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Weekly ROBLOX Roundup: April 21, 2012

Weekly ROBLOX Roundup logoEvery week, we’re busy telling the stories behind our platform, our technology, and our place in the gaming and technology industries. For those of you who catch up with ROBLOX over the weekend, the Weekly ROBLOX Roundup collects the best stuff to hit our various avenues of publication in the last week.

Our Effort Against Phishing

With ROBLOX attracting more than 7 million unique visitors a month, we’ve started to see a rise in websites that “phish” for our users’ personal information. We’re taking serious measures to ensure these phishing sites don’t last. Remember: If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Anytime you enter your ROBLOX account information, check your browser’s address bar to make sure you’re on the real ROBLOX website.

This Week in ROBLOX Tech

We have a comprehensive, automated testing infrastructure, but it wouldn’t be complete without the help of ROBLOX users. This week, Simon Kozlov went in-depth on user testing, from its place in the greater ROBLOX debugging program to the benefits of participating.

Bits and Pieces

We’re also combing through the responses to Your ROBLOX Top-Three List. While we’re a little ways off from a complete summary, we’re starting to address some of the most pertinent feedback. Stay tuned for more.

Lastly, our Content Team’s Base Wars game got some coverage in MMORPG.com. We’ve also published a handful of detailed stories about the game over the last few weeks, in case you need more.


ROBLOX on Social Networks

We asked our Facebook fans a simple question this week: What’s the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you in a ROBLOX game?

You’ve seen some bizarre stuff. You’ve made new friends and ended up in games with ROBLOX celebrities and developers. One Facebook respondent told a quick story, which we’ve copied here and edited for readability:

“I was in a war group; we were in a helicopter flying to a raider base and our boss said, ‘deploy parachutes but don’t jump!’ When we arrived at the raider base he said, ‘Jump! Go go go!’ We parachuted in but were outnumbered by the raiders and the helicopter was shot down. Our next plan was to get in a heavy jeep. It was white and had no windows except in the front. There was a door in the back, our boss was driving. When we arrived again there were only two raiders. We fought them and left for another fort.”

Anti-climactic? Maybe. But it shows the potential ROBLOX has for creating scenarios that are different for every player, every time.

“Packed a house full of C4, then watched it blow up and rain bricks.”

“Playing Sword Fights on the Heights, I fell off a cliff with my sword out and landed on someone on another platform, killing them.”

“I survived a zombie attack with no legs and one arm.”

What are the most interesting things to happen to you in a ROBLOX game? Share your best gameplay stories in the comments, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop on questions and content you won’t find anywhere else.

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179 thoughts on “Weekly ROBLOX Roundup: April 21, 2012

  1. blazerGansta12

    My best moment on ROBLOX had to be either on Nuke the wales or Nintendo minigames.
    NUKE THE WALES: So I went to nuke the whales one day and I went in game and Telamon was there. He didnt talk as usual only except once when he said “Nuke the whales not me” and continued to nuke the whales. I was laughing that Telamon kept losing so I decided to act like a safchat around him. So I said Friend and Wanna be friends?” Telamon said yes. After he said yes I replied with a yay and blew him up. xD.

    Nintendo Minigames: So I was playing link battlegrounds with a few guest and a couple of friends so I teleported into the tree as usual waiting until there were just 3 people left. I waited and then the crazy lag wave came. I jumped down and walked torward people when the lag hit. I jumped and hit sdpacebar about 10 times. By the time the lag wave was over a Guest was coming torwards me and we both jumped at the same time. I killed the Guest and the guest tripped me I fell into the l;ake teleported into the tree fell off the tree and rammed a guy with the sword and died. All of that with one trip. Good times.

  2. xXDJMIK3Xx

    Best moment I have ever had:
    There was really no best moment I have ever had on ROBLOX. Well the only time I have had the best time of ROBLOX was when my place got front page of bc games… But then it died down the very hour. Ah good times, good times. I wish I had those times again. But this time with NBC GAMING!!! FRONT PAGE HERE I COME!!! like that’s ever going to happen. It just might.

