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Weekly ROBLOX Roundup: April 21, 2012

Weekly ROBLOX Roundup logoEvery week, we’re busy telling the stories behind our platform, our technology, and our place in the gaming and technology industries. For those of you who catch up with ROBLOX over the weekend, the Weekly ROBLOX Roundup collects the best stuff to hit our various avenues of publication in the last week.

Our Effort Against Phishing

With ROBLOX attracting more than 7 million unique visitors a month, we’ve started to see a rise in websites that “phish” for our users’ personal information. We’re taking serious measures to ensure these phishing sites don’t last. Remember: If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Anytime you enter your ROBLOX account information, check your browser’s address bar to make sure you’re on the real ROBLOX website.

This Week in ROBLOX Tech

We have a comprehensive, automated testing infrastructure, but it wouldn’t be complete without the help of ROBLOX users. This week, Simon Kozlov went in-depth on user testing, from its place in the greater ROBLOX debugging program to the benefits of participating.

Bits and Pieces

We’re also combing through the responses to Your ROBLOX Top-Three List. While we’re a little ways off from a complete summary, we’re starting to address some of the most pertinent feedback. Stay tuned for more.

Lastly, our Content Team’s Base Wars game got some coverage in MMORPG.com. We’ve also published a handful of detailed stories about the game over the last few weeks, in case you need more.


ROBLOX on Social Networks

We asked our Facebook fans a simple question this week: What’s the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you in a ROBLOX game?

You’ve seen some bizarre stuff. You’ve made new friends and ended up in games with ROBLOX celebrities and developers. One Facebook respondent told a quick story, which we’ve copied here and edited for readability:

“I was in a war group; we were in a helicopter flying to a raider base and our boss said, ‘deploy parachutes but don’t jump!’ When we arrived at the raider base he said, ‘Jump! Go go go!’ We parachuted in but were outnumbered by the raiders and the helicopter was shot down. Our next plan was to get in a heavy jeep. It was white and had no windows except in the front. There was a door in the back, our boss was driving. When we arrived again there were only two raiders. We fought them and left for another fort.”

Anti-climactic? Maybe. But it shows the potential ROBLOX has for creating scenarios that are different for every player, every time.

“Packed a house full of C4, then watched it blow up and rain bricks.”

“Playing Sword Fights on the Heights, I fell off a cliff with my sword out and landed on someone on another platform, killing them.”

“I survived a zombie attack with no legs and one arm.”

What are the most interesting things to happen to you in a ROBLOX game? Share your best gameplay stories in the comments, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop on questions and content you won’t find anywhere else.

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179 thoughts on “Weekly ROBLOX Roundup: April 21, 2012

  1. Weaponmaniac

    I think since I have not been playing for very long on this account, the most amazing thing that has happened to me is that I saw Telamon on SFOTH before I got blown to pieces! (I actually have a video of it and I would upload it if I had $1000 R -_-)

  2. Doog150

    I remember I went to stickmasterlukes deception infection (my fav game) and I upgraded everything in a matter of 4 rounds to the 3rd level and i was able to win the round very time by myself

  3. astonishingpikachu

    one of the most funny things that happened to me on roblox was yesterday i was playing base wars when i was diving my tank someone shot my tank and i went flying out of it and off the map

  4. grouchynat

    there was this 1 time when i was racing in a group. i was being tailed by opponents. one clipped me and i flipped over the finish line and came in first! thx 2 that dude =3

  5. Buc391

    When I was egg hunting, I was looking for the Egg of all Devouring Darkness. I learned that it was in the black mountains, so I went there, climbed to the spot I’ve seen it before, and waited. I told everyone to get on a square(There are 8 squares around the circle, where the egg is spawned). 3 people were in the middle, tripping, trying to be in the middle, trying to get eachother off. While they were fighting, 2 days went by. On the dawn of the third day, the egg spawned. I was the only one looking because everyone was looking at the people tripping. I picked it up, and everyone was mad. Then the server ended. The end.

  6. edward123456

    Wierdies time was when i logged on to my alt test account (lightningwizard123) and fornd litturley my hole in box full of messages saying if they can have my account for free.

