ROBLOX Office Conference

Your ROBLOX Top-Three List

Today we are giving everyone the chance to submit a personal ROBLOX “Top-Three” list. Please be as specific as possible and limit your reply to three short items. If you have additional comments, place them after your three items. This will make it easier for other readers to browse many replies quickly.

Try to be specific rather than general. For example, rather than saying “reduce lag”, instead say “increase graphics frame rate”, or “increase responsiveness to user controls”, or “reduce graphics stutter”.

Here is an example of a good reply (three short, specific items, with comments at the end):

    1. Make ROBLOX run on LINUX
    2. Add a “Pneumatic Actuator” object 
    3. Make the _____ better/faster/more intuitive/… 

    I really think you should add a pneumatic actuator
    so I can build the giant robotic tyrannosaur I saw at
    my local science museum. LINUX support would be nice because
    I’ve built my own home-brew LINUX box and would really like
    to run ROBLOX on it.

We will review your replies over the next week, and then synopsize in a future forum post. Your feedback will help us to prioritize our development pipeline.

About David Baszucki

Founder, co-creator and CEO of ROBLOX. @DavidBaszucki on Twitter

1,706 thoughts on “Your ROBLOX Top-Three List

  1. Casey1280

    1: Improve the forums. We need BBCode, a topic subscription system that is actually practical, and signatures.
    2: Bonuses for veterans. I’ve been here for 3 years now, and have been BC for about a third of that time. I think we should get more than just some shiny badge buried in our profile that no one will ever notice. Maybe give US some beta test features instead of just OBC all the time?
    3: Trading system. Ah. What can I say? This has apparently been in development for a loooooooong time, and yet we still don’t have it. A lot of (gullible) users could be losing Robux right now, and all because we don’t have a real trading system.

  2. Serenlarie8

    They should add mermaid tails and like girls and boy packages and they should enable us to make hats and stuff so if we wanted lets say… a cat tail and ears, We could simply make one!

  3. queztpeet

    1.More creative designs for the stamper. Such as custom color cars, Tree size, And a 8x8x8 Brick (2x the size of a basic brick)

    2.Adding A wide selection of audio tracks that are popular such as ones in games.

    3.A official noob detector. Basically a warning that this person is a noob. If this person has been kicked or banned out of 3 games in 1 week they will have a noob sign ontop of there head.

  4. snevahmada

    -moderation problems

    1. dont ban with no evidence.

    2.dont ban/reasons/”donate”

    3. moderation(0)/remove=maybe x2 roblox users

    So this is a summary of some of the moderation probs on roblox. i have asked lmad about this and all but one say this is true.


  5. huntressX

    1. Give NBC people some privileges
    2. Fix the theme please!
    3. Please keep roblox like it used to be!

    NBC people have very little privileges. BC people are bragging and making fun of NBCers. The theme is too bright and a lot of people are complaining. All the meshes is changing roblox. Its practically romesh.

    1. Peacebird99

      Too true man. Try running a group with little sucess of activity. Not the point though, this is a simple act of violance towards NBCers. Simply just because they don’t have BC. If the cards would ship to the South, and across the globe, people might not be abused by the BCers. A simple rant about the system, plus the theme does need updates. – Peace

  6. HaloI

    1. Make an item trading Button, so you can make your item be only traded for a specific item, or items. This will resolve a lot of scamming and save the begging for people.

    2. Make some moderators on, but instead of them being moderators, make them people who can help you script. I personally don’t understand anything about scripting. I mean, OnTouch() function. What?! This will also help people with big imagination but little understanding of L.U.A. (said like that not lua)

    3. Make the job age younger, I mean, eighteen? Some people are trying to afford highschool as it is. Make it sixteen, and must be verified they are sixteen. For, my friend who is sixteen is looking for a job and herd this paid well, thought it would be good if he applied, but they declined him because he wasn’t eighteen…

    This is all really things ROBLOXians want. Exept number three. Some parents can’t afford there kids, and don’t want to set them for adoption. Please make these things. It will help people a lot. Thanks! The average thirteen year old, HaloI

  7. jhend27513

    1)people can go to hats and create there own based of a model!
    2)they ge tto sell them for like packages are BC and stuff but they must be aprooved
    3) they sell them if they are good!

