ROBLOX Office Conference

Your ROBLOX Top-Three List

Today we are giving everyone the chance to submit a personal ROBLOX “Top-Three” list. Please be as specific as possible and limit your reply to three short items. If you have additional comments, place them after your three items. This will make it easier for other readers to browse many replies quickly.

Try to be specific rather than general. For example, rather than saying “reduce lag”, instead say “increase graphics frame rate”, or “increase responsiveness to user controls”, or “reduce graphics stutter”.

Here is an example of a good reply (three short, specific items, with comments at the end):

    1. Make ROBLOX run on LINUX
    2. Add a “Pneumatic Actuator” object 
    3. Make the _____ better/faster/more intuitive/… 

    I really think you should add a pneumatic actuator
    so I can build the giant robotic tyrannosaur I saw at
    my local science museum. LINUX support would be nice because
    I’ve built my own home-brew LINUX box and would really like
    to run ROBLOX on it.

We will review your replies over the next week, and then synopsize in a future forum post. Your feedback will help us to prioritize our development pipeline.

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1,706 thoughts on “Your ROBLOX Top-Three List

  1. Chuckkwizmo46

    1. Personally, I would like a way to make preset outfits with clothes and hats I own. It’s annoying having to go through the slow-ish menus to change clothes.
    2. A better way to upload in game screen shots. Something separate from decals, since I don’t plan on placing my screen shots on the side of walls in games, just few my friend’s screen shots from memorable moments.
    3. A better, more customization lighting system. While I do like the fog system, it would feel more complete, and usable, if you were able to put up lights that would remove the fog, and change the color of the fog in certain areas.

  2. Caine2000

    1. Player Meshes

    1.) Re-Implement Player-Made Meshes! If you want people to think you can actually BE ANYTHING and BUILD ANYTHING , give back player-made mashes.

  3. Harveer12121Alt

    Java runs In almost everything in the world. Cell Phones, The computer and/or laptop you have, even Parking meters.

  4. Harveer12121Alt

    1: Add a Roblox Bank.

    2: Fix the Exploiting Problem.

    3: Veteran Bonus.

    Adding a Roblox Bank would really make me, and millions of Robloxians, happy. Just Imagine starting out with 10 tickets, and there is a hat that costs 25, But expires in 2 DAYS! Put the money in the bank, the next day you get your daily 10 tickets and while looking at your bank, you have an extra 5 tickets due to profit!

    I’ve played many well made Games that get randomly exploited when I might achieve something epic. Please Oh PLEASE fix this problem!

    Veterans should deserve something for being on roblox for 1 YEAR! Like a bonus in daily tickets or maybe 5 robux every 2 consecutive days you played roblox.

  5. Silvu

    1. HD Textures. Right now we have 420×420 decals, which means textures are only 420×420. A lot more detail could be added if we had HD Textures/decals, that would be, say, double the size of current ones, which would be 840×840. Recently Roblox has been trying to add more detail to hats and other items, and so have retexturers such as myself, and the 420×420 space just isn’t working anymore.

    2. Linux support. Roblox needs to target desktop computing before mobile devices in my opinion, even if what’s left of the desktop computing market is only Linux, BSD, and those other OS’s that nobody cares about.Mac OS X is very similar to Linux in many ways, because it is also a Unix based operating system (Yes, I realize that Linux is a kernel, not an OS). There wouldn’t have to be separate coding for each distro either, you would just have to code it and tar it, making it a .tar.gz file, something which all distros can use.

    3.More forum things, such as being able to bold and italicize text. Our forums are rather bland right now. Would adding emoticons, being able to bold and italicize text, and clickable links be too hard? Photos too, but only Roblox decals.

    3.2. The forums, or some of them at least, should be strictly 13+, meaning that only people 13 and older can access them. If a person is under 13 and on a parent account it allows them to chat and forum, they still wouldn’t be allowed on these. If we did this the older users could be allowed to curse, post approved offsite links, etc., and it would make us a lot happier.

    1. FinalNight

      I like the idea of 13+ forums, but cursing shouldn’t be a reason to have them, mainly to promote good relationships between players.