  3. hidingsniper

    Yea i blew up and bridge and a-ton of car’s fell of and it rained into pieces and i blew up 10 geust because i planted a c4 and they were standing on it and they all blewup!

  4. minstorm340

    MY best moment in roblox is where i and a few other ppl were playing crossroads and made a vid called GUEST APOCALYPSE or something because there are so many guests

  5. vtiger55

    I was playing Base War when Shedletsky came to the server and helped my team. He and I captured and held the B control point together.

  6. missledef200

    My favorite moment was on Base Wars:The land(d4rk’s game).I was up on the second floor,and me a few other guys were shooting up at a plane.It flew about for a few seconds,then went right into the hangar,smashing to pieces and killing me.Best WO ever…

  7. squid153bffsquid153bff

    if our boss roblox in the game can please put the bunny head for sale!i need it!

  8. Atteflomid

    Playing Zombies on a Plane. I had a shotgun, and like 8 zombies were going after me in a single line. So I aimed the gun at the first zombie’s head and killed all of them in a single shot. The body parts flew everywhere and knocked other players down. Then I spawned on top of the plane, but I am NOT talking about that lol.

  9. Spencer541

    My best moment was when I got a full server for the very first time at my place called “The Abandoned Insane Asylum” I still dream that one day I’ll see that place on the game page… But… That probably won’t happen :(

  10. squid153bffsquid153bff

    can this be for sale already!can the “Bunny” be for sale already!i need it a lot!

  11. talesofvalor

    For me, one of the best moments I’ve had on Roblox was my very first raid, with my very first group. It was just me and the leader of that group, raiding at the F.E.A.R Recruitment Center, with about 6-10 F.E.A.R members, and a few Guests. It was kind of funny how the Guests helped us win the raid. They were distracting the members, while me and the leader went inside the main building. And, we won the raid. :3

  12. boneface

    One time when i raiding x101 i was wearing there vip and uniform and i said IM IN x101 legion i quickly joined and then i went in the base locked them out and i won and got a promotion!

  13. benhess

    One of my favorite experients on ROBLOX is building my house on my game, The Palace of Lol.

  14. klaq2

    The strangest thing to ever happen to me:
    There are some incredibly lame places on the front page with thousands of visits. I think my place is pretty good, and have worked hard on it. Trust me, I’m not saying this just because I made it. Anyways, how does it have only around 100 visits and games that are practically a baseplate with cars and planes copy-pasted on one side (many times some don’t even work) and zombies or something pasted on the other side make the front page? Is it because all the little kids are drawn to the picture of box art from some video game? Because that is very misleading false advertising. My game has a picture of the actual place in all its non-free-model glory! WHY?! P.S. Don’t bother looking for my game, I’m NBC so I can only have one at a time and am currently working on something else. P.P.S. I’m sad :(

  15. klaq2

    I was playing a Wild West game and an admin gave me an insert tool so I could add one thing to use. I inserted a pickup truck I had made and saved into my models and drove it around with my posse in the truck bed shooting up outlaws. Then I accidentally drove off the edge of the world. It was gone, but fun while it lasted, because there’s nothing like bringing modern technology into an old setting. Maybe next up I’ll be flying a bomber over a medieval castle XD.

  16. jhj97sbackupaccount

    When my friend haggwood and I were playing insta-gib fight in fog, and i got behind him and told him to freeze or die. And then we both kept trying to shoot and jump over eachother over and over and then another team came and shot both of us XD

  17. BobBrick

    I went too sword fight on heights and met Telamon there. He didn’t say anything, the only time he ever spoke was when someone said “Hey I found a bug” he simply replied “You did not”

    Well he stayed for a bit and he attacked me with a sword. I, in a moment of haste, whipped out a sword at random and blew him off the edge. Yes I had grabbed windforce and accidently killed Telamon…
    I just sat there in shock, wondering if I might get banned, but luckily I am still here and enjoying my time on roblox

  18. Jonrique

    My funniest moment was when I was playing this 1 game where you had to kill the opposing team! Instead to make myself laugh hilariously “I killed my team on purpose!” I was on the top fort with my gun and shot the guys head off! Other than that… My favourite moment on Roblox was playing find the Domos made by Planet3arth! I had so much fun with V.I.P and when I died and saw my head go flying I laughed like there was no tomorrow! Many more funny moments to come….!