  8. JoJo2251225

    I have a single thing to request, rather than having a random order of gear when you enter a game your could have something in the “Character” page that allows you to pick a master order of your gear, I find it annoying since people don’t seem to understand we’re putting everything in order.

    Thanks – JoJo2251225

  9. epicfin8

    (1) Make it that theres a new Button in catalog and its called monster bodys and you can make your own and make it what price is it.
    (2) Make more music it makes games more fun
    (3) Make a new button on catalogs again which is foot marks and you can make it fire or just dirt or water something like that

    If you do all that more people will come and it will be super fun im sure of it :)

  10. Mariojoeaar

    Veteran Bonus
    1. Veteran Players would get 1R$ per day
    2. Veteran Players would get a skin like OBC has (you know what i mean)
    3. Veteran Players would get 15TIX per day

  11. Notester82

    1. private chat in games
    2.more roblox toys
    3.compose more music

    comment for 1:so no one hears your plan in a multiplayer game
    comment for 2:3 month+ since the roblox blocks came out.
    comment for 3:no comment

  12. TeCnus

    1. Better lightning. Like if one brick is closer to each other, it’s gonna be darker right? How about going inside a dark cave,it’s supposed to be dark right? but why is there light? This would also make scarier games even scarier.

    2. Sell your old hats, body, head, face. Like for example, if you just got a hat and you don’t like it, you should be able to return it and get like… 2/3 of the original price.

    3. Let users upload sounds. This might lag some place but this should improve lots of games. Like for example, you don’t want to play a scary game with no sound right? You want to add background music or even screams! There should also be a moderator that listens to it before publishing. Like in images, “Pending”

  13. Biowulf

    1. Universe Feature to come out sooner.
    It will be a lot of help for people who want to make longer and bigger games, for example; A game where you are in space and when you reach one end of the game, a portal appears and you fly through it which teleports you to another place with you in a similar spot and all the same stats.

    2. Less lag
    ROBLOX has became very laggy since the Terrain showed up. Some people (including me) cannot play many games with a large amount of Terrain, nor does the server even allow us to play with that large amount of Terrain, leaving us Losing connection, and having the Server shut down.

    3. ROBLOX Studio teamwork
    Many people have been taking up ROBLOX’s lag by making models, and deciding to make them public, then non-public. Due to ROBLOX’s save system of saving this, the site has became laggy. Players cannot cooperate with friends to make a great game due to this because they will have to use Party Chat and not reply for a very long time because they are busy working on something in the Studio.

  14. ROBLOXBloxxerDJL

    1) Free Downloadable ROBLOX app. for XBOX 360 with LIVE.

    2) Trading System (item for item with no cost) for Heads, Faces, Gear, and Packages (BC Only).

    3) Website BC Themes with options to switch to old ROBLOX. (BC Themes- Classic: Blue and Gold stripes backgroud; Turbo: Orange Background; Outrageous: Black background with OBC logos, ROBUX logos, ROBLOX logos, Golden ROBLOXians, and Swords. | ROBLOX Themes- BETA Theme, 2006 Theme, 2007 Theme, 2008 Theme, 2009 Theme, 2010 Theme, 2011 Theme, 2012 Theme, and viceversa.) ROBLOX and BC themes with ultra high security/hack proof.