  6. Anonymous

    1.) A trading system
    2.) Be able to change your group name
    3.) Refunds for hats

    A trading stystem to sucessfully trade limiteds so you don’t get scammed and everybody is happy; works like the Tix/Robux Trader; you enter your limited and the limited you want so then after a period of time, someone may enter a hat into the system that you wanted

    Being able to change names because if there is a grammar error in the name, you just wasted $100 robux. Maybe for like $50 robux you can change the name of the group.

    Being able to get a refund from a hat because, I for one have alot of hats that I wasted money on. Maybe you get 50% of your money back for the hat you traded and, it reduces alot of inventory space for me, and many ROBLOXians

  7. MasterOfDeathOnes

    1. Exploiting fixes.
    2. Trade system.
    3. Better lightning. [ On/off switch, creator-set. ]

  8. Blanman

    1. More Improvements to engine and gameplay

    2. Work on patching the game so that robloxians can’t copy/paste directions from youtube and completely exploit places.

    3. More changes to the physics engine, so that people stop writing roblox off as a poorly coded game >:C

  9. sureshot736

    1. Update Tix / Robux every 5 hours. I dont mean you get 10 tix every 5 hours, but say if someone logged on and there was something limited, & they needed 10 more tix, then they can get it faster.
    3. If possible, try to make Roblox a cross platform game, so i can play on my PlayStation 3, or PS Vita.
    4. Refund system.
    5. Make it easier to get more money, especially nbc players, in a year, I would only have 3650 tix while in maybe 2-3 months, BC would already have that.

  10. mofothebest

    1.)Robloxians should get refund on items that they do not use anymore but not example..(you bought a hat for 100 robux but but when you refund it its still 100 robux you get.) it should be like you get only 60 robux you get 60% ONLY of the item.

    2.)not only getting 10 tix everyday for a non-builders club robloxian,but also get 2-5 robux everyday .. just to be fair.

    3.)I think the packages should have a “seperate” or “whole” package . EXAMPLE.(Robloxian 2.0 package should have left arm,right arm,torso,right leg,left leg, when you buy it in the CATALOG.

    THANK YOU FOR READING….. :D its me mofothebest signing out…

  11. epicfin8

    Acturlly you should update
    (1) When you delete something you get atleast some tix/robux
    (2) Make Bodys for non bcs even though they abit much robux
    (3) Bring the meshes back XD

  12. jrcorr

    1.) Refunding. pretend i bought a hat for 500 and i didnt like it. so i deleted it but i am broke. when deleting gear or hats etc. get a refund like 450 or 400 robux
    2.) obc get to make more places like 125 places.
    3.) make spamers and hackers be banned if spammers post the same commet over 5 times they should be banned. if hackers put the word ‘free robux’ they should be banned
    Thanks For Your Time

    1. jrcorr

      1.) Able to post videos on commets or just commets to be moderated or pay as little as 2 robux to post a commet
      3.) The new video and picture feature for games. make putting a video on cheaper. way to overpriced. how can it be 1k just to put a video on
      4.) do like a price drop on gear every 3-7 weeks so more people will buy. for example. theres a gear thats like 3.5k mabey reduse that for a few days for like 3k thats like 500 off

      1. livewire66

        Yes, and that would even make it better against hackers. some hackers delete hats and things, and if they didn’t know about this rule, then you’d just have enough to buy it back. HAHA! (By the way, the hacking thing happened to me.)

  13. uzziah007

    #1:make it so NBCers can sell t-shirts for tix NOT ROBUX so then they can sell vip for there place. #2 add lava terrain and water terrain so when u set some water it flows about 10 4X4 blocks then stops. #3 let NBCers who have the veterans badge get a month of free BC like a free trial and if they like it then they might buy it

  14. Lime

    Only suggestion is more site themes… liek different colors. Maybe like… create your own site theme for BC? I want NBC to have more site theme colors too :c

  15. Westonsammy

    1: Exploiters. Exploiters have started popping up in Roblox around 2009, and their numbers have continued to increase, and nowadays its extremely hard to find servers untouched by a exploiter, or more importantly, be able to secure your own models and places. This ruins the entire concept of Roblox, because instead of making your own stuff, exploiting has turned the game into “Steal/wait for someone to steal a cool model, then use it at your place” (Commonly reffered to as “Free modelling”). This also makes the developers of games very angry, as they often get no credit from their exploited models or places, and instead are accused by the community of stealing it themselves. If you want proof that exploiting is a huge problem, simply look at the profiles of players such as JaredValdez4, who has 10+ places that were all made by other users, and were not released by that user. Alternatively, try searching up the base of any clan over 5,000 members, and you will find it on free models. And banning them is not a solution, since once something is on free models, it stays there forever, and they can simply create infinite alternate accounts to bypass a ban.

