad to see some Nbc with better stuff then you? BC already get enough benifits as it is, I want to be able to trade with Nbc as it would only enlarge the trading community. Dont say its unfar because wa payed, you payed for a Bc, A type of Builders club, Not traders club, not rich people club, Builders club.

  19. Dman34241

    1.Know what? Focus on the hacking. Last week, nearly every game got hacked, I can name one hacker: bl4ckF1r3.2.Why do we have to anchor things?..Can`t you guys make it auto-anchored?3.Get rid of spam.4.Get rid of lag.5.Make character customization faster!

  20. SkorSkar

    Almost everyone wants this, but they never can remember it when they want to use it: MAKING MODELS OUTSIDE OF ROBLOX STUDIO. I have noticed that in myself and many others, users build better inside a game with friends than alone in studio. If we could capture what we had made inside a game, building would be much, much easier than before.

    1. rotflstar

      I’m fairly certain you can do some “hacking” around this by using the “saveinstance” method for data persistence, load it into build mode, and I think from there you can add it as a model. It’s a tad hackish but it should work. Unless going into studio mode has been changed when you’re in build mode.

  21. BlazerGansta12

    I think the trading system SHOULD be a priority. And also who said it needed a limit on nbcers, NO LIMIT. Nbcers need fun too like me. I used to be b but I lost it. BC only things take the fun out of roblox for them. So 1 idea is to get rid of BC only things. I think if they have the money they should be able to buy it. But BC should remain as a restriction depending on that thing. I only think hats and packages should not be BC only

  22. kingdominic46

    What I Think that should be added:

    1.When you first Join ROBLOX,A pop up add from ROBLOX will appear saying,”You could someday end up as a great builder,a great scripter,or just make some new friends on this website ROBLOX!(The pop up add will also show some famous people from ROBLOX)

  23. TacoConsumer

    The light object I want more than anything. But, thank you for letting us players feel like we have a voice.

  24. BlueStatic

    1: Add a limit to prices. I mean on a limited item, there’s a price that’s pretty much impossible to get unless you buy about 999,999,999 Roblox cards. You should make the limit like 999,999,999,999,999 or something.
    2:Add ice/snow and water in high scalibility.
    3:Trade system
    4:Try on clothes before buying them.
    5:PM someone in the game. It’ll help for something that’s private.
    6:Customize hats. Like, changing the color of the hat. You can reset it to normal whenever you want.
    7:Bring back old baseplate, but keep the new ne too.

  25. Vanhelius - President of the Pegasus Union

    As someone who is up-to-date with ROBLOX clans and Guilds wants and needs, as well with many other things.

    I’ve made a list of ten things, with the three things most wanted at the top:

    1. Group logs.
    Why? It allows leaders and possibly trusted Higher ranks to check for admin attacks, for example:
    Group log:
    1/1/2013 19:57[Name here] has demoted [Name here]
    1/2/2013 20:00 [Name here] has exiled [Name here]
    1/2/2013 20:00 [Name here] has exiled [Name here]
    1/2/2013 20:00 [Name here] has exiled [Name here]
    1/2/2013 20:00 [Name here] has exiled [Name here]
    1/2/2013 20:00 [Name here] has exiled [Name here]

    As you can see, you can tell that someone has admin attacked the group, this allows for groups to get rid of the person resonisible ASAP.

    2. Deeper implentation of groups into game server.
    When I say this, I mean that you can create a script that interacts with the rank of a person in a group. I know this has been mentioned before but this is a REAL time saver.
    This allows for the right people to have the right powers and weapons at bases without the need to keep adding names or removing them. This can easily decrease the amount of admin abuse at bases.

    3. More effects. By this I mean add in a lightning or electic effect and other similar ones.

    4. Re-instate the ability for user made meshes to be created. Of course this idea needs moderation and from what I’ve seen from the model moderation and place moderation, that overall is not up to spec. But non the less, this idea can be like decals.

    5. More forums features, like image signitures. This is an easy one. When people want image signitures they just need to use the URL of the image from a ROBLOX advert that they have made.

    6. More types of places, for example a CTF specific place for clan and guild bases, and a type to specificly class as clan bases.

    7. A campaign styled map for groups. Easily done. Just have a look at the maps on Browser strategy games like Trivian, Tribal Wars and Wargame 1942.

    8. The possibility of having videos on groups pages. Same idea as the place videos but on group pages.

    9. The ability for Vehicles and weapons to come with you when you go through a ROBLOX game teleporter. Another thing that benefits clans and guilds.

    10. A map GUI which shows the whole place.

    1. Fox924

      The group logs would be extremely helpful. The owner should have an undo button so he can undo the whole admin attack.

  26. qwertystranger

    A ‘rating system’ for places would be neat, once you visit you can rate it 1-5 stars when you decide to comment. Similar to the old Youtube layout before we could like/dislike.

  27. Vephyr

    I hope ROBLOX can make custom animations easier. Like maybe create an official tool for it. I’m not very good at scripting you see and I’d like to be able to use an animation tool without having difficulties because of the increasing updates. Also, I think ROBLOXians should have a choice on which version of ROBLOX they want. That way, building will be much easier for veterans who are used to the original building Hopperbins.