    I think ROBLOX for XBOX is a good idea cause some people don’t have computers or their computer doesn’t support ROBLOX. Trading System using the “Item for Item with no cost” system on Heads, Hats, Gear, and Packages but the package trading must be BC only and NBC members must pay tickets for a hat, head, or gear that costs ROBUX but the ticket fee is x20 times LESS ROBUX amount for the item. And the theme system could be a great idea so players get a themed site of they purchase BC. Plus, the ROBLOX version theme can allow anyone to change versions (2005BETA to Present Day) depending on their feeling of the year theme choosen. I hope these three get accepted.

  15. hiluke2

    (1)i think roblox should have a trade system for hats,robux,tix,etc.

    (2)even though i am BC,i feel bad for NBC’s,so i think roblox should have a nbc catalog where NBC players had items BC couldn’t get.

    (3) i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want better moderators,because theres lots,lots,LOTS of admin abusers

  16. Cornelius633

    To ROBLOX admintastors,

    You have recentally change the (Backpack) ordering say I have gears and I want to put them in a sertain place were I can always remeber them, but when you die the whole (Backpack) resets so you have to drag them in there every time you die, and usally you get spawnkilled by doing that, I am writeing this leter to tell you if you can change it back to the normal were it saves your gears, and not reset.

    (I am not the only one who dislikes the player back pack reset).



  17. Restes

    1. A trading system for BC members

    2. A bonus daily robux for veteran members

    3. lower the marketplace fee

  18. herickcar1

    1: When you delet a item from your inventory, you get robux or tix back
    2: NBC members at least get two robux a day
    3:You get to look or rotate a item before you buy it and also test it on.
    Thanks for reading ~Herickcar1

  19. murigun

    1)Please release the water feature.
    2)Make terrains programmable.
    3)Allowing Item trading would be wonderful.
    4)Could you please go back and revise TeamColor glitch?

    As of my top 3 concerns go, my primary concern is the water prototype being released, would improve game quality. Not to mention, making the terrains and water with customization by using scripts. For example, OnTouch() functions, etc… And please make surfaces so we players can put non-anchored bricks on it without the fear of it being knocked over. I know most players as well as I would like a trading system for virtual items purchased. This could be profitable to Roblox by either making it a BC feature only or having a taxation system. Lastly, please revise the TeamColor feature on spawn, whenever i turn it off, I expect it to be off… Thank you for your time, murigun/@Murigun

  20. Dfence19

    1.Have Non-BC players buy body morphs
    2.Make the pictures that I buy with robux WAY better quality
    3.Let Non-BC people make/sell T-Shirts
    I hate having other people get money for a shirt I want, I hate it so much!

  21. Bloxomatty

    I think it would be cool for this stuff to be added in roblox

    1.extra rewards for nbc for example veterans that are nbc get 15 tix a day and 2 robux a day so they can get stuff

    2.a trading system. I have alot of hats i wish i never bought some hats on roblox and i want to trade them in as do others so they can have extra tix/robux

    3.much more heads and faces. the selection is big but no where near as big as the hats and gear section. also more character colours and specials section so you can wear stuff like gloves without a shirt and stuff like that.

  22. max

    1 a trading system for limited items
    2 Being able to play roblox games on iPads,iPhones and iPod touches
    3 no market place fee (or only up to %5)

  23. legomanjaimy

    1.everybody can get bodies.
    2.ban spammer inmediatly.
    3.non builers club get 1 robux from login bonus.

  24. XSpwX

    1. Another Website For old ROBLOXians. You Guys Have,, AND Why Not another one For Classic ROBLOXians to Play at?

    2. NO Ban/Punish Scripts. I’ve Seen MANY MANY Admin Abusers. Kick Script is OK But Theres a lot of Admin Abusers out There

    3. Better Moderation. I’ve Got Banned Many Times, Once There Was a Player With a Horrible username and I Didn’t Know What it Meant. I Said it and I Got a 3 Day Ban. Once I Even Got Banned For Talking About Another Online Game. People Make Games and Ads About Those!

    1. ROBLOXBloxxerDJL

      Ban/Punish scripts is VERY IMPORTANT because what if the person they’re trying to kick/report is a hacker? Removing ban/punish will cause more places as accounts to be hacked.