  7. IWantAFanta

    I downloaded the 2008 ROBLOX Client and enjoyed physics that actually worked right (Sadly only ROBLOX Studio worked)

  8. ArcherDeer

    Weirdest thing i ever saw…
    i was playing a game,until a guest came…
    he seemed alright but then i looked at chat and saw him talk,he was OBC and was admin.

  9. left4deadownage

    there was this one time, when I was in this racing game, my bike tipped over and I was stuck. but some guy rammed into me and I went flying! I landed at the finish line and came first place!!!

    1. patronus11

      playing roblox chair racing. I got to the finish line but it never said i finished!!! LOL :D

  10. Plungeit

    I can just about renember the worst time of my life on roblox.. I was about to build an AMAZING thing (on: Build a race read des)the amazing thing was a tank, I’d just finished it, and it was bedtime! Pfft, rules, these days..

  11. KingOfTheInterWebs

    I think one of my favourite things that happened in a place was when I went to a pirates life by Lando64000, met Rocks25 there and I was a cave pirate and I went over to port side and someone stole my boat so I went after it along the port, jumped on to the boat, but the guy killed me but because it was my boat it sank so he died too. And the best part was I was listening to a remix of Mombasa chase from Inception. :D If I remember anymore or have anymore blunders like that I’ll post them.

  12. Katyrulztheworld

    My weirdest moment was the first time I played Roblox. I was playing “Climb The Eiffel Tower” by zshakoblah and my robloxian character kept on falling off the tower and the avatar’s body would flop around like a fish and I was laughing for ten minutes just on that.

  13. FastHedgehogSonic

    I lawled when the it was chasing me and i was on the cliff and nowhere to go but i dodged him and he fell in the cliff with his sword still slashing in the air XD

  14. FastHedgehogSonic

    I fell on the it when i jumped off the table in a hide and seek game while the it was chasing the girl guest with pink hair :/

  15. James

    I had an enemy names “FamilyMind”. Our clans were enemies. We won all the raids, and all the defends. He left ROBLOX and has never been on since. Well, it’s pretty obvious who won that war! Good times, I tell you.

  16. Hisscopperhead

    The greatest thing that happened to me is in base war, I killed a guy that killed me 25 times IN A ROW then I killed him about 14 times…..REVENGE IS GOOD!

  17. DadoMahho

    I was driving a car at 100 studs per second. I was approaching a ramp, to big to see what was on the other side.

    It was only seconds before I found myself flying through the air with nothing under me except the sky. I saw a platform in the distance.

    I had just enough power to get to that platform. Seconds before I would of made it onto that platform, I jumped by accident.

    My body at an angle, I hit the platform and did several. I landed back on the platform, 5 studs in front of my parked car.

    The only thing going through my mind, was me wishing that I recorded that.


  18. Cboehme

    one time, something happened and then another thing happened. XD. the most interesting thing that happened to me was to look back to when i first made my account on roblox, i was so newbish then, now i know alot more, and have ovar 300 friends.

  19. Cheesypie201

    Back in 2009, I joined this place called “Ultimate Build”. I made a huge two-story house, and on the top floor’s ceiling was a brick that made it have a velocity of 10,000 studs/second upwards. Anyways, some guy comes into my house and killed me every time I wanted to get it. I moved one of the windows, clicked the flying brick, and moved the window back. When he went into the top floor, I deleted the wielding brick that kept it on the ground and it shot into space. The guy ragequit. Good times :D

  20. Crazyboy335

    I actually messed up the debut flight of RoAir’s 787 Dreamliner by trying to move. But I glitched out.

  21. KingRandyBelmontI(Randyman8)

    I as you can tell by the name am the second king of the Imperial Provinces. We have had 5 wars with the Horensian Empire whom are another 1700’s Era clan. I have to say our first war with them was my most amazing experience. We had 6 men in our recently free colony. The Horensians saw us as an easy target since we recently broke free. They had over 300 men. They declared war. The next day we invaded them with our 6 men. There was a fort on the left side of the island with a large forest around it with no visibility from above a town on the right and the dock where we spawned. We hid in the forest with grappling hooks and our rifles and blades waiting for the enemy to arrive. We had no training nor did we have uniforms but we did have resolve. They arrived and we fought the battle without losing a single man driving them out of their own town. I will clarify there were a few men there for them but to little to pose a threat so we waited for their reinforcements to strike. Anyhow that is my story and take notice that the Imperial Provinces grew into a 150+ clan after 5 wars with the Horensians and many other groups and we never have been defeated. We recently started anew with the “death” of King Sebastian Belmont I reigning me in as the new king. We are currently recruiting. Good day. Vive les provinces imperiales!