    2: BrickCount. I know this is a bit more of a complex goal to acomplish, but really, “Lag” in roblox servers can get really, really bad at over 7,000 bricks, and most users want to build huge places and detailed places, which is just not possible with only 7,000 bricks. I know that terrain is supposed to help with that, but not everyone likes the look of terrain, as it doesnt exactley “Blend in” with normal roblox bricks.

    3: Easy to use build tools. This isnt really a problem for me, I use studios along with multiple plugins :D But I have tried using the new build tools, and to be blunt, they suck. They seem to be centered around your building set, and that doesnt allow much freedom for users. I know the old build tools were a bit glitchy, but they were simple and easy to use. Now in terms of Studio Mode build tools, the only thing I would like to see is more terrain tools (Take some ideas from user plugins?) and also dedicated c-framing. Currently roblox only has a 45-degree c-framing system, and is only rotate on axis. I would like to see a precision c-frame tool, that can edit angles by at least .1 degrees, and can move bricks up, down, sideways, ect.

  16. blazerGansta12

    Here it goes. MUCH NEEDED.

    1) Veterans should get a 5 or 10 Robux Bonus each day like Tix and how we get 10 tix everday only with both robux and tix. This way, all NBC veterans will be happy that they can get Robux without paying 4 to 25 dollars on BC or Robux.

    2) All robloxians should have refunds on hats they do not like or clothes they do not like. Say I payed 45 Robux for a hat that I didnt like. Seriously ROBLOX, I just wasted 45 robux and now Im broke. (not really just an example) but we should have a refund system.

    3) Instead of NBC’ers having to join 5 groups, let them join 10. I used to be BC and I had 9 groups full. My BC ran out and my friend wanted me to join her group. I tried but since I was a NBC’er once again it would only let me join 5. I had to leave 5 of the groups I was in to make 1 spot open for my friends group. THIS IS A PROBLEM.

    ~Thank you ROBLOX administrators for reading this~
    (Join the group SoH today all readers!)

    1. l4p4k

      Well that’s why My place and other places like it are made for you to test items on. Read the description of my place and you will understand.

    2. calderH

      Yes i could not agree more us verterans NEED the income enchantment or a lot of use will just quite because we get the same old 10 tix a day. as a 978 day veteran myself i have gotten bored at geting the same ammount if income and not being able to afford much at all due to high item prices. i would suggest a “5” robux a day income for NBC veterans. this way you could save thousands ro tens of thousands of people from quiting roblox!

  17. StealthLava

    1: Make ROBLOX run on LINUX
    2: No more renting of Catalog Items. Sell them.
    3: Body Packages for Non Builders Club players.
    4: Trade Routs. (Models, Clothing, etc.)
    5: More affordable Gear for Non Builders Club players.

    Don’t port Roblox to Flash. It has too low a frame rate. Use Java if you do.

    If Running natively on Linux. Your best bet is to make it a Debian package. (eg: Roblox.deb) That way it can be installed into Ubuntu Linux. (Most widely used distribution.)

    Have A Great Day! :-D

    1. TheException

      A debian package is just like .exe on windows. I assumed most people knew that. However, with Ubuntu and some other versions of Linux, I’m not sure. Now, imagine if all of window’s .exe files ran through something called a “store”. That’s how ubuntu does it. But the programming ISN’T the hardest part, most of you guys don’t realize. It’s the UPDATES that get pushed out so fast that has programmers scrambling, because it does seem that a new update is pushed every month or so. Can’t wait for 12.04 :D

    2. pokemon771

      Why would they port it to flash? flash is 2d I think
      and java is ssssssssssslllllllllllllow
      trust me ever played minecraft? its laggy cause it was made in java.

      Java stniks for making games.

      1. Blanman

        Minecraft is slow because notch is a self-taught programmer, and he didn’t optimize the game well.