  19. Velextron

    My best memory of ROBLOX was when IPlayFootball visited my place, commented on it, and SENT me a PM about something confidential. Or when d4rk886 answered my PM; that was cool. Or when Brayden99 was in-game and teleported ME to himself so I could get a snapshot of him and me.

  20. Lucassen

    My best moment was in build to survive the creepers when a guest walked up to a creeper and said “friend” then the creeper blew up and killed him.

    1. xXx747

      HAHA! I wish I could of seen that! Friend? Boom! Thats gotta be the funnest thing I’ve heard about on ROBLOX.

  21. USAfighter01

    In one game, I was lagging out badly and explosions were happening nearby, the only escape route at the very top of a tower and another tower that just got blew up fell on me, but the lag actually slowed down the bricks, so I jump from brick to brick while it was still falling. The copter was about to leave in 5 seconds so I just jumped to a window ledge, jumped up and made it to safety.

  22. Relishboy123

    And I also blew up an entire rpg server with a nuke a game op gave me and then left, I do not know why he trusted me. Hehehe…

  23. Relishboy123

    My most awesome story on ROBLOX is when I enter’s sonicthehedgehogxx’s f.e.a.r. Recruitment center game, everyone was nice to me and met on a war game and attacked all of the raiders and made a huge explosion and was the only one I survived with my head and torso, and they all thanked me because the raid took like 3 hours until it finished, and I took the name to that fort and they built an exact statue replica of me!

  24. haloisabeast

    When i found out about roblox :) lol, but other than that, my best moment was the first time i played solar conquest my cocoawarrior. And it’s still fun, but back then i was so addicted to that game.

  25. rocksrolling749

    Funniest thing I did was that I was at a base for a war group, and in a hidden area, there was a free model nuke so I set it off. They got so mad!

  26. Iammaddiiee

    Yup me again, my funniest moment? I don’t really have one, because they’re equally funny- but there IS something that happened to my brother 32Xer at stickmasterluke’s Insta-gib Fight in the Fog (he switched it out to a different place- I miss it…) Anyway, my brother got “squirreled” by Telamon. Tela jumped out of the tree and shot my brother in the face. Hilarious no?

  27. idontkno

    I created a script to make a house explode then implode(explode in reverse), by getting data of the parts cframes constantly as it exploded and then returned those cframes to the parts in reverse order. It looks so freaky seeing the house explode in reverse.

  28. Lillian331

    This one time, I jumped and this guy jumoed on my head th same time I jumped and we both went flying o.O

  29. Hockeyfan991

    Well the most intresting thing that happened to me was when you guys released the trade sys… oh wait that hasnt happened yet

  30. Lucariobeam

    But my greatest moment was when I founded my group FALC with my best friend Bagel202.

  31. Lucariobeam

    Just yesterday, in natural disaster survival, I rode a falling building into the ocean, and somehow miraculesly survived.

  32. Drakath304

    I’d have to say the greatest moment I’ve had on Roblox is when I met my two best friends, agentx111 and pwow, two-three months after I joined.

  33. Anonymous

    A user commented on my game that he blew up in it, when that wasn’t even possible at the time.