  28. CrazyBananaMonkey

    Here a list of things I’d like to see:

    1. Character Saves
    – This allows the player to have multiple “saves” of different outfits, so that they could change their package, hat, shirt, etc. in one click.

    2. Sound Upload
    – With sound, players could have more intense gameplay, maybe a voice-over tutorial, and thing like simulated ATC talk while flying a plane.

    3. Scripting
    – This is broad, but I think you guys could narrow it down. I think scripters should be able to access more, like what rank a player is, or editing the Core GUI. Numerous times I’ve had a great idea for my game, only to find out I need to move the exit button. I just don’t want to find glitches like putting a StringValue in the leaderstats just to make the player list go away so I can add a custom one.

    1. CrazyBananaMonkey

      Als, I think you should be able to use the party chat on the website in-game; often times I have to resize the ROBLOX game window to see the website.

  29. magoo8

    1.Water in Stamper Tool
    2.Ropes in Stamper Tool
    3.Trading System
    4.In-Game Character Changing
    5.In-Game Private Messaging
    7.Color changeable hats

    Those are my Seven ideas.

  30. Horrible Mod

    I know you guys are on your toes about this,but you guys really look like you don`t put much effort into the moderation. Just look at the forums, if you havent looked at them recently

  31. NARHAR

    I would likeyou to actually fix Roblox so I can acutally play again ^^ Tyvm for ripping me off, for currently, one month.

  32. New base-plate.

    I think that Roblox should go back to the Single Brick base-plate. I like to Build in Build Mode, And from build mode you cant reset the terrain, Verses with a single brick base-plate you can easily go into Explorer, and cut it. If Roblox wouldn’t do this, Maybe add the Terrain Feature in build mode.

  33. kozumi

    admin commands to go with personal servers, it would be nice not to have to go into edit all the time and put in person229’s admin commands, and instead you could simply say “teleport/kozumi/tuffrockyballboa” or “respawn/kozumi” or “walkspeed/kozumi/99” etc, all the basic stuff that would make personal servers easier to build in and enjoy.

    1. Anonymous

      Add A feature to select if you want an old in game theme, and re-add roblox studio in build mode.

  34. Villi

    You should make a Hat/Gear painter that allows you to change the colors of simple hats. Then have a button that turns it back into its original colors. Complex hats would not have a recolor option to keep ugly, 9001 color hats from being loose around ROBLOXia.

  35. vampirekingson101

    Biggest and most important,ROBLOX universe,In game PM’s and Especially of all Hat Gear,Etc trading system (May no happen cause you can speed hack and take the hat before other user does and cancel the trade and still get it)

  36. Maxkiller98

    In general, a thing I would like to see most is more features to help ROBLOX Groups both In-Game and on the Website, which I have listed here:

    1. Messages with Group Join Request, as a sort of “Application” for the group

    2. Direct links to a group’s “Base” or Meeting Place in the Group. Though Personal Servers allow this, the link could have Places by other members added, instead of only Personal Servers that can only be added if it’s the Leader’s (If I am correct!)

    3. A “Game Mode” for a Group Battles, such as one Base could have some 100 KOs for victory, or a classic “Last Man Standing”.

    4. Outfits. Such as your “Uniform”, and preferred Hats and such you can equip from your Character Screen to have an “Off-Duty” and “Battle-Ready” or “Formal” outfits, mainly to simply save time between equiping shirts and Hats.

  37. TechnologyKing

    1. Add a water brick to the stamper tool.

    2. Add some clouds to the sky. And not having to add a day and night script to make it atomaticly change the time of day.

    3. Allow sounds.

    Note: I know why meshes are not allowed anymore but why not sounds? They used to be allowed.

  38. megadeathkiller100 RBLX

    Trade System. Like so if u click ur r$ You type a players name then a pop up comes out of the R$ Of a small speach bubble with a t in it. when u click it, it brings you to trade system the other person typed your name in. Then you click “Accept Trade” Or “Decline Trade”. If you click accept the first person types what your suppose to give him for somthing els for e.g “500r$” For “Limited”.
    So you type in the box of what the other guy should give and he types in the box what the other person should give. Then after your done both people click “Send” And you get the item/Robux.

  39. panickyonion

    not to be rude but Trade system> Everything else users have been waiting FOREVER for that

  40. Skrall2

    Trade system please? And bricks with light, oh yes and I still think my gravity idea is good

  41. Jawa1800

    I think it’d be pretty cool to work with new materials on bricks, not on the new “High-Scalabilitys”.

  42. Zuppi

    First of all, well done on all the new features! I quite like the media feature where you can upload images and videos. The only problem is that some user can’t advertise their place in the space of 30 seconds. Maybe you could extend the time limit a little and reduce the insane price.

    I have noticed that there are a lot of problems with the physics. The two that the stand out the most are; toppling and flinging. The toppling mainly happens when a player spawns, where they tend to topple backwards off the Spawn Location.