  25. Speednater

    1.) Bodies for Non Builders Club Members
    2. More features (Like caves, hidden rooms, etc.)
    3.) And please, PLEASE! add back the old G.U.I.

    1. Speednater

      I meant to say for number 2.) More features (Like caves, hidden rooms, etc.) for terrain

  26. cutiepuppies

    1. The option to view the old Roblox website website (Ex: Viewing the OBC theme).

    2. Reduce the amount of lag on the website.

    3. Veteran rewards, like many others said, an extra amount of tickets/robux.

  27. Cosbydude

    1. Better Moderation on the forums (Maybe under 18 volunteer mods)
    2. A start up on the Age-Up plan
    3. Making CFraming able to collide with other bricks (Overlap themselves) With out the user being able to go through them also (For instance, using can-collide to make them overlap)

  28. IBarrageI

    1) Firstly, Change character saving looks feature.
    This would be a feature, where by when You have a character custommization which you like. and you can save the look into a library of saved looks, which you can just click to wear the look.
    I would like this feature because, I am one of those people who enjoy customizing my character, yet I am always faced with the problem or remembering a certain look I created.

    2) More variety for NBC’ers. Now, before other people start flaming, I myself am BC, I pay for privileges, though, I often feel that NBC’ers are neglected as it were. Maybe adding a few more affordable hats for them, it would also stop a lot of NBC vs. BC flame threads.

    3) More website compatability. I myself am one of those people that use a mobile device to access roblox. Though with mine, I am unable to log in because of the device I’m using. I use The Nintendo 3DS browser.

    1. Jacob10573

      Can you guys please make Roblox able to put different type of “Gimmicks”. Because in Roblox, Im a Ro-Wrestler, job is to well, fight, and I beleive that Ro-Racers, Ro-Fighters, Ro-Warriors, Ro-Wrestlers get our own special hats, or even if Roblox can try and have a option so that the Creator of the place can Live Stream what is happening in the game/server and on a Speical Option on Roblox just called “Live Streams”. Please make this happen, or please take consideration into this idea.

  29. maximimkillerxx

    1. A trading system for limited items
    2 Being able to play roblox games on ipad iphone and iPodtouch
    3 refunds on items (optional for all items)

  30. Silvu

    1. Being able to use certain HTML tags in forum posts (b, i, s, etc.)

    2. Volunteer moderators again. I realize that roblox almost got into legal trouble because of this before, but if they were purely volunteer, and could moderate whenever, and didn’t have to work at certain times, legal trouble could be avoided.

    3. HTML tags plz

  31. Ipiano

    Well, here’s my three:
    1. I would really like to see more support for local parts

    2. I would like to see a new set for the mouse and keyboard which can be accessed from any script

    3. I would also like to have the ability to add sounds/ambient music

    I like the ability to use local parts, it greatly reduces lag for people, but it’s not technically supported and it’s hard to use because you can’t check the block’s events. Also kind of the same with mouse and keyboard events, they can only be accessed from a tool and it would be useful to have hotkeys for general things which you wouldn’t need to have a tool equipped to use

  32. Wanter

    I guess my second would be if your account is a year old, you get an extra place. So if you haven’t ever had BC, but your account is a year old, you can have a total of 2 place slots. If your account is 2 years old, without ever having BC, you should get 3 place slots… and so on.

  33. Wanter

    1: I would like a veteran bonus. People who have stuck with roblox for a long time deserve to get more tix a day, similar to the BC loyalty program. Maybe something like each month you get 1 tix bonus a day. So if you have logged in for a total of 30 days so far, you would get 11 tickets a day, or if you have logged in for a total of 365 days, you would get 22 tickets a day. Not a huge bonus, just something to thank us for still playing. By this I mean not having the account be made 365 days ago, but the user has logged in the account for a total of 365 days.
    2 & 3 go for #1

  34. Redtedflat

    1.There should be gallery items for Groups
    2.People can choose if they want the “Stop” Button when they record a video and just press F12 To stop the video
    3.You should be able to sell hats

  35. inferno130

    1) Trade System
    2) Limit the ads that can be posted a day so people don’t have to spent 9999tix just to get the ad seen.
    3)At least 1 limited a day.