  34. samos2

    At that moment, I had 49 places and I was trying to get into EBR. I showed one of the approvers my 49th place, the most well done place I had ever made, with realistic houses, waterfalls and hills, with giant food crates and wild amazon animals! It was excellent. I told the admin to look at my very last place. He said it wasn’t good enough for me to be in EBR. I wondered what he was on about at first, but then I realised that He must not have noticed the “Page 1 of 4” at the bottom of my places, so he looked at the last place on the FIRST page, which was badly built and unfinished. I never trried to get in since. But I’ll be back EBR admins… YOU’LL SEE!!!

  35. TheRealGlobotLeader

    One thing that I think is really fun is making a game on roblox. You guys do things right! You give us just the right tools we need to make a popular place. Thx.

  36. KnownFireball2

    I was at a place and clone of me came to the place, said something, and left. Came to the place, said something, and left. Over and over until he stopped coming to the place. The clone of me said some things. It was freaky.

    I pranked my friend(Spiderman0973) at my place(Picnic Cafe). Making the place disappear and it just turned into a grey baseplate. I also used the message thing with the transparent grey screen & white words and pretending I was a hacker with admin. I also froze him and thawed him and made him invisible.

  37. Fatpop

    When I got into RAT Fort Celeste by myself. And locked all the RAT Out. 8 RAT 1 Me. Then they got an Admin to ban me. Lol.

  38. walt999

    Probably back in 07-09 when I was playing miked’s famous paintball game (good times, good times ;))

  39. Thebboy267

    I was on sword fights on heights I’m guessing it was laggy because I killed someone walked away and no one was around then I just randomly blew up.

  40. Jwill11

    My greatest moment was at SFOTH.

    My character tripped and then a guy popped out of nowhere and jumped on me and I killed him and when I got back up another guy jumped in front of me and I killed him then I turned around and the same guy I killed 1st jumped in front of me and he died.

  41. Tacoburger22

    Once on a very popular game I was on with the creator and 35-40 other people. I was in the only car in the server. I was driving like a baus. Until I accidentally hit where the group of everyone is( everyone in the server, including the creator, was huddled in a big group while chatting….p.s their group was near a mountain…. Also there was a rag doll script) My big truck didn’t agree with everyone’s physics o.e. When I hit the group, I sent all 40 of them plummeting,tripping, falling, spinning, and, funniest of all, rag dolling down that huge mountain. At the bottom was lava becuz the mountain was supposed to be a volcano. Some people rag dolled in the top of the volcano >_>. Now take a minute and try to imagine 40 people ragdolling off a volcano, all thanks to Tacoburger22 >:D. I later got raged at o.e.

    That’s not all! When everyone spawned they all started charging at me o.e. They all got behind me and pushed me off the mountain o.e…

    The end!!!

  42. marcopolo444

    I remember I was in a fort with my group, then an exploiter Guest came and teleported us into a wall then changed the sky blue, and changed our appearances into jaredvaldez4’s look.

  43. peacelove2002

    One time someone blew up my house… then I saw a pool of blocks… I jumped in so I could delete them… then I slowly started to sink then the blocks made me fly 100 blocks away.

  44. wizhappyack1

    The wierdest thing that happend to me was when I had only been on roblox for a week and my friend was over and we were playing a Pokemon game and builderman showed up in the server and I caught him and my friend starts freeking out and I asked what’s wrong and he said, “you caught the CEO of roblox!!!!!” my response was, “Oh” and then I started freeking out

  45. Tower07

    The coolest thing that ever happened to me was when me and my friend made Roblox glitch REALLY BAD, and we ended up fusing, flying, and we were flashing neon. Truestorybro.

  46. Banjobug

    At another point I convinced my friend that the “Headrow” hat was actually “Noob Heads” that could get you banned. Interestingly enough, he believed me.

  47. moomanchicken

    my best was i was in a in house full of c4 then my friend pulled the lever and my body went flying out of the base.