    Sometimes when using a tool such as a LinkedSword, the player is flung when “swiping” and causes you either to “topple” or be flung. I find this bug quite annoying as it can cause you to die for no reason. This can also happen when walking upward. Please fix this.

    1. Anonymous

      I whole-heartedly concur with you. I feel like the two of us are the only people who have noticed this update, (you’re the only other person that I have seen that has mentioned it). I believe it was an update made about two weeks ago. I believe it’s the worst update this year, as I have yet to see it have a single (observable) positive effect. It flings you when you run into people, it tosses you when you touch an object at an angle, and it trips you when you walk up a flight of stairs, climb a ladder, or walk around in a very slow-moving vehicle. Perhaps the update was made with scripters in mind, or perhaps it’s for the upcoming bridge and water/buoyancy update.

      1. pingypongy

        I also agree. It’s actually been here for a while, but never this bad. Especially with the high scallabilities. Have you ever tried climbed up a terrain mountain. You just get flung off. It’s awful and should be fixed.

      2. Zuppi

        My suggestion is to stop all planned ROBLOX updates to fix this rather annoying bug. I know that this could put ROBLOX behind schedule, but this bug is worth losing time for.

  43. Fox924

    I have my suggestions:

    1. Rename Groups
    It has been mentioned before and is a great idea, as I do see many clans go inactive due to the title of the group having too many grammar errors (Yes, it does happen, A LOT)

    2. Change Username
    This is a sort of, but I think it would be a good idea. Some people dislike their username and make new accounts, thus losing KO’s, items, and Roblox badges (They lose a heck of a lot more when they were BC and made another account). If this does happen, I suggest an automatic message sent to all friends or people who have associated with them stating that the username has been changed. Plus, if somebody looks up their old username, they would still come up, but with their new username.

    3. In game rank shown.
    listed above in that article, I feel it would be a great idea for all groups. It would prevent lower ranks accidentally giving orders to higher ranks without knowing that they outrank them.

    4. The “Try before you buy”
    I’ve bought many expensive hats, just to find out that they don’t look the way I want them to.

    5. Upgraded hat customization
    I have bought great hair, then I would want to put a hat over it, but the hair sticks out and makes it look funny. Being able to choose what sticks out and what doesn’t will make players MUCH more unique.

    6. In-game PMs
    Much more effective than teamchat, because not all games have teams! This will also allow better clan war tactics on the battlefield.

    7. Animal bodies
    Maybe not the whole body, maybe just tails, some players I would think would want tails!

    8. Hat count Raised
    I often find myself reaching the hat limit, but wanting to add another hat to complete my outfit.

    9. Enemy threat levels/ Ally Importance level option
    This would be a cool feature. It could help a few members only concentrate on the high threat enemies and only help the high importance allies!

    10. All of the hack week projects added.
    All of them were great ideas, I hope they are all released, especially the buoyancy and water.

  44. DynamiteGuy

    You should make uploading decals a bit easier, as just put a link to the image and it uploads it, instead of having to upload it from your computer.

  45. Benner2

    1: A “Trade System” because of people skaming and i’ve lost over 20 limideds………………………………………………

    1. Anonymous

      Be patient. It just isn’t one of their priorities. The game is more important than the website.

    2. theclock1

      I agree on the trading system,just not the rage…(Trading system should have a limit on NBCers ,but to BCers,it is umlimited .Can get rid of e-scams !)

  46. CoolDude0017

    First, My suggestion is that you make it so people could view their statuses in-game by clicking one of the player’s names.

    Next, I think that robloxians should be able to “Add Best Friend” in-game by clicking their name like I said above.

    Last, Upgrade the forums. Add more topic(s) to the forums. Let users be able to delete posts that they post. Also, if someone posts something rude in someone’s post. The “someone” in this case, could delete “noone”‘s post on their post.

  47. IJustPwndYou

    I strongly agree with the first thing about bricks that can emit light! That would be great for people who want to make game in caves and such, because torches would actually do something.

    Regarding the try before you buy feature, I have wanted this for a very long time. Often times I see expensive hats that I think I want, but then try it on and it goes TERRIBLY with my outfit :\

    The thing that I want most is definetly the dynamic lighting. I kept noticing it in some of Shedletsky’s videos and thought it looked VERY cool!

  48. darklink10

    Nice ideas. One thing I think no one has thought of was having an option of Icons for their team names. Who thinks that would be awesome?

    1. Anonymous

      Hey, that would actually be a good idea, but.. I don’t really see a point in giving a team an icon..

  49. martijn777

    We want the Insertservice back! Theres no point of disabling it. It broke all the insert games and you can’t build with friends anymore with it.

    1. Anonymous

      It is still there, they’ve just changed the way it works. Inform yourself instead of complaining.

  50. Anonymous

    Possibly if creators of games do allow comments on their place, they have the authority to moderate and delete them. To prevent spam and offensive messages and ads. I hope this suggestion is useful.

  51. Nawor123

    I like the ROBLOX building but i have one question. Why are there models in the catalog if we can’t use them???

    1. Ubayla

      If I wanted to save a model for future use or reference, but didn’t want to keep in it in the game and didn’t want anybody else to use it, I can save it but keep it out of the Public Domain.

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