    Trade system for hats/gears! EVERYONE WANTS IT!

  36. Intravenus

    1. Trade System for Hats

    2. Possibility for User Created Forums in a new section under “Forums” in which Users can Moderate who is able to post etc. and decide the time allowance BEFORE new Users can post (e.g. 6 months after signing up to ROBLOX)

    3. Editable profile backgrounds, with simple images or customised backgrounds. Similar to the twitter option of backgrounds customised by the Users, of course this would require moderation and testing first.

  37. Jimbojones

    1. Trading System for hat to hat trading
    2. Group Administrative Logs, this way reducing Admin Abuse (A tool that shows WHO promoted WHO and when
    3. iPad for ROBLOX Play. I recall a video on the Blog of ROBLOX running on the Apple iPad, iof that feature was introduced it would transform the Site

  38. Nachosruleroblox

    1]: Trade System [BC ONLY]: I Say it should be BC only for the fact that payed members deserve special features and the nbc don’t, NBC’ers would abuse the trade system.

    2]: Update the Fourms Design: You guys should update the fourm design because it needs more features (ex: Smiley faces, Indent, Auto-Siggy, etc..)

    3]: Hire More Moderaters: <– The truth.

  39. Frosty6

    1. A trading system
    It been in the talk for over a year. Make it happen already.
    2. More rare items and limiteds
    3. Smaller Floodcheck in the forums.

    1. Tcmaxwell2

      1. Make Roblox run on iPhone/iPad.
      2. Instead of having the most popular games when you press games, there should be recently updated rather than most popular.
      3. Popularity is a big thing in Roblox so we should not have to pay for ads.

  40. kingkiller1000

    1. Rotateable & tiltable Guis
    2. Rotateable & tiltable Guis
    3. Rotateable & tiltable Guis

    Why? You can make tons of stuff with rotateable/tiltable Guis, including 3D stuff!

    1. Sunstaff

      Wow… I’d love this so much. I’ve been having to use images to make them look tilted… I’m getting tired of it.

  41. zombiezilla

    Something I’ve ALWAYS really dreamnt of and wanted on to happen on ROBLOX, is us ROBLOXian being able to add music to our profiles. Like our own theme songs or anything like that, and have it play on our profiles. For example, say I heard this song I really liked on youtube, and I want it as my theme song, well, let us be able to post the music or even better, the video with music on our profiles.

    1. livewire66

      Problem: it would need to be modded, meaning to have it like that it would have to cost Tix, or robux, but that would take WAY too long.

    1. Cheesety210

      The whole reason they hav BC,TBC, and OBC is for people to pay money, for they need a profit; this is there job!

  42. birdy872

    1. Give non-buildersclub users like 10 or 5 robux daily.
    2.Be able to trade hats or clothes in for tix or robux.
    3.Let non-buildersclub users be able to create clothing or hats and sell them for robux or tix.

    These 3 things are very important to me because some users wish to buy hats that cost robux but don’t have any robux. I am in that situation. And also it would be very nice if you could trade in old clothing or hats that you never use anymore. And last but certinly not least,this goes back to my first comment, if non-buildersclub users could make and sell hats or clothing then free users could use the robux or tix that they earn to buy other things like other hats or clothes. Thank you for your consederation!

    1. birdy872

      P.S. Sorry that this was a little late. But PLEASE still read it! Also it would be nice if you could gain interest from your robux or tix. And 1 last thing. Please make robux and tix easier to earn! Thanks again!