        Mark isn’t a god; Just a nice guy with fairly professional level abilities, who had a really good idea and the passion to see it through

  18. epicfin8

    (1) You should let non bc get robux a day but only “5?
    (2) Make bodies for non bc
    (3) Make it that when you make ads you can make movable ads

    Thats all you should do im sure it would be very fun if that happened or u updated :)

  19. epicfin8

    (1) You should let non bc get robux a day but only “5”
    (2) Make bodies for non bc
    (3) Make it that when you make ads you can make movable ads :3
    (4) Get like this type of thing to protect your internet from hackers
    (5) Dont go too far with the updates like making stuff bc
    (6) it takes a long time to just get 10 tix why not 5 hours each?
    (7) thats all but make it “Right >:3”

  20. Briatat04

    Well i think we all need is

    1.We can put everything back to 07 Again so there is no More no Updates

    2.Stop all Expoilters and Hackers from games It makes People very Mad thats why More and More people leave robux because Of them

    3.We should all get a Award like 30k For a big Conest u win u get It Simples as pie.

  21. master476

    1 Ingame user trade system so that “auction” places can actually be made properly
    2 Whisper chat system ingame so you can pritvately chat to another user i have seen user made guis that already perform this function though so maybe not highest priority
    3 Some kind of reward for vertans or activity ie a multiplier for consectutive days logged in etc similar to consectutive days in bc and it should affect any login bonus like daily tix or robux if bc etc

    possibly make the older theme optional for profiles however i imagine this isnt difficult but still think it should be considered

    1 self explanatory but in game trading systems could prove useful in action places maybe make it so that users can send each other amounts of tix/robux in this sytem also to prevent all those donation shirts :D
    2 well being able to chat privately is nice maybe also consider this option as being similar to ingame parties which are currently limited as you have to use a different window to see party chat if there was a way for party members in the same game to communicate it could increase the use of the system with clans/groups using it to more effectively co-ordinate raids
    3 vertans rewards have always been something that has been overdue and maybe should be made but not a great amount else avatar items may increase in price so maybe a monthly rewards for veterans like 5-10Rs or a tix bonus equally activity rewards like bc could be benefical however there would need to be some system in place for if the user went on holiday so that they didnt lose there consectutive bonus prehaps?

  22. jtfriend137

    1) The ability to trade places/sell places

    I only have one major recomendation, and that is that places can be traded or sold. I’ve seen people do it unofficially but most of the time people get scammed, and it’s a lot of extra work to make a T-shirt for someone to buy to say that they bought your place. Then theres a problem of how will you give them the place. I believe this issue could be fixed with an official system for selling. places.

  23. KevinYoshi

    (1.) Check delete system for items so you can just click a little box next to the item and it click delete after, easier to delete items.
    (2.) Hat trade system, a lot of people want this.
    (3.) Sell-able models and/or decals, c’mon, this would be great!

  24. yummydoglover

    1. 10r$ a week for veterans
    2. refunds for hats, pants, gear, faces, morphs, t-shirts and shirts
    3. NBC bodies.

    and 4. more hair for girls
    1. Every veteran gets 10 robux a week and possible 15 when they sign in.
    2. I have recently bought a crew member t-shirt for the titanic (built by theamazeman) and I really want a refund because I hardly ever play the game.
    3. I am NBC and I really want at least a robloxian 2.0 body.
    4. There is WAY too much boys hair and hats on roblox and not enough for girls and us girls dont get a choice in the colour of the hair we want so I was thinking that when viewing a hat you could click on a button that lets you choose the colour in that hat or hair so you could walk around in…. neon orange hair if you really wanted!

  25. GoogleBro

    1) MIDI Sounds, limit time 30 seconds (just like the videos) and pricing is only for testing, from there, it is free.
    2) Advantages for veterans. Like 50 extra tix daily or being able to make another game/group.
    3) Make the forums more attractive (A theme that goes with the main site or something like that)

    These are my top three ideas for ROBLOX. Many people have been asking for them and I thought I could bring it up. Thanks for reading!

  26. BOBTED123

    1. Pets for your robloxian allowed in any game (As a sort of hat gear combination)

    2. A trade system for limited items where you can select the robloxian and the item you want to trade. Regulated to Bc or 13+.