  22. WindGuardian

    I was in a zombie game, and I was running from the zombies when I bumped into a Guest with the hacked “C:” face! It was the creepiest thing I ever saw, but I had to keep running and he got turned into a zombie.

  23. spookygengar

    I was playing my game when a lot of guests entered and one of them was flying for no reason. WEIRD

  24. ROBLOXBloxxerDJL

    So basically I built a box full of C4s that I modified then I stepped away to the edge of the map, detonated the C4a and it killed me. Pressure is so strong

  25. ShollowCp77

    I was playing Fencing by StickMasterLuke while a Guest joined in, some how he had build tools and he build a horse and sat on it lol, he started talking and went YEHAW.

  26. yackie20

    I used a glitched sleep tool and i flew out super fast couldn’t even see my torso or head and i think i even flew out the sky box

    1. FunkyFireMonkey73

      my gun broke in a raid and it fell on the ground and had turned invisible, i climbed in a far away tower, zoomed so i could see where the gun was, and shot at unsuspecting victims from a safe distance

  27. METALLICA5820

    There should be a blonde version of the beautiful hair for beautiful people. If you agree with me, comment here! Please no limited though. It wouldnt sell, then the people that have it would raise it way too high, and it’d be a huge fail because its been an idea for about 1 year and a half now. PLEASE DO THIS! ITS MY DREAM HAT!

  28. souldude222

    One time a guest turned into a yellow orb that shot exploding yellow lasers….very odd lol.

    1. McCloud11

      They aren’t right for ROBLOX. But I think they should add a tweet button about places to ROBLOX.

  29. Paul13379001

    I got it! It was that one time… When I flew a helicopter into someones face, and then they went flying, and got stuck into a wall. It was pretty hilarious. It was even more hilarious when I said “TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL” and fired a rocket and only his legs fell off. xD

  30. Wanted788 Yes hate on me now.

    The moment I caught that interested me the most was when I played a racing game (Forgot the name) it was a hidden game that wasn’t meant to be famous ( I found it by a friend who found it while searching his old favorites) When we played it showed a bird’s-eye-view camera like in speedyseat’s game. Then a computer voice said “3” I got shocked at how cool it would do a count down, then it followed up “2, 1” then I heard a car drift sound and we were racing, I felt so amazed, every crash made a thump soung, and most of all it had a announcer voice like “Oh! That’s going to leave a mark!” or “He did it! He won the race” with a crowd cheering, the cars looked realistic, though the road was a little boring, it was amazing.

  31. Sir Rich McMoneystone III

    Most exciting thing on ROBLOX… When I got chosen to be a wiki writer. :)

  32. soppysupermansuper

    once i was on SFOTHIV and i was talking too someone then we argued and then we had a rap battle o.o i won :3

  33. Legoguy264

    I Was in base Wars when i saw 7 of the green team in the yellow base. I was on the yellow team with my friend. We both just got into a bomber and bombed them ;D Some of the people we bombed had like 700 KO. Then, after we killed most of them, we jumped out and shot them with our guns. Then, the highest on KOs went over th the plane regen and regened one, then my friend covered the plane in C4s before it went up into the sky. we waited about 10 seconds before we blew it up ;D It was a pretty good fireworkshow! xD

  34. OWCH

    I bounced a superball off of a wall, hoping to hit my target, but it backfired, hit me in the head, and sent me flying off of the baseplate (-_-)

  35. epicfin8

    Well it happened in 2008/2009 but my first account well what happened is when its morning in real life my sis was playing roblox and it looks fun because i was sitting on a tube :3
    that was the first time when i played roblox

  36. luckeyduckman

    the most strangest thing i saw on roblox was when me and my friend where on his pbs and shot a jeep with a rocket and then insted of hte bricks fly everywhere really fast the bricks just went up in the air and just froze there

  37. Bomchicka123

    One of the most interesting things that happened was when I was at Base Wars and I parachuted out of a plane and onto a moving enemy battleship and killed the driver, taking over the boat. Another time, I jumped into a tank and knifed the driver, making the tank somehow explode.