  43. SpeardSkull

    1. Roblox on Ubuntu (Linux)
    2. Donate System
    3. Users making/selling hats.

    I have a Linux that I use and can almost never be active unless I use somebody elses computer, or my netbook which is really slow. A donating system would be nice so you dont have to be BC and have people buy your shirt to get money. And I think we should be given a chance to try our hand at hats.

  44. gresh4

    1.Special hats that have abilities
    2.dual wield gear
    3.more gun gear

    1. just so people can have a blast with there hats like hats that have lock on abilities so you don’t have to aim with gear
    2. some people find it annoying always having to switch gear out so i would like to have gear that can be dual wielded but can only be dual wielded when roblox puts a little tag that has an image of 2 swords
    3. finally more gun like gear, such as a pistol or a rifle

    well i hope it can be done

    1. Silvu

      1. I believe that they said they were going to do something with that soon, but I’m not sure. I know that one hat powers up a certain gear.

      2. Shadow dancer sword

      3. OK

  45. Questesep

    1.Make Shared Accounts
    There could be a option to share a account between to players and you could click a button on your screen to log into the shared account

    1. Silvu

      Sharing accounts is against the rules for a reason.

      One reason is that one person can completely steal the account.

      Others being stealing money, locking the other person out, credit card numbers, tension between friends, etc.

  46. Shawn

    1.Trade system


    3.User sounds

    We all want the trade system! Ineed to be able to trade my Hat for like a place or something!

    Everyone want Meshes, you can create bad things with blocks as much as meshes, why can’t you realise that?! I may quit if meshes don’t come back and im OBC.

    We need zombie sounds, better sounds, like it would make games better.

  47. Jazzyforcefield

    1. Veteran Bonus
    2. Little Profile Customizations ~ Position and such
    3. NBC Packages like u guys said

  48. goku123500

    1.) Veterans get at least 10 or 5 robux a day
    2.) A seperate section for only non nbc
    memebers for gear
    3.)Hats have unique abilities or armors
    (minor stuff or other stuff that maybe nice.
    4.) A combat tool and dash
    5.)mp3 gui

    1.)i wanted veterans to get robux as well is because of how long we been loyal to roblox and not leaving you forever so we deserve something else then just a medal.
    2.) i hate how all the builder club people get thir own stuff I want NBC players to have their own stuff to
    3.)I would like hats to have their own abilites like one has night vision and may also have some major stuff like x ray a thing to see invisible blocks a lock on not like an aim bot but targets them and you could select their body parts and each body part causes diffrent damage and maybe a shield that makes you invincible for a little while for some hats
    4.)A combat tool like you can punch people and grab and throw things but you can click this thing that you can fight or you choose to but people who dont have it activated cant be attacked with combat tool unless its a war game
    5.)An mp3 gui would be nice like you can play the song allowed or while your friends are playing with you or on differnt games you can show them songs you have.
    6.)Atrributes such as extra speed to make your robloxian diffrent so you can can have like your speed up and have a marks man skill up and to getpoints is by getting KOs or if you do something that matches that skill like you shoot more accurately and become more dangerous your marksman skill goes up.

    Thank you for your time reading!!

    1. Silvu

      2. “Let’s reward the non-paying members and make it so that only they can buy gears even though they’re not contributing anything.”

  49. 24kitten

    1.) Increase framerate with large amounts of bricks
    2.) Fix the website
    3.) More available colors

    For #1, I don’t like it when a good place lags. Good games generally have a lot of bricks, so it is much slower.

    For #2, the website turned very bland and slow. I like the idea of having the Roblox toolbar at the top of the screen all the time, but it’s probably not worth it if it kills the website’s design and speed.

    For #3, I remember somebody mentioning that you give players lots of colors for things like fire. However, giving a brick one of these colors normally unavailable will make it the closest of the 64 colors you normally bring.

    I hope to see these changed in Roblox soon!