    3. Put up more firewalls to defend games from being hacked (exploited).

  27. AlvAlv6II

    1. Wind Resistance
    2. Arms visible in first-person
    3. Pre-2010 Update building tools available

    Wind resistance would allow for more realistic aircraft and spacecraft flight. The first-person updates would allow for a more realistic, better-lookign experience. The building tools from before the 2010 updates are the only ones most people know, and I can’t use the stamper tool/any new tool. It used to be simple: Resize, Insert, Delete, and Color/Texture. Now you have to go through a glitchy, crazy system which does not allow you to work on your place at all. It took me a month to get a brick to be a certain height, color, texture, and position. On the old Roblox, it took me 30 seconds.Please change theese, but take the builgint ools into special consideration.

  28. Harveer12121Alt

    1) Add a Roblox Bank, and make it increase in money like in real life every 1-2 days.

    2) Try to fix exploiting problems.

    3) Veterans SHOULD get a bonus in roblox or tix, maybe 50 tix bonus or 5 robux bonus.

  29. SkidGreenWarrior

    1. Roblox bc stuff trade system
    2. Roblox on Ipad
    3.Better Dynamic lighting

    1.Everyone wants it, and I would really like to just trade like my gear, for a cool hat! and it would make a lot less scams because they both have to hit “OK”.

    2.Roblox needs to be mobile! Everyone knows that! I am tired of having to wait for everything on my pc to play!

    3.Dynamic lighting like in DayrenX’s videos/nooooooo’s video! Roblox just looks to dumb without it.

  30. holychristian

    1. Ban jaredvaldez permently
    2. Veterans get 5 robux each yaer they were here
    3. Because of the Veterans get robux, Normal builder clubbers get 30 turbo get 50 and obc get 75.

  31. Warmramses

    1. Many people miss the old ROBLOX from 2006, 2007, 2008. I think that users should be able to pick old themes. Such as when on ‘Account’. Instead of ‘ROBLOX 2.0 theme’ there should be ‘ROBLOX 2006 theme’; ‘ROBLOX 2007 theme’; ‘ROBLOX 2008 theme’

    2. All members should be able to gain access to Robux right? After all, it is the “Main money currency of ROBLOXia”. I think that there should be ingame “jobs” that represent real life. This can be fun AND it can show kids what real life work is like.

    3. ROBLOX should make a script and make a deal with the CEO of Apple to create a way for people to actually play ROBLOX on the Ipad, Iphone, ETC.

    Thank you ROBLOX staff for reading this. I respect every decision that you make. -Warmramses

  32. dallasthemaster1

    1) allow all users to pick any previous site theme
    2) enable basic html in comments and descriptions and user profile
    3) basic html in forum (like most forums have)

    1) the previous themes were nice (especially the roblox 1.0-3.0)(I would call the current theme 4.0)(1.0 is like the ‘trusted’ theme/the one most people like and/or are used to/comfortable with)
    the ones before 4.0 having a banner was nice
    2) it would be nice to bold text and italicise to show what is important, etc
    3) it is pretty much a standardized forum feature now, and #2’s reason

  33. Duckdude112

    1. Daily robux for non builders club


    3. Thats all.

  34. robo2241(Phoenix389)

    1. Regulate Spam
    2. Ability to award Player-made content through badges
    3. Older site themes

    1. Spam is a problem on ROBLOX, and even though users have been reporting and such, it’s not solving the issue. Moderators need to check ROBLOX-made content for false and/or repetitive messages more frequently.

    2. It would please a lot of users if they could award others with content for earning badges. Maybe more people would buy BC.

    3. There are a lot of old users from 2006, 2007, and 2008 that really miss those years. Bringing back old themes and letting users pick them based on the year they joined would give a lot of dedicated veterans a reason to stay.

  35. Ratcristi

    Ok here it goes…

    1) Make a ROBLOX trade system (where you could trade hats,gear,etc. to other players).

    2) 10 (5 if 10 is too much) Robux to all veterans daily.