  38. anonymous12

    I remember going to Crazyman23’s “The Prison Life” and I died and went to that black box, waiting for the next game, and then on the player list, I saw “Jaredvaldez4” the real one, a lucky find :D (He didn’t say anything, though) He stayed for a few minutes, then was gone.

  39. Nuju8224

    I was in a game recently and I was using the run tool and I kept on tripping over bricks. And then I was fine for a while. And then I started running into walls!

  40. leetwizard

    Once, I was in a spawn land wich had fastockets. I shot a guy (The fast rockets had a bug where sometimes they deal no damage, And sometimes they just make them trip) and this happened- He toppled over, And fell off the map. Then I got sticky’D in the face.

  41. Anonymous

    This i saw happen, somebody else did it…
    I was in Base Wars; the Land (by: d4rk) and i saw a guy in a helicopter, JUMP out, land in a enemy plane, kill the pilot, and take it! : 0

  42. TheBlockMan55

    Ok so the most interesting thing that happened to me on ROBLOX was on a game called Canoe Without A Paddle. In 2009 Canoe Without A Paddle had a different starterpack from today. One of the things in the starterpack was a parachute. So when I was playing around trying to get to the winners I noticed that if you keep out your parachute while you are on the canoe you can fly. So then people on the same canoe as me didn’t make it but I did so then everyone started to use my parachute glitch. When everyone used the parachute to get to the winners it resulted in the creator smokenchicken to take away the parachute from the game. So if you are wondering why the parachute isn’t in Canoe Without A Paddle any more……………….. then it is my fault for the parachute not being there.

  43. agent0u

    “Remember: If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” <– This sounds familiar. *coughTheRealHustlecough*

  44. navysealsnake

    I agree,ROBLOX I just love how your physics engine can create different scenarios as you previously stated above , it just makes the game so much more interesting and not to mention addicting.while it’s driving and crashing into something cuasing a barrel roll ,it your helicopter spinning out of control ,these are the things I love about ROBLOX the realism

  45. HKS23

    I was at my Daytona 500 track on ROBLOX, with a Nascar I built myself. Right when I finished the race against my friend, the rear of the car forced itself into the air, causing me to do barrel rolls sideways and twirls in the air. And since the wheels didn’t spaz out, it was the most life-like thing I’ve ever seen on ROBLOX. o3o

  46. Andrew

    I think the thinks I exploded built with the unreleased parts such as octagon and rampparts wereawsome. I used the ramparts for windows and the octagon set to cylinder mode for wheels.

  47. TehLolMe

    first comment and i was in tsunami game then some how when tsunami hited the building i flyed away

  48. murigun

    The best feeling in the world is when i figure out how to use a new Roblox feature and how to apply the scripts and features to make my game better! Otherwise, once my game crashed when i was about to slaughter Telamon (Mr. Shedletsky) is SFOTHIV. Which was truly annoying.

  49. sharky1736

    I was Playing Base Wars, I was flying a Plane got shot down and hid in under a bridge the guy the shot me was looking not to say but he was the highest ranked person there so i had a turrent a a pistal i set up the turrent and just as he turned around BANG!!! i shot him.

  50. anthony

    roblox my name on roblox is zxslipknotxz i dont liek the name at all my friend made me the account may you change it to BloxxerBlock

  51. smarty54242

    I surrounded a afk person with c4 on a personal server. Walked back far, set the button, and then BOOM!!!

  52. Mr Liz., the dragon

    Well, I used to have this one disaster place that was unique from the other ones before I flubbed the coding… it was pretty cool with the cowboys flying around and the volcano exploding.. unstable atom smashers, ice age, megaquakes, monsters, and deadly explosive gelatin ._. My friends loved it xD

  53. Jacob478

    Well this was a long time back in the old days of Roblox when we had custom sounds and meshes. It was an amazing time. I was hanging out with some of my old friends on sword fights on the heights. All of the sudden, a huge wave(amount) of old, famous roblox players started showing up, even Roblox himself! It was amazing to see the old players who inspired me with my designs on maps.

  54. maxsmurf

    We would like to have the trading system! I bet that would make alot of everybody’s favourite roblox moment!

  55. Deathshiva

    Bah, I don’t use facebook anymore, nor twitter. I use Roblox as itself, to share what I saw? Youtube, always youtube.

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