  50. LordBricksmith

    1) Trade System
    2) 3 new heads, all 3 flaming regular mesh, 1 non-limited, 1 limitedU, and 1 that you get from a gift or something
    3) Rotatable Guis

    1. Silvu

      1. OK

      2. Roblox stopped making heads because the didn’t fit hats

      3. Possible already, you just need to do some work.

  51. StealthLava

    Update on my top 3.

    1: Make ROBLOX run on LINUX.
    2: Make an offline Test Solo option for Roblox Studio.
    3: No more renting of Catalog Items. Sell them please.

    1. livewire66

      Look, ROBLOX (Though slightly laggy on windows XP) is good how it is. Sure, it would be cool, but maybe an oldblox day once a month where all of ROBLOX is old-ified. No stamper, none of that, just oldblox.

  52. caffine-Roblox

    Porting mac version to linux.
    I personally want a linux version, I run several linux machines. My only windows machine is my laptop. I would prefer playing on my ubuntu machines.

    Player meshes
    Player meshing should be re-instated along with player sounds.

    A better trade system.
    Trading has lead to mostly scamming, which is a pain. Please fix.

    1. Silvu

      1. While similar because they’re both Unix based, simply taking the mac coding and tarring the file wouldn’t work. Also, check out distros that aren’t Ubuntu. Ubuntu holds your hand too much. Try Arch.

      2. OK

      3. OK (I believe that they’re working on it.)

  53. prosly

    i think admin should uprgade: most, 20 tix a day
    2.a free upgrade for monthly reg. bc
    3.regular members can make 2 places

    i hope admins upgrade these three wishes

    1. JayThatcher

      1. I agree.
      2. No way. Roblox needs money, and if monthly BC was made free, Roblox would slowly decline.
      3. I absolutely like your idea.

  54. Kashudi

    1.) You could ask us what we think ROBLOX needs by way of updates!

    No offence, but you tend to just role out updates and not really ask the wider ROBLOX community what they think of it. Sure, you say “Go on gametest!!” but there isn’t ACTUALLY a way of telling you what we think of the updates on gametest.

    (Oh and sorry that this is my second post, This one just came to me now…)

  55. Ryan

    I think you should make different packages for different people that work at ROBLOX. Like employee only packages and hats and the admins wear them! That’d be pretty neat. :D

  56. TrueEnoughAsItIs

    1)Letting pictures be posted directly to the fourms
    3)the old building tools…

  57. BlockGuy5675

    1. Make it possible for users to tade tickets/robux/models.
    2. User meshes
    3. Stop trying to simplify ROBLOX so much.

    Thankyou for listening.

    1. majorcalvin

      1. Make NBC people to sell their Shirts and Pants.
      2. Please turn it back to old simple ROBLOX.
      3. Make a working Bike gear.

  58. Thunderx10

    1. Dynamic Lighting. I would really enjoy seeing some dynamic lighting. I have scripted it before, but it is very laggy and cannot be used on a large scale. Dynamic Lighting would add some flavor to the game and add some scarier maps. (A solution for this is to add Private Fog, fog for each player)

    2. Add caves to the random terrain generator. Caves would be fun to explore.

    3. Add some AI objects, such as a brain that could be edited by scripts. The brain could have options such as the distance at which it sees a player, whether or not it can attack, and

  59. SuperSonic1350

    I think Non-BC Players can get a pakage, seperatly for only 10 tickets eack body part. I would like that.

  60. HamroGeek

    1. Let people vote on what goes in the catalog.

    2. Don’t add realistic body morphs.

    3. Keep Roblox blocky.

    The first one is because there is way too much bad stuff going into the catalog, and you can’t expect people to want to get BC if nothing in the catalog appeals to them. The last two are because I think Roblox is going in the wrong direction trying to become more realistic. It’s a game about blocks. Everything is made with blocks. People used to be made with blocks too in the game, so I really think making the game more realistic makes no sense. I mean, there is a reason people play Roblox and not the other, more realistic games.

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