    3)Make video decals (eg. youtube video on a TV)

  36. Battlefield3Fan

    1. Trading system
    2. Closet system
    3. ROBLOX Universe READ!!!!

    1. It would benifit us a lot since models aren’t sellable. It would cut down on scamming as well.
    2.I like different outfits for different places. if I go to a war game, I want to have my group war uniform on. If I want to go to a city game, I want my jeans, flanel, etc. on.
    3. I know ROBLOX is working on something similar to it, but combining places together to make a community. Players can set the render perimeter for how large they want their place before traveling to the next when players reach the distance limit, then it renders anather place. To change where the places are rendering, there would be a grid on the website. (lets start with a 3 by 3) the admin can drag places onto the spots on that grid which positions the places like north, south, east, west. You are probably thinking that this is very complex, and this will take time. But if you think of it, it would be just like entering a game, exiting, and entering another one. Each place is a server, and they would just be combined. Comment on what you think. But please don’t say that my ideas are stupid because im just giving suggestions.

    1. TheException

      Veteran’s don’t necessarily “deserve” that much money. I know how being NBC feels, but some people pay real money to get the 15 or more robux they earn a day. If that was the case, a person could make, say, 10 accounts, quit Roblox, come back a year later, and buy BC. Then he would earn more than equivalent to BC, even with Loyalty benefits.

  37. lordvampirix

    1. Add a hat/clothing trade system
    2. Add a ROBLOX bank
    3. Not really sure

    I think that a trade system would be cool because then we would be able to trade stuff with other players.

    Banking would be cool for the older players to learn about interest rates and the like.

  38. Stas9394

    1. Add a check and delete system for items(will help people delete things faster).
    2. Bring back custom meshes.
    3.Ingame scripting tutorials. (Can be videos or text with pictures)

  39. mangafanatic0

    I know this is a little late…


    1) Hats and popular bodies for NBC and tix

    2) More girl hair hats

    3)Music and sound affects

    1) There are so many Bc onlyt bodies and hats, and there are so many people who are tired of just hats, pink hair, and very blocky bodies.

    2) More girl hair. I know so many people who want that. Perhaps even recoloring of hair, like black or blonde with the original pink hair.

    3) There are few songs, and they aren’t even like real songs. These things could get out of hand, though, so maybe it should be appoved like decals and clothes

  40. AccurateCody

    1.)Bring back user created MESHS!
    2.)Update Dynamic Lighting
    3.)Better System to prevent Hacking

    1.)I think you should bring back user created MESHS because they could always be moderated, and maybe make it BC only if you have a problem with memory usage, or maybe even make it TBC only, or even OBC! Just please, bring it back!

    2.)If you get the Dynamic Lighting just right, it could possibly make the game less lagged. It would also make the game look more realistic, but I think each and every user should choose whether or not they want that setting of Dynamic Lighting in there place.

    3.)Recently I have been going to games, and more, and more hackers have been popping up exploiting a lot of hacks. Lots of “Color Change” hacks in almost every game, no matter what script is supposed to prevent hacks.

  41. LISTEN

    i Just have one.


    Sometimes people can not grasp the situation through an e-mail and reply with irrelevant things about the subject. doing this would allow so much more players support the devs in coming to them for thier problems. such as i was banned for 14 days for supposedly stealing accounts when i had absolutely no idea what was going on.

  42. ultimatecreatorA1

    1.”Mass” object
    2.Different bodies for NBC players.
    3.HTML support for the forums.

    I think that you should put HTML in the forums because it would give users a chance to customise their posts. Obviously only basic HTML, so that people couldn’t put CSS scripts or anything in their posts to mess up the forums.

  43. CHEESE

    I think their should be lots of new cool stuff. Oh and i would really really like it if you know the picture and video adding thing to your place please make that free i will never get that much and i been waiting for that video thing to come out for a while and i cant use it well thanks for reading this

  44. Skywad

    1. Dynamic Lighting
    2. User-created Sound Content
    3. Single-Player Mode Places

    personally I would love to create a place with a very immersive atmosphere. But because of a lack of dynamic lighting or custom sound effects. It’s impossible to create that perfect “Scary” game, or maybe even a single player adventure. Sometimes I want to play an adventure game without being bothered by players that could potentially ruin puzzles for me.

  45. Puppier

    1. Dynamic Lighting
    2. Better Data Persistence
    3. Micro Transactions

    2: By better I mean:
    -Add Global Leader boards (Allow for data to be retrieved by the game and allow for a game maker to upload a configuration file to format the leader boards)
    -More secure, make it harder for an exploiter to hack in his/her data
    -Web interface for reviewing data both by the player and owner.