  48. Chucktheganster

    My best ROBLOX scenario was when I fired a rocket at my friend and his head hit a landmin I had placed blowing up me and the house I was standing by we LOL’ed :3

  49. nathanthe123

    the first moment i found roblox i knew i had something to play again. throught out my experince playing roblox ive had many more exiting moments like when i first ment telamon and another was when i became obc but i dont think i could pick a favrite every moment on roblox was the best moment possible

  50. AccurateCody

    The most epic scenario that has happen to me was when I was at my friends place and he had just updated his place with towers stacked up really high, at least 25 towers, and I was at the top while he set off a bomb at the bottom and the whole thing tipped. While it was tipping, I was throwing more bombs down the towers, fell, and was trying to get back up to the top before it fell off the edge. Then my friend makes it to me, launches a rocket, misses me, and blows half of the tower apart while I was busy being stuck in a wall and pretending to kill him like an robot. I miss my newb days.

    1. BuilderToo

      Well I have been on ROBLOX 2 years now and probably the oddest moment was when I got a 200 killstreak at Fencing.

  51. tastyvomit321

    An odd moment for me on ROBLOX was when I saw the sign for the “Happy Home in ROBLOXia” that was introduced in 2010. I can memorize the words to it, in fact.

    “WARNING! Do not sit, stand, or lean on the fences. If you fall, animals could eat you, and that might make them sick.”

    In real life, I began to laugh. . . a lot.

  52. Supera2z

    My most great moment you say? Well. in Call of Robloxia 5 I did a 8 streak kill WITH only a type 99.and after i died i had a after life pwn.

  53. Caine2000

    One time I was at my base for my group TGEOTRG , and I shot someone with a Next Gen Rocket and he looked like he was somersaulting off a cliff because I had the ragdoll script on XD

  54. Rmbroblox

    I dont know if this was the most funny thing thats ever happened to me but it was quite lucky, i was in a jail and placed some C4 in the middle of the floor, pressed myself against the wall and waited for the impact, i escaped with 1 arm-Stud Perfect!

  55. Dragon11122

    Can you please help me to get on the games.When i click it it won’t load the game.It work yesterday but not today.So can anyone help me please.
    My roblox name is Dragon11122.
    Thank you for reading this.
    Oh and it’s the best game in the world for now.

  56. lolb3

    My friend 0wning247 and I are in this group called the X~Legion (10th legion). Our uniforms have armbands that display our rank. One time, a raider came by and said “I used to be X~Legion until I took an arrow to the knee” And then 0wning goes “Hehe you know whats funny? Leg rank bands – protects you from taking an arrow to the knee”

  57. ilikegiratina

    I was at SFOTH, I was just in the touchstone room when someone used a touchstone… I was holding a DH and then when the person landed on me he died :3

  58. leonboy1234

    I remmember my first week on ROBLOX i was a beginner so i builded a world with a zombie lab and a police station and my little brother liked it so much because there was a police agent that always followed him when he saw him so funny time was that :)

  59. bloxking6960

    I just recalled the numerous times when a guest was hugely looked down on, but somehow managed to win or beat every other player. It was very enjoyable to watch.

  60. Rany100

    The funniest moment on my Roblox was when I was looking through my Game’s Servers and saw a Guest with TBC. I laughed SO hard!

  61. Hmmmm

    I Was my first few days of Roblox, I only had Safe chat, but I entered a contest, I got a Blue fish and A Plant, You can kind of See how strange a noob entering an empty baseplatec and won 2 prizes. :D

  62. Alib432

    Once, in the game “Survival 404” I made a house out of the things I also made, bricks etc. It came out pretty nice and whem it was finished I began living in it. After I

  63. Metanight1896

    I believe the most interesting scenario that happened on Roblox was when I went to a funeral for some player’s hacked account. While we were sitting in the church, there was a scripted thunder storm outside. Players were getting a bit antsy not being able to move, then a player we didn’t know came into the server, he started cursing at us for no reason, so the creator gave us very powerful rocket launchers! When we shot them they started looping and causing chaos in the church, at the end the whole lever was destroyed and most of the players left. The creator decided he won’t stop playing Roblox, after he realized that you don’t have to have a fancy account to enjoy it.

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