  46. LegoChemistry

    1. Veterans make 10 robux for each year they have been a veteran.
    2. Refunds!
    3. Bring out the Windforce :3

    1. As in, if they are from the beginning of 2011 they get 10 robux, if they are from 2009 they get 30 robux. I think this is fair even if they are NBC, because that show that even though they are “lower-class” they are still loyal.

    2. I hate some of my hats and I would do anything for the money back from it because I most lekely spent about 200 robux on it.

    3. I really like the Wndforce, probably my favorite sword, so bring it out already, nearly everyone wants it, most likely just to finsh their SFOTH sets, but me because it’s my favorite 3= pweease…

  47. 1MangoMan0

    1. Better backpack system
    2. Add color or a picture like before to the new website theme background
    3. Ability to change the website theme to an older one.

    1. The backpack system is so annoying. Every time I spawn I have to open my backpack to get the tools I want. I would love it if it saved your backpack orientation.

    2. I’ve gotten used to it, but it’s still kind of plain the way the site looks now.

    3. My sister (and probably others) complains about the new layout. She doesn’t like how the top bar follows you when you scroll down, and also it is now impossible to change to an older theme. I would like this feature back for her and others.

    Thank you!

  48. ThousandVolt

    1. Trading System
    2. In game WHISPER setting, which allows you to talk to only one person in game.
    3. Refund for hats

    1. I seem to always want to trade with friends, but they do not want to risk losing their hat to someone they don’t know, as do I. So the tading system would solve those issues.

    2. The whisper setting would allow people in certain games to communicate without everyone else knowing.

    3. I have bought a couple hats that I really don’t like, I thought they would look different and they turned up looking terrible in my eyes. So, I think you should add a button under the Delete fro mStuff button that says Refund and when you press on it, it gives you the cost of it back. Of course this would only be for non-limited hats.

  49. Ninjaman7600

    1: Automatic VIP
    2: Trading System
    3: More Realistic Gear

    Okay so having to put on and take off VIP Shirts is really annoying… I want without scripting, having it so you can sense if the player has the VIP for the game and if so it could work on Doors for VIP/Give you gear directly. And you could advertise it right on the game page. And right on configure set VIP Shirts.

    A trading system would be nice, where you could trade tickets/robux with people without getting ripped off. Or having to have BC.

    Okay, So I saw the new water/floating thing. It was pretty awesome! But, I wish the gear was more realistic. Like swords swinging realistically, jet packs flying realistically,and guns shooting realistically. Or even some interesting/weird gear like.. Food you can throw at people with realistic results. Or ropes you can tie around people. Lets get creative. Thx.

  50. softwafflez

    1.Trading System
    2.Lower Priced Hats
    3.Golden Builders Club-1,000R$ 1,000T$ 500R$ Sign in, Golden Gear Option.


  51. Joe941

    1. Packages for Non-Builder’s Club players.

    2. Rideable waves and surfboard gears

    3. An in-game C-Frame modifyer that is easy to use.

    Thanks for your time,


  52. asdp99

    1. A closet system: you can preset your clothes for fast changing your character like your in a war group and your wearing a group uniform but you want to go to a normal social game its realing anoying to change the hats, the clothes, the packages
    you could aply it like this a free member gets 2 “suits” BC gets 3 “suits” tbc get 4 “suits” and obc gets 5″suits” THIS IS MY IDEA BY:asdp99 SUPPORT THIS AND IT MIGHT HAPPEN

    2. more Packages for nbc

    3. More hats for tix instead of rbux cuzz every thing you see is rbx and is takes allot of time earning it>.<

  53. KirbxXD

    1. Decrease the ability to hack.
    2. Make the player-made badges lower currency.
    3. Moderate spam.

    1. People are hacking way too much. This happened to my best friend FireZdog. Someone hacked him and now he can’t log in. Please make it like wizard101 where hacking means a perma’ ban.
    2. When people are trying to make badge hunts, they would spend about 700 robux just for 7 badges. People would have to be OBC, have gift cards, or be famous.
    3. Spam is too much now with everyone going up with this rewardsroblox thing. Moderate spam PLEASE!

  54. Ajhockeyfan

    1) trade system
    2) Make some older hats limited (red domino crown, security camera, ect.)
    3) Forum moderators.

  55. ClubPenguinGirl43

    1. More realistic movement..
    2. Every person who joins ROBLOX get a free sword, just the regular battle sword where you can get from stamper..
    3. Pets and Water

  56. 1121123

    1. Complete roblox game introduced onto ios platform(ipad, ipod, iphone)
    2. Dynamic lighting
    3. More security against exploiters/hackers

    1. It would be EXTREMELY awesome if the roblox client game would be introduced onto ios platform. This would allow us robloxians to be able to play the awesome roblox game client on our ipads, iphones, and ipods.

    2.Dynamic lighting would be epic. Fire would emit light, we could create our own epic dungeons, with dragons casting evil shadows on the walls, and SO MUCH MORE! Dynamic lighting would be extrordinarily epic

    3. More security against exploiters/hackers is an extremely important thing to do. During the egg hunt almost all of the servers I went into were hacked/exploited to the point us robloxians couldnt catch any eggs. Hackers were shutting down servers, exploiting the games so that they get all the eggs, keeping other players from even participating, spamming screens with “SO AND SO has hacked this server, tacos,” or something like that. They will also take away your gear and steal it from you, spam the chat screen with random things, and be trolls about it

  57. RoFact

    1. Improve ROBLOX Community
    2. More features and official rules for war clans
    3. More War hats

    1-Because at the moment everyone ‘flames’ eachother and gets other annoyed. 2-As War clans keep 3/4 of the ROBLOX Population in place, if there where official rules, more pople would join ROBLOX (More BC Members) 3-As there’s a limited amount, if you where to update official rules for war clans, they would need hats to use for camo and pride! :D #RoFact

  58. Aphfangirl17

    1.Trading system
    2.Make items cheaper
    3.Make BC only items and Places free to NBC players

  59. deathwinged12

    Just gonna throw two out:
    1: Allow game owners to Play in studio mode; all windows and such open, in their own place; they have the right, and it would allow them to counter exploiters with tools that are impossible to simulate with a GUI.
    2: Give “not working” bits of code for new things to the public; with a few thousand scripters looking at a bit of code, one of them is bound to see what everyone else missed. Offer rewards for making things work.

  60. klaq2

    Dear Roblox devs,
    these are three things (plus detailed descriptions of them) I would like to see implemented in Roblox sooner than later:
    1.) Upgraded physics.
    2.) Custom sound effects and music.
    3.) Dynamic lighting.

    1.) The physics need an upgrade. Roblox characters need to “feel” like they have a reasonable “weight” to them and react better to different things. Sometimes the character will be like the plastic it is, flying with little effort from stepping on a brick wrong. On the other end, sometimes the character is a lead weight and ramming it with a car causes no equal, but a definite opposite, reaction as the car bounces back and the character is still in place. Server and client need to communicate better, too.

    2.) Every game may look the same, but they use the same sounds. For example, racing games with the cars revving their engines, and the screech of the rubber as they fly along the track. Ambiance, like the sound of water slowly dripping in a cave to the wind howling atop a mountain.

    3.) I was so glad seeing this appear in the powerpoint at the Roblox Rally. The universal lighting is getting old, and I want this nao! How about trekking through a scary forest or exploring a dark cave, then returning to a safe, illuminated home? Hiding in the shadows as you try to escape a prison, avoiding being spotted by searchlights? Putting a flare to signal a rescue chopper? Knowing when to duck by the muzzle flash of a sniper? Dynamic lights, my friends… erm anonymous acquaintances.

    This took me forever to write. I appreciate you for taking the time to read this.

  61. DarkOnyx

    1. Custom Profile Backgrounds
    2. Trading System
    3. Improved system to prevent exploitation.

    I’ve always liked the option of a custom profile background. It’s very bland with the default layouts. Only OBC have the benefit, which with the current style, isn’t much because they have a black toolbar at the top. It wouldn’t be hard to filter, neopets for instance, is an online game that allows HTML.
    Second, the trading system. Current issue: Scammers. Said and done.
    Finally, I can’t even play any more games with the new “Expro hacks”. Patching these could help a lot. Thanks for considering!

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